BALTIMORE (WJZ) — People are taking down their holiday decorations.

Andrea Fujii reports the city is offering a service to turn those Christmas trees into mulch.

The holidays are officially over, as the city’s Department of Public Works recycles Christmas trees.

“It saves the environment. People can take the mulch back home and use it in their gardens,” said John Chalmers, Department of Public Works.

It’s free mulch that anyone can take back home. Erich March was relieved to see his tree go.

“I’m grateful to the city for having a facility like this, where you can bring it at your convenience,” said March.

The city’s had the program for five years and each year residents drop off hundreds of trees at one of two locations: 2840 Sisson Street and 701 Reedbird Avenue.

Trees that are being recycled should be bare of all ornaments, but officials say a little bit of tinsel is OK.

For some, it’s a welcome dose of reality, all for the good of the environment.

“After you get a little holiday fatigue, you’re ready to clean the house up and get it back to normal,” said March.

Trees can be dropped off until Jan. 28. The city will also pick up trees Tuesday through Friday during regular trash pick-up.

  1. Alexandria Farkas says:

    How is running a mulching machine all day “saving the enviroment”? That part is a little confusing to me.

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