BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There’s a new survey that will hopefully determine why people remain in the city or move. 

Suzanne Collins reports the mayor wants that information and two PR firms are doing the work for free.

The owner of Soft and Cozy Baby in Hampden lives in Northwest Baltimore with her husband and child and never expects to leave the city.

“We walk to synagogue Saturday and we have to be within walking distance.  My brother and sister-in-law live next door and my parents are about a mile away,” said Bayla Berkowitz.

The Orthodox Jewish community in Baltimore is a close community that remains stable.  But what are the reasons people stay or go from other Baltimore neighborhoods?

“I need to live in the city because I’m a designer.  I like the vitality of the city.  Plus, I’m a huge music fan,” said Mick Ricereto.

The mayor is currently looking for participants for focus groups, especially college graduates, people who recently moved, singles that married, had a child and left, and real estate agents.  One thing the mayor’s office would like to know about is the perception that young couples living in hot neighborhoods like Federal Hill or Canton move when they have children and, if that is true, has it changed since Baltimore City schools have improved.

The mayor also wonders if improved crime rates are changing attitudes.

The survey results are due in April.

The focus groups are being conducted for free by the Planit Agency and another marketing firm called GKU.  You can learn more here.

Comments (11)
  1. Greg says:

    Baltimore,the US’S answer to Chad!

  2. masscas says:

    I wouldn’t live in Baltimore City on a bet. Crime is too high. The cost of living is way too too high. I’m looking at the cost of utilities = tater, electric, home AND car insurance. The rats in the city are bigger than my cat. And to top it all off, it’s part of the DC. corridor for drugs, gangs and crime. The previous mayor was a thief. Convicted. Plea dealed out with $89K retirement and no jail time. This is the government at work there. The current mayor and police chief say crime is down. Figures don’t lie – BUT liars can figure.

  3. BigCat says:

    Too much diversity…by the NAPAs.

  4. independent says:

    Obviously the comments above are from one person, who is the true minority but trying to project an image of a majority.

    1. Tyronne says:

      @independent: If you don’t think people leave Baltimore because of nig nogs, you are obviously a bleeding heart liberal who cannot face facts or the truth.

  5. YT Rules from North Mexico says:

    There are way too many African Americans living there.

  6. Born at night but not last night says:

    Every race does everything it can to keep their children from having to live near negroes.

    Anyone who pretends not to understand this is a despicable liar.

    Blacks destroy every city in which they proliferate. I challenge anyone to name a single exception to this anywhere on earth.

  7. Bob says:

    “Born at night but not last night” – You hit the nail on head. You cannot find a city anywhere in the world with a large negro population that is not infested with filth and crime.

  8. masscas says:

    I Remebermer the MLK riots. Was working in the ER at BCH. Rioting and looting, tanks in Patterson Park, martial law, the city was burning, 5500 arrest in the City, but only 6 deaths. MLK was killed in Tennesee.

    Now there are drugs, gangs and increased crime. NO, I’m not living there

  9. No race on Earth likes blacks says:

    It is because of all the stupid violent blacks.

  10. V says:

    Wow these are some ignorant comments. No real thought behind any of them. First of all, not all African Americans live in the ways that are being expressed in these idiotic comments. If you feel this way then maybe you should consider not living in America! African Americas are here and not going away, so if you still feel this way in this day and age then you should thank your lazy, criminal minded forefathers for that. Is it okay to generalize all crackers as serial killers, canibalistic liars who can’t be trusted? Then maybe you shouldn’t live near white people either! They might keep a clean house on the outside but you better not go through or near that doorway.

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