By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — There’s new information about a chilling murder-for-hire plot in Baltimore County.

Ron Matz has more about what the accused ring leader is now saying about the plot.

Police say Karla Porter confessed to taking part in the plot that led to her husband’s death.  That’s according to WJZ’s media partner, The Baltimore Sun, which says the woman discussed the plan in a taped interview with police detectives.

But while Porter admits she wanted a “hit” on her husband, she says she did not intend for him to die.

Karla Porter’s husband, Ray Porter, was shot in front of her last year at their Hess station in Towson. At the time, she claimed an African-America man shot him during a robbery gone bad.

Karla Porter is charged with first-degree murder.  Prosecutors say they plan to seek the death penalty for her and the alleged triggerman.

Comments (3)
  1. Jman says:

    Marriage is so last century…why even do it anymore? It’s so much easier without it and there’s ZERO benefit by doing it. Get rid of it or give it to the gays who want it so badly…we dont need it…

  2. Doug says:

    And a “Hit” means what, to you.
    A slap on the back of the head?
    Hang her in public,on prime time TV,
    and let that be a lessen to her

  3. sosad says:

    April 6 Karla will have her 15 minutes of shame, Does anyone know the lastest. Karla claims that when she was being question by the police she asked for a lawyer three times and the police kept questioning her.
    So now Karla and her lawyer will go in front of a judge April 6 to try and get a lesser sentence. I hope this doesn’t happen.

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