Police Call Off Search Of Ed Reed’s Missing Brother

ST. ROSE, La. (WJZ) — It’s an off-the-field tragedy for Ravens star Ed Reed. His brother is missing.

 Adam May reports that police have called off their search, as Reed prepares for Sunday’s playoff game.     

Law enforcement officials in Louisiana search the banks of the Mississippi River for Brian Reed, 29, who jumped in the water during a police chase. 

“I’m hoping he’s not in the water,” said his mother Karen Reed. 

She notified her other son– Ravens safety Ed Reed–of the tragedy. 

Reed will play against Kansas City on Sunday as authorities investigate the incident. 

“The suspect jumped into the river, went about 15 feet, according to the deputy. At some particular point, they said he did witness hands and head come up and go under the water and never resurface again,” said Sgt. Dwayne Lagrange.

Police say Brian Reed may have been driving a stolen car and tried running another car off the road.  After he was pulled over, he took off on foot.

 Investigators have found his shoes and some clothes, but they’re not optimistic they’ll find him alive.

 “Knowing the degree of the water, I’m told it’s 40 some degrees right now with the current,” Lagrange said. “That’s not a good situation for anytime.”

 Brian Reed’s family says he had a history of problems. 

“He was a good person,” said Karen Reed. “He kind of had a little run-in with drugs and stuff. He had kind of got off it. Other than that, he was alright.”

Ed Reed told ESPN that his brother loved football, and he would want him to play on Sunday.

  • Nancy Robinson

    I love you Ed! I am praying so hard for you and your family. God’s amazing grace will protect you and your family! Love, Griffith-Robinson Family

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  • Ravenstown

    Ravens will overcome all obstacles this week. Here is why…..

  • Mary

    Ed…I am a big fan of yours and I am praying for you and your family.

  • Sandy Teal MacKenzie

    GOD Bless you and your family during these trying times…

  • Nancy Robinson

    No man is an island; we are all piece of the continent. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee. Meditation 17 John Donne

  • Ruthie Dell

    It amazes me how cold and cruel, some people can be. Regardless of what the reason was or the crime (if any)..A loving family has lost their brother and son! This is no time to post your beliefs or what you think is right or wrong, it’s a time for prayers and thoughts for his family that loved him very much..And while you’re at it, try saying some for yourself, as it sounds like you many need some. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Reed family. May God give you the strength and comfort to make it through this tragic time.. Love you, Ed!

    • Jimmy

      If he wasn’t committing a crime, why was he running from the police? Why do people feel sorry for those that die doing something illegal?

      I say plenty of prayers, so don’t worry about me.

    • Stacey Johnson

      Amen Ruthie. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Nae

    My prayers are with you & Your family.

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  • Stacey Johnson

    Ed, I pray that everything is alright. I think I can speak for everyone in Baltimore when I say that we’re all praying for a positive outcome. Keep your head up.

  • Doug

    You would have to be on hard drugs,to think you could evade police by jumping into the cold Mississippi on a day in January .

    • Brad

      Show some respect Doug, a person is missing and a family is greiving. Put your trivial beliefs aside and imagine yourself in his situation. No need to judge someone based solely on the information the media provides.

  • Raphael

    Ed, we love you, man! Sending out prayers to you and your family!

  • D. Bos

    Every family has a “BLACK SHEEP”.. Ed Reed knows this, that is why he’s playing Football on Sunday..

  • kmoore

    may god be with you praying for you and your family

  • Stacy

    keep your head up, ed! everything will be all right <3

    God is with you && your family.. everything happens for a reason <3

  • Peter

    Some of these comments are cruel.
    my thought and prays are with Ed reed and his family.

  • misty koethe

    I don’t understand I think the police should still be looking for him my prayers go out to his family and to u rude people it don’t matter if he commited a crime no one deserves to die how would u feel it that was ur brother

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  • pbeangel324

    Im not sure if u will ever see this, but my prayers go to u n ur fam. I am Coach Rogers daughter from HS…. I have watched u and lil ed play since ur HS days and I still do now… they always say the saints are the heart of NO…. well so are our hometown heros. Everyone makes mistakes, but everyone deserves forgiveness and so my prayers are with ur fam. Keep ya head up and go play ur heart out. Ur brother will be watching.

    With love and sympathy,

  • william snook

    im so sorry for uur loss… u said ur brother loved football so u should beat the steelers just for him and ur family.. im sure they would love that from u…..may god bless brian reed and his family….. keep ur head up and never stop trying p.s


    william snook 3rd

  • Cathy Osburn

    Dear ED I am a fan i live in Steeler country love the Ravens I will be watching the game in my #20 jersey my thoughts will be with you and to those who seem to have forgot even though our brothers make mistakes we will always love them ..

  • Sandy N. Fay

    Ed Reed you are a good person! And we love you! May God be with you!

    Your in our prayers! Take Care ! And lots of love to your family!

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