The cold air is here, now comes the next storm. 

We only topped out at 35 degrees this afternoon with a wind chill making it feel like it was in the teens most of the afternoon.  The wind is dying down tonight, but so are the temperatures.  Some of us will drop into the teens.  We only recover to the mid 30s again tomorrow despite sunshine.  Yes, there will be a lot of sunshine tomorrow before the clouds start rolling in tomorrow evening as the next storm moves this way. 

This is a big storm affecting a lot of the country.  One piece is producing significant snow from the Rockies over through the Plains.  The other piece is rolling across the Gulf tonight, leaving a huge mess in its wake.  There is everything from a few inches of snow in Mississippi over to Georgia, while there is a band of accumulating ice also striping these states.  The southern piece of this storm is picking up a lot of moisture to move along with the storm, but will weaken as it heads into the Carolinas.  At the same time, the northern piece will gain more strength and then eventually merge with the other piece – forming a much bigger, stronger storm. 

Last year, that merger was happening over us…and that’s why we were the bulls eye with such amazing amounts of snow and wind.  This time, that merger will not take place until after both pieces pass Maryland.  That means that we will get some snow out of this storm, but not the worst it has to offer…sort of catching it during a lull before it bombs out offshore to our northeast.

So this is what we are expecting:

  • Storm to arrive Tuesday sometime between 7 am and noon. 
  • It could dump a moderate amount of snow across our area before leaving, but nothing like last year (We will have specific numbers tomorrow but probably a few inches.) 
  • There will be some mixing down at the beaches.
  • The storm will last through early Wednesday morning before leaving us. 
  • When the storm wraps up and gets out of here, it will reinforce another round of cold air.  Highs will only top out in the 30s for the rest of the week. 

Stay tuned, we will have much more detail on this storm tomorrow.


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