BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Six people shot and two dead, including one Baltimore City police officer, after a massive fight and gun battle broke out just outside of a downtown Baltimore nightclub.

Police aren’t releasing many details, but Derek Valcourt has been working the story.

Police are looking into the possibility that the officer may have been in plainclothes and may have been killed by friendly fire.

The fight and the subsequent gunshots broke out just after 1:15 a.m. Sunday on Paca Street just outside of the Select Lounge nightclub.

Police are releasing few details but say one of their officers radioed a signal 13—an emergency call for assistance to fellow officers. As more police arrived, gunfire erupted.

A total of six people were shot–two of them killed, including a Baltimore City police officer identified by our media partner the Baltimore Sun as William H. Torbit Jr.  Torbit, 33, was an eight-year veteran of the force.

The police commissioner and mayor spent most of the night comforting relatives at the hospital.

“I prayed that we would never lose another officer, yet here we are again, and it is a terribly rough time for the family and for the police department and for the city,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. “So I ask you to keep the families in prayer.”

Also killed in the fight was a civilian– 22-year-old Sean Gamble– semi-professional football player who is being memorialized by friends on the Internet.

A second unidentified police officer was shot in the left foot. He is expected to make a full recovery, as are the three other civilians whose gunshot wounds were considered non-life-threatening.

“We have a ton of work to do to put together the facts about what happened here,” said Baltimore City Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld.

Police say multiple officers fired multiple shots. Detectives are interviewing those officers and the dozens of witnesses who were in the area at the time.

“What we need to figure out now is what sparked the shooting,” said Anthony Guglielmi, police spokesperson. “Was there a weapon drawn by a civilian? Was an officer’s weapon taken during a struggle?  All of that needs to be explored.”

Police say they hope to be able to release more information Monday.

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  1. dean says:

    i’ve lived there all my life and it is not a dump.

    1. Ms.Truth says:

      It takes the community to raise a city and it’s not were you live,it’s how you live.Luv u all!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kay says:

    That place IS a dump. I could never raise my children there. I’d be afraid of them being shot or given drugs.

    1. Milady says:

      Born and raised here, I know it’s not a DUMP as you say. Just because you’re not strong enough to handle the daily rigors doesn’t mean that the whole city is a failure. I’ve NEVER been shot, given drugs, and I have a very large family of native Baltimoreans and this doesn’t happen to any of us either. You just probably wouldn’t make it anywhere other than that farm or hole you’re from.

      1. lost citizen says:

        my whole family was born and raised in Baltimore AND ITS THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD!!
        This East Baltimore boy moved away 6 years ago ,and i have been homesick eversince i left.
        im coming home in june back to my beautiful Baltimore Maryland.
        every city has its problems and troubles look at los angeles,atlanta,newport news va,washington dc,philadelphia etc.

      2. RG says:

        When Baltimore has a higher crime rate per capita than New York City, then I think there is a problem. I’m a New York native and would rather walk through Harlem than in Highlandtown or Druid Hill.

    2. bob says:

      oh no a teen was stabbed to death in Aberdeen time to move out! it is what you make it, there are multiple nice neighborhoods in Baltimore to live in. If you lay with dogs youre gonna get fleas. Some murders in the city are random acts of violence, however, a majority of people know their killer. Meaning if you dont hangout with killers you are probably safe.

    3. brittney says:

      To everyone.I have yet to hear anyone make any positive suggestions that don’t include race or being a product of somewhat poor enviroment. Most people that made the negative comments obviously do not live here baltimore. We as Baltimore citizens need to give a helping hand in stead of always putting others down. How could we make it a better place if everybody runs away from it. I thought I was speaking to adults, which are the same people that wanted to negatively comment on my opinion which nevertheless had anything to do the problem. Stop being so selfish. I never tried to make racial comments but it seems that some people cannot help but to make it a factor….which at this point the government is dealing with it a lot now and we will soon see what people will become the voice of our future.these r the people that have always been but stayed in rearview. All I can say is 2012 we will see who will be chosen to lead us into out future

  3. shurteez says:

    I lived in Baltimore my whole life. I raised my daughter her, who has never been on drugs and graduated high school and college and is about to get married and yes she is raising her son here. yes we have our problems but we are not a dump,

  4. Jennifer says:

    I think everyone is forgetting the point of the story and that is yet again lives were lost tragically. Baltimore has the same problems every urban largely populated city does in America-drugs, crime, poverty. That does not give someone else the right to call it a dump. It is an insult to those who were born in Baltimore and have tried to do their part in making positiuve changes. Therefore if you don’t have any condolences to the victims families please keep your negative comments to yourself.

  5. Edwardscissorhands says:

    Oh, it’s a dump, allright. Anybody who lives in Baltimore and doesn’t know it’s a dump just doesn’t know there are so many many better places to live. The whole country is NOT anywhere close to Baltimore when it comes to being a dump. Just watch news in Baltimore…fires and shootings…fires and shootings…fires and shootings.

    1. Milady says:

      Of course if I spent as much time believing the trash you see, I would believe what you do. 50 years and 4 generations of no murders, fires, or tragedies in my family has proven that the tree does indeed grow in Brooklyn. As long as people like you, Kay, and the naysayers stay out, we can make our city better. Also, I agree with Jennifer. You lost the point of the story. Go to bed.

      1. joe says:

        Dont worry we will stay out. With the exception of a few small areas, the city is made up primarily of welfare recipients,druggies,criminals,and filth. You don’t see the nonsense that goes on in the city anywhere else in the state thank God! What I can’t understand is why any person that doesn’t fit the description of what I mentioned a few sentences ago would want to live there. Even if you take care of your property, you have trash blowing all over the streets,junkies looking for stuff to steal,cars broken into,sirens blaring all night long, and so on and so on. That doesn’t even scratch the surface. What about the percentage of people that actually pay taxes, lets see, Roland Park,Canton,Fells Point,Little Italy,maybe a few more but not many. The political leaders are more worried about their bs pet projects than they are funding the police and fire dept. The school system rates at the bottom of the list for the entire country. These are facts! I could go on for days but I think you get the point.

    2. cab says:

      I’ve lived in “better places” and I always come back home to Baltimore. There’s a vibrancy in this city that other places simply can’t match.

      Fires and shootings happen everywhere from New York to L.A. If you think otherwise, you live in a dream world.

      1. joe says:

        Yes they do happen other places,but not at the rate they do in Baltimore City

  6. tg says:

    i was born in raised in baltimore, i relocated my familty to parkville 3 years ago. my 3 sons are now employed and onr is in college. two of my sons have lost close to ten friends between the both of them on baltimore steets within the last 2 years. Its what you make it, if your’re tired and want better, its best to relocate, my opinion. Unfortunately the statistics speak for themselves, baltimore is a dangerous city.

  7. shurteez says:

    @Jennifer thank you

  8. Judah Baruch says:

    We need one another to surviive especially in the times that we are living in. We are called by God to pray for one another’s well-being. We are called to pray for those in authority in Baltimore and the citizens of Baltimore. God will hear and answer our prayers that we lift up to Him concerning one another. We say to the famiilies and citizens of Baltimore be encouraged and be comforted by the God of all comfort.

  9. Ashley Milbourne says:

    omg i was in line and it was too cold to wait so we left at 11pm

  10. Lisa says:

    WOW it is disgusting that there are so many negative comments when there are families mourning their loved ones this morning. The young man had an amazing voice and sang on the choir with my daughter. He was a wonderful person, father and someone’s child and not a product of his living “conditions” as some have put it. Please respect all families that are grieving and if you don’t Baltimore remember you aren’t forced to live here, try South Central LA or Biloxi Mississippi instead.

    1. brittney says:

      Ok I am a 20 year old female born and raised in baltimore.I am not poor but I’m also not rich.I’m a single mom that’s works in nursing and did it all without bein on drugs or bein in the when I hear someone calling my city a dump obviously there life is a fairytale and they would not beable to survive a day in this city.You don’t have to relocate your children for them to be successful.You raise your children not the streets.if u had to move b/c you were afraid of your kids becoming drug addicted or whatever you are a poor person at discipline or parenting skills and I’m sorry, not to sound racist but your probably white too and just do not understand why we have some of the issues we have here, so please……keep your comments to yourself b/c they don’t matter anyway..: )GOD REST THEIR SOULS

      1. rose says:

        Baltimore has so many black racists it is not funny. Oh boo hoo and your stupid issues.and it is
        you are or you’re not your.
        Product of Baltimore City Schools no doubt…..

      2. brittney says:

        First of all miss.who ever u r u come to Baltimore and see if u can handle it obviosly not and miss u do not if I’m black or white AZZ. Your azz is racist. And fyi I went to a Baltimore County high school location has nothing to do with anything. That did not make me any different from anybody else.I’m a nurse @ the age of 21 wat the hell r u doin. Some people jus like you don’t understand the reality of life were not in your fantasy world hun. And of course u want to be like us and can’t manage real life substances. I don’t have to be ignorant to intemidate you u kno nothing about but be careful who you try to insult.

      3. brittney says:

        First of all miss.who ever u r u come to Baltimore and see if u can handle it obviosly not and miss u do not if I’m black or white AZZ. Your azz is racist. And fyi I went to a Baltimore County high school location has nothing to do with anything. That did not make me any different from anybody else.I’m a nurse @ the age of 21 wat the hell r u doin. Some people jus like you don’t understand the reality of life were not in your fantasy world hun. And of course u want to be like us and can’t manage real life substances. I don’t have to be ignorant to intemidate you u kno nothing about but be careful who you try to insult.

    2. Tim says:

      Two other areas of this country filled with filthy animals

  11. photoguy 1953 says:

    I still dont understand how you can bath get your money together plan for a good time and before you walk out the door to enjoy your nite out you get a weapon.

  12. john says:

    Baltimore city is a dump, it’s like a war zone down here and it seems like know body wants to change anything. I pray for the baltimore city police to do what they have to make back home every night.

    1. Milady says:

      It’ll get better if YOU stay away. Either you’re a part of the solution or a part of the problem.

  13. terry says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this Officers family. This mayor has know clue of what the men and women of the police and fire dept. due. Stay safe for this city has become very violent.

  14. kenneth says:

    I pray for this city. It has problems but everybody is not a thug or crook. If you are not a part of solution keep stupid comments to yourself. And person who commented about they will give your children drugs they have plenty in every county. They come here everyday to buy them,

  15. josh says:

    @Brittney I’m white and i understand all the issues Baltimore has as I’m in the worst neighborhoods on a daily basis….One of the problems, just as you’ve demonstrated, is ignorance (highlighted by your poor grammar)

    1. brittney says:

      @ JOSH. Listen I may talk however want to talk to here making this comment.I do not.I repeat.DO NOt have to use correct grammar ( as you may want to call it) to your liking. If you could not understand what I also was saying or could not make a comment on the topic of my statement there was absolutely no reason for you to try and assasinate my character……..what is your purpose in life

      1. chris says:

        Hey Josh!! Brittney is right, she doesn’t have to speak with proper grammer, if she chooses not to. LMAO!!! Ignorance is Bliss is it not?

  16. s dot says:

    only people that had a weapon were the cops. no knowledge of any civilian discharging.

    1. joe says:

      Oh my, a whole new level. Go back to sleep please

  17. REALITY says:

    Yeah police often have gun fights with each other outside of nightclubs in Baltimore City.People like sdot is why the city is the way it is TRASH….

  18. says:

    If the police would not have started shooting, then no one would have died. Once the investigation is complete, they will find out that the officer and the civilian were both killed by police gunfire. Police are always so quick to shoot, and justice is never served against them. However, when one of these dirty police officers are killed, its a national tragedy. I have friends that were at Select Lounge and they told me exactly what went down. And for all of you people that hate this city so much, LEAVE!!!

    You people always want to complain about the problem instead of being part of the solution. I was born and raised in West Baltimore, and I am a college graduate with a degree in Electrical Engineering. The problem lies with adults not being responsible parents and these schools that only care about improving test scores and not improving the children. My condolences go out to all the victims

  19. Sean Scott says:

    The problem is Baltimore’s black people! I’m Black and I have no problem saying that Baltimore’s black people are far above in average to act out like violent and uncivilized savages! None of of this stuff happens in White bars and clubs. This proves my point. Close all clubs where Baltimore’s Blacks like to go.

  20. johny cakes says:

    I hope the mayor is glad she cut the police and fire pay.

  21. Romee says:

    Every city has its issue if your scared of living in baltimore its many other cities that would be glad to accept your tax dollars. I was also born and raise in baltimore and also visited other cities in this great country and I have witness the same thing in the white black and mexican bars clubs. The U.S. as a whole has a problem with violence look what has best ratings on tv first 48, cops, and the countless csi series. People just need to raise their kids and not let the city or neighborhoods they live in do it

  22. Sean Scott says:

    Let’s not logic be cast aside by political correctness! Face it, Black people in Baltimore have a far above average level of accepted violence in their communities. These shootings never happen in the White clubs and bars in Fells Point!

  23. Milady says:

    I’m perplexed at how we can go from people being shot by the police (as the situation is) to Baltimore is a DUMP. Please go away-play in traffic. Don’t insult my lineage because you can’t handle what’s here. Not everyone here is a violent criminal, thug, or welfare queen. This is a city 75% full of law-abiding, tax-paying citizens like many other. If you cannot be a part of a good solution, then you will continue to be a part of a growing problem.

  24. old school says:

    Let’s see.. man meets woman…. marries woman ..has children ..raises them together .. children thrive and does society at large. days gone by. scenario 2 .. woman meets man .. has child…man takes off.. government pays woman to raise child..woman now has a home business . producing children to get larger checks .. children become dysfunctional thus providing more governmental expense for some new syndrome or another….children then become violent…..society suffers dearly. need I continue? Single parents families DO NOT WORK . go ahead .. cite the exception to support the rule.

    1. shurteez says:

      First Prayers to all the families . Old school no disrespect but don’t put single parents down ,not all single parents are on welfare or have been on welfare ,I raised my daughter as a single mother. I have my masters and my daughter graduated high school and college. U have kids who come from 2 parent home that are minis to society. Disruptive people come from all cultures, 2 or 1 parent homes. It your choice as a individual to choose your path .

      1. old school says:

        Then it is a selfish choice .. knowing full well that the odds are not in your childs favor..once are using the exception to support the rule .I am sorry if the reality of this offends you. I wish that the results of single parent child rearing were otherwise.

      2. shurteez says:

        @old school no offense taken, I am not selfish her father died from brain cancer,so I became a single parent . All I’m saying is every single parent sometimes not by choice is not on welfare or a lot of children to get a bigger check don’t put everyone in the same category.

      3. old school says:

        My Dear Shurteez.. I am sorry for your loss… the single parent scenario to which you ascribe yourself to.. although still the exception…. is not the particular group to which I know the group .. which is far and away the majority in the single parent discussion. The 2 parent family or even the communal approach to child rearing yields far better results that a system that promotes and/or condones young women to conceive ( without forethought of the requirements needed to raise a child,) children without benefit of support, (we not only contribute half of our DNA to a child…we also contribute a needed psychological component particularly when the child/children are male.

    2. Lajuju says:

      Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby and Tom Cruise all grew up in single parent homes. There are plenty of ppl who abuse the system and they come from many backgrounds. There is one group in Baltimore that populates the Park Heights /Pikesville area who receive a large amount of government services and will tell you it is their responsibility to reproduce even when they cannot feasibly afford it….and they are not african american

      1. old school says:

        Are they producing moral , upstanding citizens? If you are referring to the group I think you are , then the answer is yes, then I would conclude that .it is money well spent. Society reaping some benefit for it’s tax dollars. citing Bill Clinton as a product of single parent child rearing.. astutely accurate. for he will NEVER BE given as a paradigm of integrity or honesty. thank you for your support.

    3. VICKI says:

      Not all single parent households thrive on welfare. I am the product of a single parent home and had no idea what welfare was until friends in junior high talked about it. My mother worked very hard at raising three children by herself. We are all productive members of society, no drugs, alcohol, or criminal history. I myself am divorced and have had three children graduate from high school, two are in college and one is employed full time as a certified auto mechanic. Oh did I mention I was born and raised in Baltimore and I am a product of Baltimore City Public Schools. There is your exception to the rule.

      1. old school says:

        kudos .. but at least you recognize that you..are.. in fact the exception.. some people just can’t figure out what that statement actually means..

  25. mama says:

    Let’s remember that this is a public discussion forum and everyone is allowed to voice their opinion. Just because you personally do not agree with what someone else says does not give you the right to put them down. The facts stand that Baltimore does have a lot of crime. However, look at Harrisburg. It is just as bad, if not worse. But there are people who live in those areas that do not get involved with drugs and crime and love the areas.. That is their right. They are entitled to their opinion and so are the one’s who feel it is a ‘dump.’ Let’s stop trying to hand on every word that someone says and keep the people who died or were injured in our prayers.

  26. NEICY Westside says:

    I was born and raised in Baltimore and yes there is a very serious problem. The City of Baltimore is a tourist area and makes a lot of money for the city. The crimes are disgusting and Baltimore makes national news every year not for its charm but for its crime and drugs. If the citizens, mayor and police don’t do something and clean up the city there will be no more tourist, movies and we will need to change the name from Charm City to Crime City. If I wasn’t born and raised in Baltimore City, I would never go in to the city. The Lexington Market for instance drugs addicts everywhere turning a lively and profitable market into a hang-out. Don’t forget a police officer and another citizen has lost their life because of a stupid club fight. Is this happening in the white clubs and bars on a regular, No! So for all of you that were not born when downtown was peaceful and beautiful, check Baltimore’s history. This is genocide of a people against their own. God bless the families of the fallen.

  27. Jackie Aurburn says:

    Didn’t they just let go many cops to cut back on budget yet Blake gives $150,000 tax $$ to illegal aliens to help their job skills?

  28. rose says:

    I live her and it is a drug infested dukmp

    1. B-more Jeff says:

      Maybe u should get your money up and move 2 a better neighborhood… Go clean your house or sumthing.. 🙂

    2. VICKI says:

      I agree with Jeff pack up and get out. There is no way I would ever allow a neighboorhood I live in to be called such a place. Therefore if that is how you feel about where you live then you probably fit right in.

  29. Kim Brown Bailey says:

    Wow…Society has so many individual’s brainwashed. To say that you don’t have the same problems in white bars or clubs is ludicrous! The reason you don’t see it is because the media doesn’t show it. Urban areas are the primary focus and always leads to the belief that urban areas are corrupt with drugs, single parent families on welfare and crime. Every area within the state of Maryland is filled with the same dysfunctions that are plagued by urban areas. @Old School, I am a single parent of 3 children, have never been on welfare and never received child support. My oldest and my middle child were both given FREE rides to college based on community involvement, as well as their academic achievements. My 15 year old son has never been in trouble and focuses his energy on becoming a great man. You don’t know how people end up as single parent’s and even when you are married, there’s still no guarantee that you will not become a single parent due to divorce. The comments here have sickened me. People have lost their lives and families have lost loved ones to yet another senseless act. However, this isn’t something that goes on in Baltimore City only, it’s everywhere. And as I’ve stated before, it’s a sociological issue. Why do you think there are liquor stores on every corner in the urban areas? Why do you think there are drugs on every corner? Come on people, think about it and get off your high horse and DO SOMETHING as opposed to trashing the city in which we live.

    1. old school says:

      The first part of your statement requires no answer due to it’s utter absurdity.. for future reference. fist fights are not gun fights.. Once again I stand humbled in the presence of Greatness.. I know you saw what I all you have to do is actually read it…For all those who suffered a loss of a spouse thru death or divorce… you are forever excluded from the group I first cited.. I thought that went without saying..apparently not !! But you have peeked my curiousity..3 child support? should not the father shoulder his responsibilities?

  30. Sean Scott says:

    You’re brainwashing yourself with political correctness that prevents Black America from truly facing it’s deep-rooted troubles. Our people in urban areas have a far greater likihood of being involved in violent killings. These kinds of shooting are not happening in white bars and clubs–face the truth!

  31. Sean Scott says:

    Black people in Baltimore suck! Always mean, rude, ignorant, loud, obnoxious, and ready to beat you up or shoot you dead over the smallest provocation! I’m Black and from the state of California. Black people from Baltimore are simply different than any othe rblack Americans that I ever met in all the worst kinds of ways!

    1. B-more Jeff says:

      You live in gang central stupid, fix your own problems before you talk about ours… Probly was never here anyway!! x)

    2. VICKI says:

      First of all I doubt that you have met every black person in Baltimore, allow me to introduce myself. I am a black educated woman who is not bitter, angry, mean, or nasty. Maybe you should stop approaching people with that negative attitude you are portraying in your post and you are more likely to be addressed with pleasant attitudes. How dare you as a black man disrespect your heritage, you have the obligation to uplift and teach your people if you see them falling short. You my friend are not an African-American.

      1. old school says:

        And you are the self appointed arbiter of who qualifies.????? Then I guess you also have a problem with Bill Cosby.. since his views parallel Scott’s

      2. kevin says:

        Vicki…this is not an attack on you, I have never met you and don’t know you personally. I recently moved to Baltimore and unfortunately 99% of the African Americans I’ve met in B’more have been rude, ignorant and talk as if common sense wasn’t their strongest subject a school! Even in your comment, when you have to make a point to mention that you yourself are black and educated, not bitter, mean etc…it goes to show that you accept that there are alot of us who are that way but you believe that you don’t fit the average mold so don’t stereotype you. The sad thing is that I see the potential we as black people have but we allow ourselves to accept stupidity and ignorance in our culture. I’m educated myself, have a masters degree etc but let me tell another black man in Baltimore about this, they look at me like I’m an alien….lol. At work, everytime a black person calls my office and it’s a call from a Shaquita or Quanteisha, you have to wonder how they plan on calling a place of business and talk like they have zero education….if i didn’t love my black people that much I’d swear we were a race of monkeys…seriously. The sad thing is that the other black folk in my office do think that way…we embarrass ourselves!

  32. Godschild2011 says:

    OMGgggggg I’ve just finished reading each of thz comments & I’m blown away! First I like to send condolences to ALL family members who had persons involved in this tragic event. Secondly, to all my beautiful black ppl who r taking in negative comments in reference to Baltimore City, Poverished areas, Low-Income issues, Welfare & all other WORLDLY ISSUES…just LOL to the ignorant comments made by other races, dont allow what they TYPE affect u…its not worth it!

  33. cab says:

    I am a native, born and raised in Baltimore, and a white female who is a graduate of Baltimore City Public Schools. (Obviously they must have done something correctly, since my grammar and spelling are immaculate. :p)

    The problem with Baltimore, as I see it, is that monies have been mismanaged since the days of Schaefer. More funds are poured into Harborplace and the tourist areas than in the residential neighborhoods where they’re so desperately needed. No one can tell me that there’s not a problem in this city when the tent city at St. Vincent de Paul is still standing, or when a baseball game is more important than transportation for those who have to work while it’s going on. Baltimore is dependent on tourism, and that’s fine – but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the good, hard-working people that live here.

    And I do not believe that “all” African-Americans who live here are ignorant or rude or criminals. Most of the people I know in Baltimore – white or otherwise – are simply trying to get by the best they know how with the little that they have. There’s always been a wonderful, vibrant optimism here that I’ve loved so much, an optimism that I’ve never found elsewhere, whether it was in Atlanta, Minneapolis, or New York (and I’ve lived all of those places and more).

    The plain, simple fact is this: not everyone who lives here is “trash”, and not everyone who lives here agrees with the people that promote a drug-laden, “gang-banging” lifestyle. Most of us are hard-working like you – employed like you – want and hope for the same things like you. Don’t throw us all in a category. You’ll find out very quickly that you’re in error.

    Peace to ALL.

  34. Chalkie says:

    My friend was the officer shot in the leg. I have family that were police officers in the city, Anyone to say the problem is the cops is wrong. The problem is the judges and the past D.A.. For 10+ years criminals in this city have gotten away with alot things, and cause the D.A. does so much plee bargaining or the judges won’t give sentences that are worthy of the crimes and only give slaps on the wrist is what makes it bad on these officers daily jobs. Criminals don’t fear the police anymore because they know the won’t do alot of time if any for a crime anymore.Then I read a stupid comment about the cops are dirty or they were the only ones shooting, just shows some of the ignorance of some of the people on this site. The cops cannot do thier jobs with fearing that they might use to much force because of the sue happy people now a days, or not enough force and then they get hurt. Then time it gets to court the judge or the D.A. doesn’t do thier jobs and give the officers the backing they need, so people would actual fear the police like when I was growing up around Baltimore. Then if they get time in jail they get 3 meals a day, free medical, clothing, a bed with A.C. during the summer and heat during the winter. What ever happen to hard time and rehabilitation, so you did not go back to being a criminal when you got out. Its not the cops that are the problem, its everything after they arrest someone that is broken in the system. Someday I hope the elected officals, judges and D.A. wake up and fix this broken system, then 1 day maybe all the trash will be off the streets in Baltimore and people wouldn’t live in fear so much anymore.

  35. gary says:

    I do not care how you slice it , baltimore is a toilet that needs to be flushed! I hate it here and have had nothing but misery since i got here! This is the worst city i have ever lived in . and those of you that were born and raised here? try leaving the confines of the beltway and experience life a little bit ! i grew up leaving my front door unlocked! try that here! ahahahahahahaahh!!!!! what a cesspool!

    1. B-more Jeff says:

      Why are you still here then? Ask yourself that.. If Baltimore is a toilet that you are the s#!t…

    2. VICKI says:

      Born and raised in Baltimore and I have lived in two other states and one country. This is my home I always come back. If you feel the way you do BYE !!!!!!!!!

  36. NurseG says:

    Sean Scott, you need a hug honey. Your comments do nothing to enhance the points you are trying to get across about black people or Baltimore. Perhaps if you would look in the mirror and love yourself, you would not type such ignorant things about your own race. Either your mother or your father was black and they must be embarrassed by your apparent self-hatred. It would be a GREAT idea for you to go back to California since you dislike Baltimore so much. I moved here almost 10 years ago from Cali and have had a wonderful living experience. I’m pretty sure I am not ignorant, loud, obnoxious, or any of the things you portray black people to be. In fact, I’m very educated and live very well. Your type wouldn’t be accepted in my circle, because you my “friend” speak NONSENSE and Rhetoric that divides all races. Be the solution, not the problem. Have a wonderful week and try to look in the mirror and smile (instead of hating yourself). Don’t bother responding to my statement because I will shut you down. You’re not on the “level”..

  37. NurseG says:

    I almost forgot. SS, if your opinions were just based on visiting from Cali or you have already moved back, I am so happy for you!!

  38. R.I.P SEAN G says:


  39. fab says:

    these post are a good reason why the city and life is in general. these are proportily adults making these comments?

  40. Sean Scott says:

    Nurse G. I’ll pass on your hug. My wife is here for that. As for “self-hatred”? You couldn’t be more wrong! Myself, I love; the element of ignorant and violent Black saveages of Baltimore I hate. My self-love comes from the fact that I finished school, got two college degrees, am employed, have no illegitimate children running around, do not use drugs, do not sell drugs, and most importantly of all–I have no criminal history which is very sad to say about half the black people of Baltimore do have! As for you “shutting me down,” I highly doubt that because I, like, Bill Cosby, speak and know the truth about the failing of our fellow Black people as being perpetuators of all the negative things that are said about Black Americans all of the world. As for running in your “circle”? I seriously doubt that you being from Baltimore would even interest me in any kind of way. As for not being on your “level,” you;re right: I’m abouve yours!

  41. Jen says:

    Hugs are going out to the officer’s family and all that were injured last night…….Nurse Riley

  42. trell says:

    wow sooooo sad and shocked i just spok with will(officer torbit) on wed who would have eva guessed it would be the last time he said call me back ard dont forget….. my heart go’s out tyo his family exsp. his parents and sister’s!!!!

  43. TRELL says:


  44. Paris says:

    I was born and raised (all 22 years of my life) in Baltimore, MD on the west side near Sinai Hospital. It was a pretty awesome neighborhood for most of my life..that is until the TRASH starting moving into section 8 houses & apartments. Drugs, gang banging, disrespect, loud music, fighting, shooting, all of that. I am not ashamed of where I come from, but Baltimore needs HELP. The school system sucks, the drug problem is out of control, the job market sucks, we can barely keep anything thats entertaining because of violence, we have a crooked police department, and we are constantly in the top 10 for the most violent cities in the US! I enjoyed going to Select Lounge, because LORD KNOWS I was sick of going to DC to party (btw: the DC club crowd is better than Baltimore’s rude/ghetto crowd).

    With all that being said, I am praying for the families who lost loved ones & the victims. We can sit on our butts all day and talk about how much of a dump Baltimore is, or we can get up and make stuff happen!!!

  45. bullseye says:

    blacks shoot up neighborhoods, whites shoot up schools, mexicans shoot up dope, can:t we all just pick a target and get it over with . prayers to the injured.

  46. blackgirlwhorocks says:

    Please don’t think for a minute that there are not drugs, gangs, murders or rapists in your plush county neighborhoods because if not there would not be as many jails and prisons in the entire state of Maryland check the data on the inmates dummies!!!!

    1. old school says:

      Yes .. we know they are in those neighborhoods too.. could u perhaps.. ….ask them to go home ..? or perhaps u are suggesting that they originate from the well to do areas. I see it every day .. Businessmen ..Lawyers.. Doctors ..Teachers , roaming the streets looking for trouble,. having shoot outs over who’s golden retriever has the purist pedigree .. we must warn them.. don’t they realize that golden retrievers account for almost no human fatalities??? fools…… carefully tucking their “9” into their waistband in case some one “disses “them at the club…. I hear those bridge clubs can get very nasty….. If you put something in print ..please… at least..make it plausible..

  47. Dacia Downey says:

    R.I.P Sean Gamble…U will truly be missed…I love you

  48. US Army Combat Veteran says:

    Keep the peace; keep the faith, and remain committed to yourself and your family!

  49. tg says:

    @ britney, i chose to relocate because i got tired of my living conditons and i wanted better for my family. trust me it all started from baltimore, i come from poplar grove and admondson avenue born and raised. ALSO IM NO RACIST NOT AND IM NOT WHITE. I just made a better choice for my famiily.i had my state job before i moved to the county. But my son was scared to go to his own school, Thurgood marshall. i remember when i had to go calverton junior high, one of the worst jr hig schools in baltimore. my mother could not afford private school. My son graduated from Parkville High, not ghetto Thurgood marshall.Im glad i made the choice for better scools and better living condtions, something i desired. trust me, i’ll never forget my HOOD but at the end of the day I still love living int the HEART OF PARKVILLE, it’s nothing like baltimore city! If the city works for you then carry on.

  50. shabazz says:

    baltimore is cool but it is filthy that part they should be ashamed of its rat infested and the police are more like a gang than law enforcement they lie bully take advantage of the badge and all other kinds of negative things the police do but besides the rats and police i love the place those cops should keep shootin each other especially officer shirley

  51. Beth says:

    I have lived in Baltimore City (Canton) and Baltimore County (White Marsh) for each 1 year. I’m going to briefly recap my experiences there:

    Baltimore City- sirens EVERY night, shooting in front of my house, neighbor gets raped, neighbors on both sides of my home selling drugs, homeless man refusing to get off of my front step and then calling me a cracker, my car was hit with no note left, and I could really go on.

    Baltimore County- pizza man delivered my pizza to the wrong address, well I can’t think of anything else “bad” that happened in Balt. Co.

    After my experiences living in the city I would NEVER move back to that place!

    The families of this unfortunate event are in my prayers.

  52. John Booker says:

    Sean #56 Gamble We Will Miss You! Gone But Never Forgotten!

  53. pigeon says:

    Everyone needs to go back and read what’s been written. These remarks, mud throwing, etc. is exactly why Baltimore is the way it is. There is too much racism on both sides of the broken down fence. The fence needs mending!

  54. pigeon says:

    I’m sorry- my prayers for everyone involved, and their families.7

  55. TG says:


  56. NurseG says:

    Sean Scott, please use your college degrees to read my comment CORRECTLY. I am not from Baltimore. I stated that I am from California. San Diego California luv. I also stated that YOU need a hug, not that I wanted to hug you. I own a home and live in the county, but I work and play in the city. I spend a lot of time in the city at my fiance’s house and we’ve had no problems in his neighborhood. I needed to point out that I thought your comments about AA Baltimore residents were based on your ignorance. I’m sorry you overlooked that. Ignorance is everywhere! Don’t label people unless you want to be labeled yourself. You have made yourself look really small minded in this forum with your slanderous statements against your own race. Shame on you!

    So sorry for the families involved. May God bring comfort and strength to all those touched by this tragedy.

  57. TRELL says:


  58. bullseye says:

    the cops did it ? i knew that was the case . they shot their own!!! pepole jump to conclusions before they know the facts. racisist are pepole that don:t like themselves .so they try to make everyone else misirable! if you you can:t say something nice shutup!!! it all starts at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Teary Eyed says:

    Lives lost…and for what? All because a young man was raised to come to the aide of a woman in distress. I many not know all the details, but I do know that families are grieving. Just (2) senseless deaths to add to Baltimore’s sickening crime rate. Mr. Gamble’s death must not be in vain. This was one of the declining few positive male role models that we have left in Baltimore. This is not to say that the death of the officer was any less important. To the BCPD..what ever happened to shoot to disable and not to kill? Now that you can see that the excessive force caused the life of one of your own. Please continue to do your job but without such carelessness in regards to human life. My prayers are with the families and the entire Baltimore city/county areas.

  60. Sad One says:

    Sad One

    Just because there was an officer down doesn’t mean you get trigger happy. Secure, assist, and guard your fellow man and gain control of the situation….When you have between 5 and 6 officers (blindly) shooting… least 41 rounds into an open crowd, you obviously have no regards for human life…What does this say about your training?This could have turned out to be a massacre!!!!..Just a thought—what would have happened if one the officers had taken the life of one of their own children that was in the crowd? They have taken the life one somebody’s child (2) as a matter of fact. Will this cause a change in the way that the BCPD responds to a disturbance? You will never be able to give back the life of Mr. Gamble and Officer Torbit.

  61. I'll Cry 4 U says:

    As you lay your loved one down for an eternal rest, know that the Lord is with you and your family. I can’t say that I know how you feel because I haven’t lost a child,or a brother. I have lost a father, cousins, and uncles. Do not take this sitting down. Your family deserves just as much of an acknowledgement and compensation as officer Torbit and his family. even thouugh you all will never be able to have your loved ones back…..You can make sue that the rest of your families lives are lived more comfortably. God Bless all involved.

    1. Petunia Fields says:

      The same applies for the 7 year old little girl that had the side of your head blown off by the militant style SWAT team that broke down her door at 4 in the morning to arrest some harmless pot smoking hippy.

      So how much dd that brainstorm cost us? 1 innocent childs life, + $35.00 per hr x 20 SWAT members x days getting prepared. ($15,000?). Really, you think removing one pot smoker from the street is worth risking innocent lives and 10’s of 1000’s of dollars. Id prefer the goverment save some of MY money for my retirement and medical expenses that they use to justify the removal of hundreds of dollars from my paycheck each week to fund to SS and Medicare.

      We live in an impending Police State and our rights as free human beings are being chipped away one piece at a time.

  62. Petunia Fields says:

    How could this have possibly occured since the two uniformed officers would have given the man commands and a forewarning of him impending death? Or did they forget to do that this time?

    Perhaps its time that we prohibit police officers from carrying weapons after hours so they and there families are subjected to the same insecurity as the rest of us mere mortal. In Eurpope its common practive for public servants to leave there weapons at the office when they clock out for the day.

    So all in the same day we have two Blat. Police officers shooting one of there own dead. Another ex Balt. Policeman masterbating outside of a school and showing himself to passer bys (I guess he never could shake that GOD complex after he left the “force”. And then 20-30 LA gang unit policemen refusing to submit requested financial statements to explain how they are living in $700,000 homes with $20,000 worth of “Big boys toys” parked out front.

    The sickening thing is that none of these officers will be prosecuted for the same crimes that theyve been incarcerating others for there entire careers.

    1. Owings Mills says:

      Ok, Petunia Fields, I don’t even know where to begin since your logic is a little skewed.

      Let’s start with uniformed officers. If you’ve followed all of the stories, Torbit fired the first shots. Then the uniformed officers shot back. Therefore, Trobit caused his own death.

      Prohibit police officers from carrying weapons? Are you sane?

      The guy masterbating outside of the school was an EX-Baltimore COUNTY cop not a currently employed Baltimore City cop.

      Why should the LA gang unit police have to disclose any financial information? Do you have to do it at your job (if you work that is)? Would you want to disclose your financial information? Nobody should have to do that for any job.

      Why should these officers be prosecuted for anything. They didn’t do anything wrong. Torbit shot first and they mistook him for a common street thug because Torbit never I.D. himself as a police officer. Tragic mistake. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      By the way, it was Torbit that shot and killed Sean Gamble not the other 4 officers.

      1. Petunia Fields says:

        Oh, I guess his morals drastically changed when he left the “force”. I guess we should be thankful that he wasnt masterbating outside of a school while still in uniform. That really would have embarraassed you now wouldnt it big man?

        You ask why should the LA officers submit to some type of additional financial screening? Because police officers are PUBLIC SERVANTS AND THE PUBLIC WANTS A SYSTEM OF “CHECKS AND BALANCES PUT INTO PLACE” to make sure that those that we have granted with extraordinariy powers do not take advantage of there position. You sound like one of the ROID FREAKS from NJ except that your badge probably says BALTIMORE CITY POS.

        As for who shot who, no one knows for sure at this point. There was a barrage of shots fired numbering in the dozens of rounds apparently indescriminately sprayed around in the vicinity of the crowd of humans & thugs.

        And yes idiot I do work, where do you think your department gets all of there money for these $15,000 raids on pot smokers (you know what im talking about…..the militant style SWAT teams kicking in non violent CITIZENS doors at 3 in morning, shooting there 7 year olds daughters faces off, all in the name of getting one more bag of dope off of the streets). I’ll tell you a secret…its much safer (for the public anyway) to just park yo police car outside of a bar (no kids there) and wait for all of the druggy alcolhics to come out and get in there cars (we have laws againts drunk driving or so im told, yet there never seems to be any police sitting outside of any of these bars at closing time) I guess its easier to pick on sleeping hippies (i,e, potheads) than violent alcoholics..

  63. MS. COX says:


    1. Petunia Fields says:

      The word “The” is spelled “The”, Yo.

  64. historic says:

    Your 18 year old criminal, i mean brother, then 14, most likely wasn’t innocent. Police brutality, give me a break. Someone has to try to keep these animals in line seeing that you and yo momma couldn’t. Stop trying to blame others for your problems that you bring on to yourself. Do something for society besides drain it.

    1. Petunia Fields says:

      Exacty,… see thats what those LA officers dont understand, that big box of hundred dollars bills wasnt intended to be split amongst all of the officers for personal use…its supposed to go to the city to finance the FORCE.

  65. Sha says:

    I’ve lived in Baltimore City all my life, raised 5 kids who all graduated from high school and several are in college and no brushes with the law. Living in the city does not determine the outcome of your life. It’s the people and places you choose. I love Baltimore City. Crime is eveywhere. The media tends to focus on the city more.

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