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Science Center’s Solar Panels Plan Sparks Debate

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A battle is brewing at the Inner Harbor waterfront over the Maryland Science Center’s plan to put solar panels over its parking lot.  Federal Hill residents say it will threaten their view.

Kai Jackson has more.

The Science Center says the panels will further their mission of education, but critics say it’ll just create an eyesore.

The Maryland Science Center is a beacon of education and they hope to use the panels to further people’s knowledge of green energy. 

“We want to educate people about the possibilities of solar energy,” said Van Reiner.

Approximately 330 panels will be placed on top of carport-type structures.  Constellation Energy will be responsible for the panels and the Science Center will then buy the energy back from the company.

“We’re not doing it to save a bundle of money,” Reiner said, saying that it’s for educational purposes.

But some fear it will be an eyesore.

“Our property values will go down because our houses are the closest to that,” said Nolan North.

The Federal Hill Homeowners’ Association will take a vote on it.  That vote will be taken into account before the Science Center gets permission to install the solar panels.

The plan will cost between $400,000 and $500,000.

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    • Chris

      It’s obvious those who fear it, do not understand it or have never seen it. The panels are far from intrusive and look much better than a filthy roof or building. A community that grasps the solar and alternitive energy concept can only benefit from the increased value it brings to their properties, not a decreased one. The fact is, that most people are willing to go the extra mile with their wallets for a home that is energy smart thus bringing the values of the nearby homes up naturally. They should be begging for this opportunity.

  • Franz

    Give the affected residents free electricity or reduced rates and then let them take a vote!

  • I'm A Resident Too

    Considering the very urgent need to move to green energy for so many reasons, these snooty whiners need to grow up and deal with it. So few people in this country are willing to sacrifice anything; little wonder at the state of the world. This sounds like a fantastic project and it should not be held back for the sake of someone’s obnoxious demands for a pristine view of property they don’t even own.

    • kendal


    • Green Vilager

      Its not about the view. Its about using Inner harbor parkland to build a structure over an illegal parking lot . It is about energy credits for Constellation, its about money. This structure has no educational value, it doesn’t save energy. Do your homework before you blather. If the MDSC wants to be green let the employees take public transportation to work instead of using valuable Inner Harbor parkland to provide a parking space and promote wasted energy commuting. I am all for solar, I use solar, but let’s do it right.

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