HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — A 12-year-old Muslim girl was forced to sit on the bench during her basketball game, all because of the religious headscarf she wears.

Kelly McPherson spoke with the young girl Wednesday evening.

Maheem Haq, 12, is back on the court—with her headscarf.  A few days ago, a ref made her sit out of the first half of a game because she wouldn’t take off the religious wrap.

“I was upset a little bit ’cause I really wanted to play and I enjoy playing basketball,” Haq said.

“We were very upset when we heard about it because she has been able to play the entire time and there’s never been a problem,” said Connie Cline, a teammate’s mother.

“The referee was within his rights.  He was right to do what he did,” said Daphnie Campbell, Mid-Maryland Girls’ Basketball.

The scarf is a Muslim custom for women, but the league coordinator says there was no request on file allowing Haq to wear the scarf, which is considered a safety hazard.

“I will accept full responsibility for it.  Being new, no, I didn’t know anything about it.  I didn’t know I had to ask for permission, I didn’t know a letter had to be on file.  I didn’t know anything of that,” Campbell said.

The team offered to forfeit the game.  The Haq family said no.

“To inspire other kids as well that you can maintain your religious belief and strike a balance between your active life and still maintain your religious beliefs,” said her father, Mohammad Haq.

“I do feel that some people were offended or emotions were hurt, and that’s not what we’re here for.  We’re here to learn sports and maybe some life skills along the way,” said Coach Mark Hershner.

“I feel really happy,” Maheem Haq said.  “I feel great.”

The basketball league is now specifying in its bylaws that any exception to the uniform rules needs to be put in writing by the child’s parent.  The Haqs are just happy that everything has worked out.

The referee was following the rules for high school games and will not be reprimanded.

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  1. harley121 says:

    Whats next???? Coach; I wanna play in a boys jock strap, sports bra, clown make-up w/ floppy shoes, a rosary and a hijab! You changed the rules for the muslim!!!! Why not me??? Well,,,,,,,,,
    This is the type of thing that creaps up when you start bending / changing the rules (well established rules) for anything. Its BS,, WRONG no matter how much of a PC spin or liberal spin that you put on it!!

    1. freedom says:

      if you need an accomadation then you should ask..how is it wrong to allow a child to play a sport but she needs an accomodation..get real..

      1. tylerjake says:

        What’s with everyone needing an accommodation for EVERYTHING now?! Harley 121 is exactly right! Oh and by the way, learn how to spell before you post “freedom!”

      2. Trevor says:

        Freedom you must be slow or must be non athletic cause you surely don’t know what your debating cause it’s wrong it her belief this is a free religion country that mean in case you don’t get it you can practice your relgion as long you don’t force it on no one or discourage anyone from their beliefs and using a remote is not being athletic !!!!

      3. goheat03 says:

        I for one am glad to see this Muslim family encouraging their young daughter to assimilate and participate in sports like other American girls in our society. We should be encouraging them, not banning them or putting obstacles in their way. And for those who say this is a safety risk–puhlease…use a little common sense. How is a piece of soft cloth worn over her hair a “safety risk”???

      4. HowlinWolf says:

        What’s next — Burkas?

    2. tylerjake says:

      EXACTLY! Amen!

      1. Trevor says:

        the one I posted above this was for tylerjakes not freedom sorry freedom

    3. Heartwings says:

      >>Whats next???? Coach; I wanna play in a boys jock strap, sports bra, clown make-up w/ floppy shoes, a rosary and a hijab! <<

      That's what the NBA is for! LOL

      I can see how certain jewelry could potentially injure the wearer or another, but would the person who mentioned choking on a medic alert bracelet please explain that? I wear one and I can't quite figure how to choke on it. I would think medic alert bracelets are similar to a knee or wrist brace or other medical device worn per a doctor's order and should be allowed.

      If you look at the girl in question and #14 beside her, doesn't the girl on the right's hair look just like the head scarf? I just don't see the point since male and female athletes are allowed to wear "dreadlocks" and similar excessive hairstyles that feature added fake hair and they are not a safety hazard but the scarf is? I don't really care one way or the other if someone wants to wear a hat or scarf per their religious traditions while they play sports. If the scarf or whatever in question keeps falling off and, in the opinion of the game officials, poses a safety hazard, then that can be dealt with. It's kids sports, keep them safe and let them play and have fun!

      If the child in question wore a wig as a head covering because her hair had fallen out from chemotherapy, would you tell her she couldn't play too?

      1. LOLA says:

        Your exactly right!

      2. CD says:

        If thay can not play buy rules we grew up with, then send them back where they come from. That is the problem today nobody takes the great US seriousanymore. love it or leave it, i don’t care where you come from.

      3. just sayin' says:

        I can see the safety issue here. The head scarf could be drug around the girl’s neck during a play. At the right angle, it could possibly cause serious injury. In the softball league my daughter plays for, all jewelry must be removed before a game. Same issue of safety.

    4. GoodOleDays says:

      Some scenarios up next….

      “Hey…What’s wrong with you? YEAH he’s in a wheelchair, so What? What do you mean he can’t play in the game? He’s a Kid isn’t he.”

      WHO CARES. They all get their meaningless junk trophies at the end of the year don’t they…Everyone is special..therefore no one is special. Welcome to the new USA.

    5. jessie says:

      We don’t ask Jewish Boys to take off their Yamakah or Mormons to not wear their special underwear. It seems like a reasonable request and frankly with so few Arab girls actually trying to assimilate we should be happy.

      1. Marie says:

        What do you mean ‘so few arab girls are trying to assimilate’?
        I really don’t like the term assimilation.
        It makes me think of the borg.
        This is America:
        Besides that, I don’t think this is a matter of ‘few arab girls try to assimilate’ is the fact that this is a minority, and since the amount of girls in general do not try to play sports,
        Like this:
        There are few girls that play sports.
        There are, due to racism and hatred of said minority, few muslims in the country, by extension few muslim girls, the chances of these girls being interested in sports is exactly the same, but because there are less, there are less interested in sports.

        And anyway, like I said,
        My last name is a LIE.
        A LIE designed to assimilate better,
        A LIE because people don’t like foreigners, different ideas, or anything like that.
        I hate when people have to give up bits of themselves JUST to be accepted in society.
        Acculturation is better.
        WAY better.

    6. Marie says:

      Personally, I did NOT see how a hijab poses a safety hazard whatsoever.
      Besides that, they WERE NOT changing the rules for her.
      Since it has been states that they need a letter (THAT is BS.) to wear the headscarf, I assume that action will be taken so that a letter is made, and this way, she will be able to wear her scarf and she will be able to play the sport, WITH It on.
      I find your comment to be ignorant and offensive.

    7. sgt88 says:

      I’m still waiting to hear what is the safety issue? early womens basketball-1920’s the women had to be fully covered and they wore head scarfs. the only thing showing were hands.This is nothing new why is it a problem now?

    8. shawn says:

      I believe in satanism and part of my relegion requires me to wear sharp horns on my head. I was appauled when i was little and wasn’t allowed to participate in sports. I believe people should of let me. There’s no way when lil timmy gets old enough to play sports i’m gonna let anybody tell me he’s not allowed

    9. Kristen says:

      Harely121 is a bigot.

    10. Someone says:

      are you serious? apparently you don’t understand what this “headscarf” or hijab stands for. why don’t you read from a good website about it, or ask someone before you go and call it something bad? being ignorant isn’t something good, and I’m not trying to be rude, I’m trying to help you be a better person.

    11. robert davidson says:

      In Srinagar, India in 2001 an “acid attack on four young Muslim women … by an unknown militant outfit [was followed by] swift compliance by women of all ages on the issue of wearing the chadar (head-dress) in public

      In Basra, Iraq, “more than 100 women who didn’t adhere to strict Islamic dress code” were killed between the summer of 2007 and spring of 2008 by Islamist militias (primarily the Mahdi Army) who controlled the police there, according to the CBS news program 60 Minutes
      Wake up people,do we actually chose to allow people who fear and/or support this kind of backlash on their own people dictate to us how we run our own sports in these United States of America because of their religious beliefs?Most sports have uniforms and team colors,she disrespects her teammates by not following the rules of the game.Wake the F#$@ up people and stop this nonsense now.

      1. bob says:

        Your right on target, haha, for real tho.

    12. apnea says:

      Yes, all opinions AGAINST actions as these that the muslim community is trying to enforce in western society, are right. It has NOTHING to do with islamic fear, it has NOTHING to do with being prejudiced, it has NOTHING to do with hatred against any community or minority group. It has to do with what we in the west call RESPECT FOR RULES AND ORDER! There are very many islamic announcements world-wide of how the muslims will slowly try to infiltrate the western community not so to escape from the Qu’ran nations but to spread the word of their one and only true God Allah and slowly and subtly enforce islamic beliefs on all nations within the next generations, so that one day more and more will believe in Muhamed only. It all starts initially with the muslims calling for what they do not accept: RESPECT. They demand respect for their ways of life and actions without regarding your opinion, without caring about your rules. So that means that NO ONE CARES IF BASKETBALL IS PLAYED THE WAY THE WESTERNERS WANT IT-THEY MUST RESPECT US AND CHANGE IT BECAUSE WE,THE MUSLIMS ARE HERE! But we as muslims have NO obligation to respect the WESTERNERS’ rules, so we want to dress up the WE want to and NOT the way you want us to play! The sad part, my friends is not that she was allowed to play basketball dressed inappropriately, but that the islamic ruling on the west is winning points and gaining terrain right under our noses. In arabic countries where female athletics are played in trousers with head scarfs and not only,try putting on a skirt and sleeveless uniform on an american female player and deciding that here in arabic countries we will ignore your official game rules and will enforce upon you arabs to change your rules so that we can wear skirts, sleeveless uniforms, etc.! Can you even imagine the consequences? THE MUSLIMS MUST UNDERSTAND THAT THEY DON’T HAVE RIGHTS ALONE, BUT RESPONSIBILITIES ALSO! Thank you

  2. jmartin says:

    The rule in these leagues (I’ve played in many) is no extra can be worn outside the uniform and undergarment. No rings, no hats, no bracelets, no earrings, no necklaces, NO EXCEPTIONS- PERIOD. Leave your religion home where it belongs. These muslim parents can’t possibly assume liability from injuries, because they don’t know the extent of the injuries ahead of time. Shame on the league for cowering down to the religious nut jobs.

    1. freedom says:

      what makes you think religion belongs home? Islam is a way of live being muslim is a 24hr 7day a week thing..thats the difference between Islam and any other religion..We are muslim at all times and it should not affect a little girl from playing a sport..a head scarf is more secure than running down court with a head full of hair flying all over the place.

      1. RB says:

        please-let’s all abide by the time honored rules and not change things for just a few.

      2. Amanda Lauren Mangum says:

        and this is AMERICA….aceppt our ways of life…accept out sports and the way they’re played.

      3. freedom says:

        seems to me that all you people fail to remember that the U.S. of A is a country that allows FREEDOM of RELIGION and people have the right to be who they want to be when they want to be. Read your history and figure out that most people migrated to the US just for that. The U.S. of A is not a Christian country it is a Secular one. which is exactly why theres no mix of church and state!!

      4. Isis says:

        As a matter of fact anyone who’s true to their faith is of their faith 24/7. How arrogant of you to believe otherwise. Islam is not the only demanding religion/ belief system. My dear friend of 20 years STRICTLY follows the Bushido code even unto always having his Daisho with him unless it wasn’t possible then he would carry his wakizashi and if he couldn’t go somewhere with that then apparently he had no need to be there and would abstain. Please keep your self-centered opinions to yourself. If someone HAS to have something for their faith and what they want to participate in forbids it then they need to decide which is more important. It’s a personal choice and always will be.

      5. Kerrie says:

        @ freedom – you are so arrogant to think that islam is the only religion that is a “24/7” thing.

        i am catholic and I have a wooden cross I never take off… when I play soccer, I tuck it under my shirt so it doesn’t hit me or another player, but if it ever did accidentally slip out and harm me or someone else, I would not hesitate to take it off, because I know that removing it does not change my level of devotion to God.

        Also, your argument about our nation being secular is crucial… meaning that a secular activity such as basketball should not have to change rules to cater to religion. It’s unfair to tell a girl she can’t play basketball because of her religion, but it’s totally fair game to tell a girl she can’t play in the game because a religious object violates the dress code of the game.

      6. Trish says:

        I am with freedom. Why shouldn’t she be allowed to play because of her religious belief. So in essence those who criticize are also saying the Jewish aren’t allowed to wear the head coverings such as wigs or their Yarmulkes, Mormons aren’t allowed to wear their religious undergarments, etc…But I have seen many wear their Christian necklaces such as the cross. Wearing a cross necklace with a sport uniform isn’t an exception? And I am christian before evryone starts saying otherwise.

      7. Jaybo1 says:

        Because if it had been a Christian wearing a Jesus shirt , he or she wold have been thrown out of the game. The government gives muslims special privilages…PERIOD !

      8. Amy says:

        I agree with freedom, if anyone wants to play sports they can, regardless of religion.

      9. Isis says:

        Freedom’s comment wasn’t about being restricted from play due to religion, it was about said religion having a requirement that requires a waiver. I’m all for people of any faith being allowed to participate in sports however if their faith and the sport, or any other activity for that matter, have contradictory requirements then it’s up to the individual to decide what to do. And just in case there are any questions, YES, I believe individuals must supplant their own desires for the greater good. That said, if 51% of my community said that I HAD to paint my house purple then I’d have to decide if I could accept that and if not then I’d move. Just my $0.02.

      10. GetItRight says:

        Freedom, you are wrong. US of A is a Christian Country. From Day ONE! If you taking the religion out of the house, people can wage war in the name of GOD!

      11. GetItRight says:

        Religion is a personal believe. Your faith is yours, not others. I cannot say you keep it at home, but not to run around on the street and carrying a sign saying I am “my RELIGION.” All I can say is personal faith should not change other people’s rule, culture, or life style. Except the politicans that are giving up most of the Christian Country.

      12. Christian says:

        @freedom I will assume you are not aware of the facts, therefore I will not be offended by your comment. Christianity is a 24 hour 7 day a week way of life. I do not decide to be a follower of Christ only during church or prayer. When I play sports, I pray for Jesus to protect us all from injury, and I play in a spirit of Christianity. I include Him in all aspects of my life. That said, your example of why Islam is different is incorrect. Also, if a female’s hair is too long, it would be worn up or in a ponytail, not “flying all over the place”

    2. Summer22 says:

      SHUT UR TRAP.!
      how would u like it if u went to a Arabic country and u were not allowed to play because u wore to little on the court.!OK
      its America and its a country of freedom & religion.! and sooo wat ur talkin about is dumb so shut it thnx.!:)

      1. UGH.. says:


      2. Diane King says:

        OK — educated answers only. It’s “moot” not “mute”.

    3. Trevor says:

      a scaf and their crying some people need to grow up and be mindful that she is muslim and that her beliefs and no one should oppose that and make her do some that violate that and if anyone don’t like it oh well

      1. Diane King says:

        Good grief Trevor, why even bother commenting when your command of the English language and writing are so poor that your comments are unreadable.

      2. Jaybo1 says:

        Then WHY , Trevor , are Christians FORBIDDEN from practicing OUR beliefs…..the muslims can pray in school , but Christians CAN’T….does THAT sound like FREEDOM TO RELIGION TO YOU???? HMMMMM???????

  3. Atim Ant says:

    Muslim headscarves limit line of sight of the player… She could run right into someone if she doesn’t move her head at all times.

    1. OhBoyNotAgain says:

      Stop It. Can’t you see there is no room for logical discussions on this board?

      Next we’ll have a Muslim High School Wrestler who wants to leave his Hijab on….

      “OOPS you ripped my Hijab Off!” … Ref: “PENALTY- THE OTHER PLAYER FORFEITS”

      Yeah..you just wait and see…that’s next week!!!

      1. Faren says:

        But Muslim men don’t wear Hijabs 😛 Just saying

  4. Breeze R says:

    The scarf could fly into someones face while running or shooting.
    Most stupid thing I ever heard…..

    1. freedom says:

      no your comment is..head coverings a secure and will not “fly” off..wow!!

      1. SJCJOPPA says:

        @ Freedom, have you ever played a sport? Shoes are secure and players have lost them in play. If she is requred to keep her head covered, than a new design better suited for sports will be necessary, period. Jmartin is right, “no extras”

      2. shawn says:

        I believe in satanism and part of my relegion requires me to wear sharp horns on my head. I was appauled when i was little and wasn’t allowed to participate in sports. I believe people should of let me. There’s no way when lil timmy gets old enough to play sports i’m gonna let anybody tell me he’s not allowed

    2. AnotherAmerican says:

      what… stupid? do you even know why they wear it? and it’s not even that matter- its the fact that Americans always claim, oh yeah, we are soo cool cause we have freedom of this and freedom of that, but sometimes, you don’t really know if we really are granted those freedoms that everyone should have. even muslims. Islam isn’t as the media always puts it to be, and you should really have thought twice about what you said.. not only BREEZE R, but others as well

  5. freedom says:

    are you people serious..a headscarf does not hinder sight and it won’t cause any injury..this is a poor attempt at discrimination..thats the difference between christianity and Islam. A muslim is always a muslim we can’t leave our way of life home. Wow!!

    1. RB says:

      Then stay at home with your beliefs

    2. Scarlette says:

      You are acting very ignorant. A headscarf on the court is deadly. Much like putting a bit of ice on the court before the game. Rules are fules. Obey the fules or do not play. If they want to live in America, then acclimate and be American and follows the rules of the team and the game.

      1. UGH.. says:

        seriously, seriously, deadly…a bit extreme Scarlette..noone has ever been wounded let alone killed by a headscarf…wow..what an idiot..

    3. proudparent&officer says:

      freedom I back you 100% These idiots talking about not changing the rules for anyone and “this is America accept our ways” obviously didnt pay attention in history class! Not conforming to one way of life and fighting for freedom is what America was founded on and why people leave there homes to come and find their American dreams! If we never changed the rules for anyone, we would all have british accents, we would all be bible reading christians, no one would have free speech and there would be no handicapped parking. Get over yourselves and open up your minds, they’re just kids!

      1. Cha says:

        Very well said.

    4. Jaybo1 says:

      ” A muslim is always a muslim ? ” Does that mean that YOU are going to BLOW YOURSELF UP ????????

  6. loser says:

    Did these people call the press? They must have for this to make news..question is WHY?……… Because they love to cause trouble, they know that when it comes to their religion common sense leaves the head of every decision making American and that’s when they really start laughing at us. They need to do a better job at integrating into our culture, not the other way round.

    1. Welcome to Reality says:

      BINGO. Does she Swim? Don’t tell me she doesn’t take it off when she swims. JOKE.

      1. Aria says:

        It’s called a swimming cap, Welcome To Reality. DUH!

  7. Mike B says:

    A head scarf that falls on the court is like ice when stepped on. Someone could get seriously hurt. Dress codes are fundamental to any sport for the safety of all players. She needs to grow up and get over it. Life has rules that need to be followed by everyone. I could care less if she’s muslim. That’s no excuse for disobeying the rules or the referee.

    1. RB says:

      What about playing in a Mosque? Then all could dress the same.

    2. mary says:

      @Mike B how the heck is wearing a headscarf like putting ice on the filed?! that is probably the funniest thing i’ve heard all week. how is the hijab dangerous? shes not making people trip over!!

      1. Safety Rules says:

        The reason for the caution, according to the Campbell, was she was concerned the scarf could slip off and trip someone, or even strangle or choke Maheem. But it’s not meant to deter her from playing basketball. It’s just, Campbell said, a case of taking proper legal and safety precautions.

        “It’s a case of following the rules,” Cambell said.

        excerpted from NY Daily News Article

  8. Melissa Reese says:

    I think with a little pre-planning a headscarf that accommodates the game can be found. The parents should discuss this with officials so that she can show up with the proper equipment just as any other athlete would be required to. Her coach, if anyone, should have been familiar with the rules & advised her before she was put in this position. Come on man!

    1. Jane Sellman says:

      A very reasoned and intelligent comment. Thanks. Melissa.

    2. Bethany White Dinger says:

      Melissa, this is an excellent point. The fault in this situatuion lies ENTIRELY with the coaching staff. THEY knew she wore the scarf and they should have placed the call BEFORE the game. THEY needed to let the official organization they had a unique situation and discussed AHEAD of time, what concernds the oficcials would or would not have.
      THis young lady should NEVER have been faced with this situation. The coached dropped the ball.

      1. SJCJoppa says:

        Or, maybe the Coach did tell the parents it may be a problem and the parents pushed anyway. Anyone that does volunteer work with kids knows how non-volunteer parents can be.

  9. Lee Krempel says:

    Some sweet bigots in this comments thread. Nice…

    1. tylerjake says:

      Hey Lee, you ever looked at Sharia Law? Know what you’re talking about before you comment about being a “bigot!”

      1. Tim W says:

        So let’s see Tyler because Sharia law is bad I can be as bad as them too. Great reasoning. Christians like yourself or just as bad. No wonder we are in the mess we are. One religion saying my god is better than your god. Frankly religious people like you scare me.

    2. fedup says:

      I agree whole-heartedly! If this were a story about a Jewish boy not wanting to take off his yamaka there wouldnt be any hateful or innappropriate, in my opinion, comments on here because Jewish means he could have been born here!…Bigots!

  10. cire says:

    “what makes you think religion belongs home? Islam is a way of live being muslim is a 24hr 7day a week thing..thats the difference between Islam and any other religion..We are muslim at all times”

    I have nothing against someone living his/her religion 24/7, just don’t ask me to change my way of life to accommodate your intolerance.

    1. scarlett says:

      But you are asking to have it both ways. If you want to live in this country, then acclimate yourself. Otherwise, go back where you came from.

      1. Tim W says:

        Wow another great Christian who obviously doesn’t know a lick about our country and our Constitution. Imagine that.

      2. teacher/coach says:

        cire, intolerance should never be accomodated!
        scarelett, take a history class and learn what America was founded on before you start telling people to “acclimate” themselves if they want to live in this country! Freedom is something you take for granted and think only belongs to you if you were born here but guess what, you’re wrong.

      3. mary says:

        @scarlett this IS their country…just becuase their muslim, that doesn’t mean their foreign. islam is a religion not a country. i have a friend that is american and muslim, her granparents converted to islam. and she is 100% american with blonde hair and blue eyes. so what would her country be?

  11. David says:

    The referee’s concern was legitimate, and I can understand why it took so long to resolve the issue. S/he did not have the authority to make an exception on the fly, and the coach is to blame for not foreseeing this as a problem and getting resolution beforehand. Of course, the child and her family bear no blame in this and their customs regarding modesty are less extreme than what many other cultures, including Western and Jewish ones, demand of adherents (see the tichel or the Jewish concept of tzniut). For some, women even wearing shorts in public is frowned upon.

    However, accommodation in this religious matter can be made without compromising the integrity or safety of the sport. The scarf, once you consider it as necessary, can be made minmally dangerous, and perhaps the family can strategically employ velcro to reduce fly-away risks. It’s not much different from switching from actual pigs bladders for footballs to vulcanized rubber, which I’m sure our Jewish football players appreciate.

    We should look for ways to include more people, not rigidly cling to reasons to keep people (players or families) from participating.

  12. Lee Krempel says:

    You said it David. Here. I’ll settle the whole thing. Ready?

    The ref was acting for the safety of the girl. The parents and everyone should recognize this. There’t that. Now, a reasonable exception can be made which allows the girl to play while keeping her tradition, but also puts the responsibility on the parents, etc… There. We’ve arrived at mutual respect and understanding. Done and done.

    It’s easy when you try!

  13. jmartin says:

    Why is it that muslims living in the United States do not want to abide by the laws and/or rules of this country? The rule is in place to NOT discriminate. What if an Amish boy playing in a boys league insisted on wearing one them big black hats that some of them wear? If you consider her situation, then you have to take everyone’s request seriously, also. This is not viable, people.

    1. Tim W says:

      Obviously you don’t understand how our Constitution and laws work. We allow for reasonable accomidations of religions in this country. In this case this was reasonable. Again one group of people hating on another group because of their religion. Am I surprised? No typical of most religions.

      1. Theresa says:

        And resonable accomodations were made and she was able to play in the second half. The ref and parents came to an agreement.based on safety reasons. I don’t see the problem.

      2. wakeup says:

        Tim…and I’m sure the scarf has absolutely no restrictions on peripheral vision? Is she going to want to wear it when she drives? I guess when she side-swipes your car off the roadway, you probably won’t be concerned about the “Safety” reasons either?

  14. Diane King says:

    Why should there be a special exception for the head scarf? It’s a basketball game, not a religious ceremony. The scarf is not part of the basketball uniform. The rules are in place for a reason and they apply to everyone, without bias. It’s a mistake to start making special exceptions for one group as it just creates animosity.

    1. UGH.. says:


  15. Lee Krempel says:

    i love americans

    1. tylerjake says:

      Hey Lee, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!

  16. Pay to Play says:

    My daughter suffers from a severe allergy and wears a Medic Alert bracelet. These bracelets are designed so that they are not easy to remove; yet she is forced to remove the bracelet prior to playing any sport. No concessions are ever made for her and this is a true medical condition. I am not happy about the rule, but we abide by it. If you want to play; you follow the rules – period.

  17. Diane King says:

    No Lee Krempel, it’s not so easy. What’s easy is to say that the parents will accept responsibility for any injuries, but what if the injury is inflicted on another child? What if it were your child? Are they going to be responsible for that? Would it even matter? The rules are made without bias to anyone, and changing the rules for one specific group introduces bias. I think that’s asking for problems.

  18. Rabee Haq says:

    Lets get a few things straight:
    1 this is my sister you’re talking about
    2 my parents did not force the issue. we remained anonymous as long as possible because we didnt want this kind of bigotry aimed at us
    3 this was unexpected by everyone
    4 noone is to blame. the coach did his job, the ref did his job, my sister did her job as a muslim.
    5 they are changing their rules so this doesnt happen again.
    6 the scarf is secured by a wrap and by pins
    7 neither the rules nor the referee were disobeyed. the league coordinator called and gave special permission for her to play
    8 i played soccer for my high school, i ran track in high school, i play sports as a muslim. the headscarf wont hurt anyone
    9 no animosity was created by anyone, save for the bigots online
    10 this IS america. accept the fact that we are as a nation the most accepting of all religions and cultures. its what makes this country so beautiful and unlike any other
    11 in the word “Muslim-American,” the latter should be what is important to you

    Please keep an open mind and be willing to broaden your horizons

    1. freedom says:

      very well said. its very sad that many Americans don’t know this countries history. if so then they would understand that the US is a secular nation and not a Christian Country..

      1. Jaybo1 says:

        freedom , you sound like that idiot Obama ! What do you mean America is NOT a Christian country ?! We were FOUNDED on Judeo-Christian principles , NOT ANY other religion ! How DARE you say we’re not a Christian nation ! It’s morons like you that are pushing God out of America and you should go and live in a sharia law country for a while and you would change you attitude ! AMERICA WAS FOUNDED ON BELIEF IN ALMIGHTY GOD AND HIS SON , JESUS CHRIST , PERIOD !

      2. GetItRight says:

        Freedom, you are wrong. US of A is a Christian Country. From Day ONE! If you taking the religion out of the house, people can wage war in the name of GOD!

        Religion is a personal believe. Your faith is yours, not others. I cannot say you keep it at home, but not to run around on the street and carrying a sign saying I am “my RELIGION.” All I can say is personal faith should not change other people’s rule, culture, or life style.

      3. freedom says:

        jaybo and getitright apparently you don’t read..go look up the history of the united states and why people immigrated here..it was to get away from the strict puritan laws..this country was founded with an understanding of people being able to practice their religion as they wanted..it was christianity at that time but it wasn’t wriiten “freedom of christian religion” the constitution says “freedom of religion”

      4. Christian says:

        @Freedom once again, I refuse to be offended. Please read history. This nation was founded on the tenets of Christianity. Sadly, the world is becoming more secular…but this is not a secular country any more than Afghanistan is a secular country. The tide flows both ways my friend.

    2. Scarlett says:

      You live in this country. Its hogwash. If she wants to play, wear the uniform and be a part of the team. Stop the BS. The scarf issue has no place on the field. Matter of fact not in this country. If you want to live here, then be an American and all that entails.

      1. UGH.. says:


      2. Diane King says:

        I do agree with you UGH that Scarlett’s comments are out of line with regard to different cultures living in this country. Everyone should surely have the right to express their religous beliefs freely. HOWEVER, if your beliefs are so strict that you cannot abide by the rules that are part of being on the team, well then I think you have a choice to make. This whole issue is so unfair to the other girls. What a distraction from the fun of the game!

    3. sowkr says:

      Thank you for your input, Rabee; these comments are nonsense. A mistake/misunderstanding happened, and now it’s being fixed.

    4. Diane King says:

      Rabee – you don’t think a sense of unfairness (and thereby animosity) is created when the girl who needs to wear a medic bracelet, for example, cannot do so but the muslim girl gets to wear her headscarf? Of course it does! And your comment that in “Muslim-American” the latter should be what’s important is correct. However, that’s not what I see demonstrated by the refusal to wear the proper uniform by insisting on wearing this headscarf.

      1. HP says:

        Wearing a medical bracelet is something hard and sharp if it breaks and if God forbid she falls and breaks her arm or wrist its now something that cuts off circulation and needs to be cut off immediately before causing more harm. As an Athletic Trainer for several county high schools I see no reason to do that to your child and put more pressure on any medical response if they do not have the proper equipment to cut off the bracelet.

    5. StopLying says:

      You and your whole Family are political activists. You get no sympathy here. You show me a picture of one muslim, jewish, or other athlete in the Olympics wearing similar headgear.

      The scarf restricts the field of vision, and they are asking her to take the scarf off for 60 MINUTES while she plays a game in which People Get Injured for different reasons all the time. This is America, and the league should wake up and realize that, if they permit her to wear something restricting her vision, and she injures another player, the league is LIABLE TO LAWSUIT. Wake up. Welcome to America.

  19. Eric says:

    seriously all of you people that give yourselves sub categories as americans i.e. african americans, jewish americans, muslim americans, chinese americans ect… take away from what it means to be an american. if you live here you are an american plain and simple, when you put yourself into a sub category its like you are asking to be treated differently which would not make you equal which is what america is about, being equal. if you want the respect you think you deserve than stop sub categorizing yourselves and call yourselves amaericans, no sub categories included. there is no such thing as a japanese american they are simply american same as the rest of you that want to be put in a special category of american. you are not special you are just an american you are discriminated against because you want to be a certain kind of american which creates inequality. time to suck it up, you arent special just a regular american like the rest of us


      Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    2. UGH.. says:


      1. Thank You! says:

        UGH… you just made my day and I thank you for saying what I was thinking!

  20. Greg Primrose says:

    This seems like a common sense solution to me. I think it is a perfectly reasonable accommodation that doesn’t interfere with the game or give her an unfair advantage.

    1. YourThinkingisNotCommonSense says:

      The Problem with Common Sense is that it is not so common.

      Clearly, you don’t have it. See?

  21. Simba says:

    A couple of things I wanted to convey to this post:

    1) I am not sure if the rules had been made with “ALL” in mind. They were made with all people playing at that particular time. I am sure those making the rules did not give much thought to specifically Islamic attire. However, personally, I feel that if certain rules have been made such as in this case, everyone should follow them. If you make an exception for one person, what makes their claim more legitimate than an other person’s? It does not matter whether the exception to the rule is safe or unsafe. That is irrelevant. What if I I wanted to paint my entire face in an odd color as part of my belief. It does not harm anyone on the basketball court but I am sure it would be a might distraction. Therefore, I believe no exception should be made in this case. If you have certain personal beliefs, you should not expect to follow them outside your house at the expense of changing certain rules.

    2) All a sub categorization does is give you the place of origin and helps in maintaining a culture. For example, a Japanese American can trace their roots back to Japan, however, they are American by citizenship. The first word denotes your background/culture/etc, and the second word (American) denotes your official citizenship. And most people who have categorizations such as Japanese American, Indian American, African American, etc have it because of history. You rarely see British American because they were never discriminated in this country. Most of the groups that identify themselves as a certain American, in most cases are minority groups that have been historically discriminated upon, hence you rarely see British American or German American or Irish American. These are the people that have run this county so there is no need to stick to that ethnicity.

    I am by no means saying my answers are the right answers. They are just MY opinions and I respect all your opinions even if I might disagree with some.

    1. History Repeats says:

      Simba… In response to your paragraph “2)” – Please, please learn American History before you make ridiculous comments… German and Irish and Italian immigrants were ALL discriminated against when they first came to this country to live.
      The point that people are trying to make about sub-categorizing yourself is that all it does is separate you from everyone else. In most cases, the ancestors that people claim came here years, if not generations ago. Becoming an American Citizen (or being born one) means that your are now an AMERICAN – That is all the citizenship that you need to claim. No one says that you need to give up your heritage and traditions… what we as Americans expect is that you become part of us and this Nation. There is no reason to identify yourself as anything else other than an American. So if you, your parents and your grandparents were all born here in the USA, then you are nothing other than an AMERICAN. This whole sub-categorizing was put in place by the government… when it became “wrong” to categorize people by their race, they came up with new and exciting ways to keep us segregated and discriminated against. People need to wake up and start looking at their neighbors as just another person no matter their race, religion or ethnicity.

    2. Irish American says:

      There isnt anything unsafe about her headscarf and they are not changing the rules for her specifically they are simply updating out of date bylaws.
      You dont hear of british Americans because they are the ones the founders of this country were trying to get away from, for religious freedom!

    3. TefillahToo? says:

      This is the most Moronic Discussion Ever.

      I suppose Jewish Boys and Girls are allowed to play in their Tefillah if they so chose?

  22. Teajay says:

    More people have been killed fighting over the seed of Abraham which ever they worship than for any other reason and probably will continue for centuries to come.

  23. Afk Bot says:


  24. civilized says:

    Does Osama Bin Laden play Basketball? If so then we should ban the headscarf because what if this family invites Bin Laden over for Christmas dinner and he decides that he wants to play basketball against America, we will never know its him! Maybe it was him. Maybe he has been playing Basketball all this time and what if he wins? If he wins we’ll ask for a re-match at Easter. Hopefully he won’t be too busy. Next time he’s over we could ask him if he could try to teach us the same tolerance and understanding of other cultures that his folks have toward us.

    Yes the Muslim faith is a great example of tolerance. I know this because of all the hundreds of Muslim people that absolutely refuse to make friends with me or even return a good morning wave, they make such good neighbors, I am truly blessed to be living in such a diverse and non friendly neighborhood.

    They are not bigoted like us, they have moved to this country because they love us, and they love our way of life and they desperately want to integrate with us, after all who doesn’t love money and raunchy films and, most of all, freedom to do whatever you want. Oh those poor Christian soldiers dying everyday to keep them free and safe from themselves, typical selfish us, life is all we are willing to give these people so that they can play basketball, and cry unfair at every opportunity. I feel so bad for them, lovely people that they are…..I think…..I guess.

    1. Susan says:

      Another liberal nut job heard from. You are part of the problem. A Wishey Washey person that does not believe in following the rules for all. If you go to their countrym try wearing a short skirt to school/.

      1. hasmania says:

        Susan u will not have any problem….u can wear shorts or bikini….lol…

    2. Tired of Idiots says:

      There are so many things wrong with your statement I honestly dont know where to begin!
      You do realize that Muslims do not celebrate Christmas and no one cried unfair about anything. She was told she couldnt play so she didnt until they told her otherwise! You want to talk about fairness, a child in a situation like this did what she was told, didnt argue and patiently awaited a solution while fatcat americans do whatever they want whenever they want not caring how it hurts their neighbors because they have the money to get them out of any trouble that finds them. We could all learn something from this story instead of turning against our neighbors because of their color or creed!

  25. scarlett says:

    this is not right. So, can a man playing football decide he wants to wear a tutu? This is her family’s religious position. Its not called for I understand in reality. A choice. I do not think it should be allowed any more than I think another child should wear jeans or sandals or a cap. Uniforms only. NO exceptions.

  26. Susan says:

    Just more left wing nut PC spin going on. Rules are rules and should be followed by everyone. Put religion aside if you want to play games. Follow the fules of the Team, Period.

  27. flirtinfilly says:

    Oh boy – here come the nudists!

  28. pigeon says:

    Is this article going to continue to take “center stage” in the news; if so, for how long? Boring. It’s over, it’s done with, you win, rules are being changed. Let’s move on.

  29. Concerned parent says:

    According to sister Rabee, the player was able to play in the second half of the game. The scarf was secured by a wrap and pins. I am not familiar with the rules, but it seems to me that this head covering would still pose a danger. Are players allowed to wear hair pins? I don’t understand that players cannot wear Medic bracelets, cross necklace, etc. but could wear something that could be a danger to self and other players.

    1. UGH.. says:


      1. Concerned Parent to UGH... says:

        A previous poster had mentioned the Medic bracelet issue. I already stated that I am not familiar with the rules. However, it is entirely possible that the poster had experienced just what she had stated. Perhaps the coach/ref was aware of the girl’s medical condition but asked the bracelet to be removed for safety reasons.

    2. SportsMedPro says:

      The reason for the ban of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other jewlery, (whether it be for fasion or medical) is because they can impail people, become a choking hazzard and with an injury they can be in the way or restrict circulation/swelling. If that happens not all medical staff on scene would have the proper tools to cut them off which can mean the difference in casting or stitching and losing a body part.

      1. Concerned parent says:

        Thanks for the clarification. I have a question for you: Are hair pins considered jewelry?

      2. SMP says:

        In high school most of them are not. As long as they dont have anything attached to them i.e bobbi pins that have flowers or gems attached or even ponytail holders with anything attached. Regular bobbie pins and those little bendy barettes are legal in high school and college.

  30. stan says:

    Why not follow the rules just to keep the peace?? What is the punishment for taking the scarf off?

    1. Good question... says:

      I would like to know this as well.

  31. UGH.. says:


    1. Concerned parent says:


      I agree that the girl should be allowed to play. I do not recall reading that anyone said she should not be allowed to play because of her religion. Uniforms, rules and procedures are in place for safety and other reasons.

      Sometimes demographics do come into play within team sports. For example, should she be allowed to play on a boys’ team? Your comment indicates that she should because she is” entitled to do anything anyone else can no matter her race, sex, religion, creed…” Do you not believe it is more safe/fair/etc. for her to play with girls within her age range? Parameters and rules are in place for good reasons.

      P.S. You may or may not be aware that using all caps is considered yelling.

      1. Smart Parent says:

        Concerned parent, for your kids sake I hope their father is a big part of their lives and I truely hope you dont have girls! Perhaps you should look into Title IX for your answers!

    2. UGH.. says:

      wow..yelling huh…well maybe yelling is needed..but i never heard a sound when i read the post..lol..as a matter of fact yes i do think when it comes to age and weight it should match. my sons play pee wee football and so do a few girls..when I was younger they didn’t allow girls to play..i wanted to play football and felt like I could..but times have changed and tolerance is allowed..so yes..

    3. We agree... says:

      You are correct. Sometimes it is better to be quiet than to look idiotic.

      Calling people who disagree with your opinion serious weirdos and nutjobs because they believe differently than you shows that you are also an intolerant, close minded bigot.

  32. stan says:

    You know when i was in school i was not able to have my hair further then the bottom of my ears. I would get punished if i did. I didn’t like it but i followed the rules. when i left the school i grew my hair back out. I like to keep the peace if peace is there to be kept. I think the sport and they way its played is peaceful and safe and has been that way for a longgggg time with no issues. Freedom is a good thing of all aspects of life i agree. but sometimes one must follow the rules when the issue at hand is a peaceful thing. If basketball was a bigoted racist sport then yes i would yell for religious freedom but its not an evil and is very simple. if the rules change for one the rules must change for all. I can’t wait to see what basketball will look like in the future. Who knows it may be better it may be worse but we know it will change. Oh and remember all your religions say keep the peace. JUST DO IT!

  33. SoOverIt says:

    This is not an issue of religion here its about the rules of the sport. Quit bringing religion into something it has nothing to do with.

  34. Tiredofignorance. says:

    It just shows how ignorant, prejudice you all are…. It is a head covering! Is all of you hatered for a religion you know nothing about… have you talk about a child! A child! I wore a head covering and I played Basketball for Baltimore city schools. It just shows how racist, ignorant you all are! And it is ashame that it is so many ignorant, bigoted people that have so much to say about a child that wants to play basketball! Leave the child alone and GROW UP AND LEAVE THINGS ALONE THAT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

  35. hasmania says:

    Its all about identity and freedom.
    Only simple question came to mind was there any circular or conduct paper coach had which stated wearing headscarf is not allowed. i am sure he does not have it.

    If he made wrong decision by not allowing her to play for first half.

    if i am him i should say sorry as he was ignorant and lets move on.

    America is multicultural and multi religious country. so everyone should have their rights unless or until it does not harm society.

    America is land of Red indians and they dont have any religion.

    I am surprised to see people comments in Media you guys post the image of America, Land of hope, Land of freedom, Land of opportunity. Land of democracy and land of equal opportunity.

    Its all bullocks. Majority people are racist there and what white color do is right and if other color do its wrong.


    1. Tired of Idiots says:

      Perhaps you should take a grammar class and learn to use your spell check before you try to pass something off as an educated comment!

  36. tlady says:

    I dont think everyone is getting the point. The stated that in order to make the exception for the girl to wear the scarf she needed written permission. They(the parents, girl or the team) did not ask for any special privilleges and they weren’t upset about it. So for all the ignorant people on this comment thread should re-evaluate the article. THIS WAS NOT A RELIGIOUS ISSUE, THIS WAS AN ISSUE ABOUT THE BYLAWS BEING FOLLOWED CORRECTLY

    1. hph says:

      very well said tlady!

  37. GP says:

    I was fortunate to have a multi-religious family. I have relatives who are Jehovah’s Witnesses and others who are Muslims. Of the three relatives who are Muslim, two are males, the other female. We all grew up together. (for the record, I myself am a Baptist. And a black male.).

    My three cousins (they are the Muslims) and myself went to the same high school.. My female cousin wore the headscarf at school. Even during gym class. Once the school administrators were told of my cousins’ religious beliefs, they made an exception for them. I was never a problem. And my female cousin never had a problem with other students for the majority of the time we were in high school. Sure, she had a few idiots that would taunt her. But she dealt with it in her own way. And if they didn’t get the message, she had two brothers and myself who were willing to step in if it was needed.

    Considering the situation of the basketball player. I don’t find fault with the referee. He was doing his job. She was able to play in the second half. So there was no problem. Her family isn’t making a big deal out of this.

    To those who say that the headscarf limits her line of sight, I must disagree. If adjusted correctly, the young girl will be able to see all on the court with no problem.

    It’s a shame that some people prefer to be close minded about things. Remember, not too long ago, there was no organized sports for women.

    As long as it is not a problem, let the girl play ball. Simple as that.

  38. tlady says:

    Everyone keeps stating YOU live in this country who is to say they weren’t born in this country or even still they are citizens meaning this country is their home just as much as everyone elses. Bigots

  39. Derek says:

    These replies are seriously whats wrong with today’s world. You old biggots need to hurry up die so the youth of this country can take over and get rid of this hateful nonsense. A person is a person. You people are so afraid of change that you can’t let a little girl play with her scarf on? Get real, please. A crucifix around a players neck I’m sure can get snagged on a finger then break it. If we banned a crucifix, you effing codgers would be screaming till the cows come home. AMERICA IS A CULTURALLY DIVERSE NATION. YOUR BIGGOTRY IS UNPATRIOTIC AND YOU HATE AMERICA.

    1. Diane King says:

      Yes, a crucifix would also pose a danger. That’s why those aren’t allowed on the basketball court either. And nobody, as far as I know, has ever asked for a special accommodation to be able to wear one while playing basketball.

  40. Robert Duvall says:

    I think that “HASMANIA” is a genius.

  41. BigJim says:

    So, we can take our God out of schools, and let everyone else bring theirs in. Our founding fathers are rolling over in there graves. Noone is saying she can’t practice her religion. However, she shouldn’t be practicing it on the basketball court.

  42. To Smart Parent says:

    To Smart Parent:

    Your comments are irrelevant to the discussion of the issue.

    1. Smart Parent says:

      Actually they’re not, her closed minded thinking is restricting her children from doing whatever they want and being whoever they want to be! Step out of the kitchen its not the 50’s anymore girls can play football and boys can be ballerinas if they so choose. This is America, where dreaming as big as you want to is not only supported but encouraged to anyone in the country, born here or not!

      1. To Smart Parent says:

        Why are you assuming that a previous poster’s closed minded thinking is keeping her children from being whoever they want to be? Why are you saying to step out of the kitchen and that you hope husband is involved? You are making many assumptions here…

        By the way, Title IX is irrelevant here. Girls’ sports, educational opportunites, etc. are abundant. We are in 2011 by goodness sake!!

      2. Annoyed says:

        I dont think you understand whats going on here, actually no I’m certain you dont so why dont you just leave “Concerned Parent” and “Smart Parent” to their own disagreement.

      3. Concerned parent says:

        It was my intention to introduce the idea that there are various groups and that there is a place for all who want to participate in sports. There are girls’, boys’, and coed teams. There are teams within public institutions as well as private instituitions. Teams are divided into age ranges. There are rules and regulations within each team sport. If one does not fit the demographic within one particular team, there may be another option available elsewhere. For example, one would probably not want to place their twelve year old girl on an eighteen year old boys’ team. If one did have that preference, there may be a rule/regulation in place which prohibits it. Most likely, it is for safety reasons. There may be other reasons as well. I do not profess to be knowledeable about all rules/regulations/uniform requirements for every sport. Just that I have an understanding of why this is so…

        I also do not understand what Title IX has to do with the issue at hand. Girls today have many opportunities available to them, including sports, education, etc.

        You are saying that I am close minded and restricting my children. You are assuming that I am an American born woman, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen (related to your step out of the kitchen & 50’s comments), and have multiple children. Now, you tell me, who is close minded?

  43. Diane King says:

    Nobody is disputing this girl’s right to play basketball for crying out loud. I think most people are simply saying that she should wear the proper uniform like everyone else, which includes no extra accessories.

  44. Realist says:

    Unreal. At some point, the accommodations must stop. Everything is an accommodation. If you don’t want to abide by the rules set forth by governing bodies in the country, then accept that you’ll miss out on things. Bottom line. It’s not mean, it’s structure within a culture. Wearing the headdress is completely selfish. That’s part of the big problem we’re facing. Everyone looks out for me, me, me and doesn’t ever think about the big picture. It’s always about “my” rights, “my” wishes, what “I” want. Starting thinking beyond yourself.

    1. OneandAll says:

      hahahaha. You have some nerve. So when did America begin thinking that standing for our rights and values is selfish?- When the slaves stood, I guess. HaHaHaHa You are hilariously ridiculous.

  45. lil ol me says:

    One Nation Under God, huh?

  46. Ahmed Saied says:

    I agree that the girl should be allowed to play.

  47. Vincent Rizzo says:


    1. DaisyLou says:

      They didn’t change the rule, it just was not followed. When the rule was written it allowed for religious practices due to the freedom of religion idea Americans say we believe in. No one had previously required the girl’s coach to fill out he paperwork that would legally allow the league to make the exception for her. The referee was following the rules but the others during the previous two years worth of games evidently overlooked it out of grace and common sense understanding that this was a part of the child’s religious beliefs. So no one is changing the rules for one. child.

  48. Jason says:

    I guess there has never been any Muslims in the Olympics. Cause I’ve never seen anyone with a head scarf? Let me know if I’m wrong.

    1. DaisyLou says:

      Yes you are wrong. There have been many who practice Islam in the Olympics. Like Christianity, there are different kinds of Muslims. Some are strict and some are more liberal. They are among the more than 70 other different sects. Like Christians, some are Baptist and some are Catholic and some are even Jehovah’s Witness or the several other hundred sects of the Christian faith. Even within these branches or sects people do things differently.
      Some Muslims women wear their hair covered, some cover themselves totally from head to toe and some dress like any Western citizen in Chicago or Los Angeles or anywhere else.
      Muslim men have long participated in the Olympics (fewer constraints). Robina Muqimyar, 17, is one of two women on the first Afghan team to be admitted to the Olympics.Sanaa Abu Bkeet also ran in the Olympics both in 2004 and both Muslim women.

  49. Crabby1 says:

    All’s well that ends well…

  50. Al Haidar says:

    I can’t wait till my grandkids read about the bigots that lived in this era in their history books!

  51. toma$1 says:

    I think the issue is everyone wants to be treated the same but some of us constantly reminds others that they are different. If you want your own rules, create your own environment.

  52. toma$1 says:

    I think the issue is everyone wants to be treated the same but some of us constantly remind others that they are different. If you choose to be different than prepare yourself for the isolation it might bring you. If you want your own rules, create your own environment.

  53. Your Fellow American says:

    Lets take a step back and think about this situation. The young girl is playing the wonderful sport of basketball and she is learning so many things through the sport. There is nothing wrong with her desire to follow her religious beliefs at the same time. Instead of approaching the situation with so much anger and rigidity, try to be more understanding. If her decision to wear the headscarf does not pose any significant hazard then what is wrong with her wearing it? Also, for all those people who are approaching this situation with anger and ignorance, do not forget that this is a young girl we are talking about. Yes she is Muslim. But a young girl regardless. Have some respect and decency. As a young Muslim who played football in high school, I cherished the opportunity to practice my religion and participate in the wonderful sport of American football. I fasted during practices and games and it served as an inspiration to my fellow teammates. I do not see why the way this girl has approached the situation does not inspire instead of incite ignorance. She is happy and wiling to play while practicing her religion. Her love for the sport and for her religion should be admired. We are a religious nation and part of being religious is being understanding. Lets not forget this concept.

  54. Another American says:

    I do not think some of ‘those people’ are approaching this situation with anger and ignorance. For myself, I believe that rules and procedures are in place and that everyone must follow them. It helps keep our society civil. This is not showing disrespect or indecency. Rather, it is a demonstration of tolerance and respect. In this case, the girl did play in the game once accomodations/approval were put into place.

    I am glad that you had the opportunity to both play football and practice your religion at the same time. I am thinking (don’t know for sure) that if nonMuslims on your team wanted to fast during practices and games, that they were alllowed to do so. I believe the difference here lies within the uniform and regulations that were in place.

    If I am understanding your post correctly, you are saying that a child of another religion should be able to wear something (in addition the required uniform) that helps him/her practice his/her religion while playing as well.

    It is good to have this forum to discuss these issues and have dialogue which can create greater understanding.

  55. TefillahToo? says:

    After reading these comments, I am Shocked!

    There is such ignorance from all those people who do not see this scarf as a safety concern. The scarf restricts the field of vision. Period.

    The only clothing items that should be permitted are those which EVERY OTHER player on the team is wearing: Uniform and Sneakers.

    I Challenge any Jewish Families in this league to demand that their daughter be permitted to wear their Tefillah’s in the game as well.

    More than one can play this game…I say keep demanding “required” wear be permitted in the games until it becomes ridiculous and they have to stop the games all together!

    I consider myself a tolerant person…but this is 110% Moronic.

    1. DaisyLou says:

      I see what you are saying as far as the feild of vision. However, the girl had played for years before on the same courts in the same district. The ref did not do this because of safety concerns. However, it made a good scapegoat. With those rules in effect the district does leave room for religious practices. Unfortunately no one had mentioned those rules before the season started to the coach or anyone else directly involved.
      The safety factor is why some designers have created gear that allows for a larger field of vision.

      1. Another American says:

        Daisy Lou, I thought I read in another post that Muslim girls must wear the headscarf once they enter puberty. Okay, we are talking about a twelve year old girl here. She may have played the game for years within the same district. However, she may not have been required to wear the headscarf in earlier years. How are you certain that the referee in question merely used safety as a scapegoat? There is no need to place blame with the referee who was following regulations.

    2. Mark says:

      Scarfs don’t restrict the field of vision. It is permissible for them to be worn flat against the side of the head.

  56. Concerned parent says:

    I am trying to gain a better understanding of why the girl did not remove her headscarf. Is it required that Muslim girls wear their head coverings at all times? I am not being sarcastic, just really trying to understand why the scarf could not be temporarily removed for the game.

    It has been my experience that most children on sports teams remove articles which are not in regulation uniform. I have no knowledge of their religous practices.

    Yes, dialogue is good. It is good for all persons and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Let’s just be civil in the process.

    1. understanding says:

      the head covering is to be worn in public at all times by muslim women who have reached puberty. she is only allowed to show her hair to immediate family (those who she can not marry) and other women. so that is why she refused to remove it, because it is a requirement of her religion to wear it.

  57. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    130 comments on something that isn’t news. The referee followed the rules, the parents and the school worked out the disagreement, everyone is satisfied and all the posters have to make it something it isn’t and beat up the decision. This is news?. Pathetic!

    1. News Wothy? says:

      Yes, and you also contributed to the discussion:-)

  58. DaisyLou says:

    That is sad. But it is within the rules and now the team knows what to do so that the exception will be allowed in every game. Still, the referee who made the objection was being a real jerk since the girl had played so many times before with no incedent. It was likely his personal way of showing his authority and contempt against Islam and Muslims.
    For future female Muslim athletes there are some great athletic gear at http://www.thehijabshop.com/capsters/index.php a site that focuses on style, comfort and modesty for women. The designs are by an awesome dutch designer.

    1. Concerned parent says:

      Why do you believe that the referee who was following the rules was being a jerk/showing contempt against Islam and Muslims? He was doing his job of making sure all players were in approved/regulation uniform.

      Supplying a link for the female Muslim athletes is helpful.

  59. D says:

    Anyone who thinks this was religious persecution is a moron. She was not allowed to wear it because it was against the rules. Simple as that. The same reason NBA players are not allowed to wear anything on their head. It’s a safety hazard. I am a basketball referee, I have been a ref for 5 years and I would have done the same thing. What if someone’s hand got tangled in the head piece and they broke their finger or wrist? What if she had something concealed under her head piece and hurt someone? All those things are possible. Personally, I think the league is wrong to let her play with it on. It’s one thing to have freedom of religion but it’s another thing to endanger other people. No where does it say freedom of religion gives you the right to play basketball with a head piece on. She wasn’t pulled because she was Muslim, she was pulled because she broke the rules and could have been dangerous to other players. Personally, I don’t think exemptions should be made for situations like these. Either play by the rules or don’t play. I mean, no one is saying she can’t be Muslim, this is not a religious issue at all. It’s a safety issue and a rules issue. What if I say my religion is one that requires me to carry a gun at all times for protection? Am I gonna be allowed to play with a gun tucked in my shorts because that’s my religion? Please. The girl wants to play, take off the head piece, that doesn’t make you any more or less religious. It’s an article of clothing. Was she born with it on? So was she not religious then?

    1. Mark says:

      “What if I say my religion is one that requires me to carry a gun at all times for protection? Am I gonna be allowed to play with a gun tucked in my shorts because that’s my religion? Please”

      Did you really just compare a headscarf to a gun?

      “The girl wants to play, take off the head piece, that doesn’t make you any more or less religious. It’s an article of clothing. Was she born with it on? So was she not religious then?”

      It is required to wear the scarf at all times, and removing it in public is a sin.

      First you say that it’s a rules issue and not a religious issue, yet your reasoning suggests otherwise.

  60. Boba Booie says:

    Maybe she would like to coach the Gitmo Arab league? It would be a perfect job for her. Maybe she would earn extra credit for living in a foriegn land.

  61. S Ludwig says:

    I mean this as no disrespect. But this is America and if your going to live here STOP trying to force us to change our ways. Is it me or did any one else notice she was the only one on the court dressed all in black. In other words where is her school uniform. I remember in school when boys played skins and shirts if you didn’t take off your shirt, off to the principles office you went. I commend the coach for standing up for American tradition.

  62. R. Fomen says:

    This is America, I fought in the Viet Nam war. We are Americans as our parents thought us to be. Wear that garb in your own country, not here.

    1. onelazydog says:

      thank you for what you have done for us even though it all may have been in vane

  63. Max Willsey says:

    If she can’t follow the rules than she has no right to be on the team. I am sick and tired of we American having to be political correct. If a player was a nudist and was to play would they play nude? She should dress the same as the team and worship as she pleases the rest of the time and if she can’t kick her ass off the team.

    1. Jackey says:

      She’s been playing basketball for 2 years and never got any fuss about her headwear. She and her coach probably didn’t think it was an issue until the ref called her out on it.

      1. Read thru the discussion says:

        Once again, the girl is twelve years old. A muslim replied and stated that muslim women must wear hajib once they reach puberty (except in presence of only women and family). I don’t think the girl had been wearing the headscarf for the past two years, though I could be wrong. Someone else also posted during this discussion that there are various sects within this religion and that some are more strict than others. No one has answered whether/what punishment would be if the girl were to remove it while on the playing field. So, we don’t have all of the facts here.

        I would think that the family would have been aware of the rules and regulations when joining the team. “Usually, when someone registers their child(ren) for a team sport, the parents are asked to read the regulations/bylaws and sign that they have done so. Again, we don’t have all of the facts in this particular case.

  64. American Choice says:

    I think part of the problem here is that the article states that the girl was forced to sit on the bench all because of the religious headscarf she wears. She was not forced to sit on the bench–a choice was made. Go figure, here in America where she actually has a choice!

  65. kk says:

    kids cant say the pledge of allegance but she can wear a scarf with a letter,? well every kid that believes uin god anfd bring back the pledge that our founding fathers used to do. religiouds freedom is for all religions… not specific ones.

  66. Saif says:

    I believe enough is enough about head scarfs and your problems and ignorace of Islaam. We have been pushed way too far. We are free before we were born and will remain free till we die regardless of our heritage. If You want to show us your body in wearing a thung, or a bikini, that will be your choice, And for you WJZ TV all of you are a bunch of Jews. some of you I have known for the past 35 smi years. You pick you topics that serves your agendas. We are here in Maryland too and we get called for jury duty. So My final take on this is that US Citizens needs to really get civilized and stop the BS. Some of us got BIG Balls and will not tolerate idiots even if you come from GOD. We are not afraid of anything or anyone. We are Americans and have our freedom of speech , and the choice of faith that shows us the truth behind our existance on this earth.

    1. Steve says:

      Sounds like I need to investigate you Saif..ready to go home? Have your ip address silly

  67. Jackey says:

    I thought it was really sweet for the team to be willing to forfeit on behalf of their teammate. That was my favorite part when I played high school basketball-the teamwork and camaraderie.

    I really dislike how so many people target Islamic women and their headdress. It’s disgusting how racist people can get. I say this after reading the comments from this article. I don’t think the ref was targeting the girl but had a reasonable excuse. I personally don’t see how a headscarf can be a safety hazard though.

  68. onelazydog says:

    so sad, people came to this country to be a part of this nation. giving up what was for what is. raising this flag over all others, now what we have here is loss of support for our country in favor of others. christian based country that has been to nice to terrorists and radical religions.
    here you dont have to like our government but you do need to love our country.
    government officials may have sold us out but americans will prevail

  69. American Choice says:

    Saif, what about your ignorance of American citizens? Why do you feel you are being pushed way too far? Who exactly is pushing you and how? What is a thung, anyway? What knowledge do you have that WJZ TV all of you are a bunch of Jews? What is this talk about BIG Balls? Who said that you weren’t in Maryland too?

    You said it yourself in your post that you are intolerant. Congratulations on your freedom of speech and choice of faith that is available to ALL Americans, including you. By the way, this issue is being discussed on other websites as well. I did some research to learn more about the issue.

    You are entitled to your beliefs just as I am entitled to mine. THE END

    1. Saif says:

      You asked too many questions.. The fact is there and no one can change it . I am not ignorant of all sections of the American Society. weather in the boondocks or in the inner cities. I trust that you responded to me just because you are jewish. I bet on that. Big Ball is to tell it like it is. We are Muslims and will practice it 24/7 regardless if 99.99% of the society acept it or not. Just a thought for you….No guts , No Glory..
      “When the going gets tough ..the Tough gets going.”
      THE END.

  70. Isis says:

    I wish people would stop being butt-hurt when they’re told no. It sounds to me like this girl understood the issue. She now knows there is a process in place to allow her to participate if she wants to and I believe she will get the waiver then play. I applaud the league for having such a process but would not have a problem if their policy was “not uniform= no play” and they applied it universally. So many people feel that what they want should automatically be accepted and anyone who disagrees is just S.O.L. This entitlement mentality is why our welfare system and other social services are being overwhelmed and our courts are clogged with frivilous lawsuits. This young woman has shown more maturity than many so called adults i’ve met and her family displayed exactly the right attitude regarding this whole event. I’m glad they’re here and wish them all well.

  71. American says:

    Why is it that some of the posters who mention they are muslim keep going on about it being 24/7? It seems to imply that those of other religions/atheists are only part-time practicioners and that muslims are superior. How intolerant and ignorant this seems. Those same posters are screaming about how anyone who disagrees with them are bigots. They do not know of other posters’ religious beliefs/practices without being told. They only want to be accepting of themselves and not of others. Perhaps they need to take a good look in the mirror.

  72. livinginamerica says:

    Just take the damn scarf off. Everybody else has to wear a uniform, why should you get special treatment? Hey, if you are going to live in this country assimilate, or go back to wherever the hell it is you came from.

  73. Just me says:

    Just what does it mean to be an American? That we make everyone cow tow to what certain people think is acceptiible…or that we accept all those who want to be American but still wish to have their own religious freedom ( so says the constitution) honored.

    This country is so widely divided, there is no middle ground for compromisel I say, let the girl play.

    1. American says:

      To me, being an American means that I have certain rights, responsiblities, and liberties. I am free to speak and believe as I choose. However, I understand that there are laws in place to ensure civility of our society. Each society has rules/government which determine how its country is run. I am not sure what you mean by cow towing. I believe I am accepting of others who have different beliefs. It is apparent from many other posters that they do not have a problem with the girl playing basketball in accordance with the rules. I agree the girl should be allowed to play. And she was allowed to play after her parents submitted a written acknowledgement of the headscarf, hence following the rules. However, I also believe that if she may wear her headscarf, then players of other religious backgrounds should also be allowed to wear their religious articles, as long as they do so in accordance wirh the rules. Then here we go again with safety and other issues. There would be no regulation uniform.

      1. fabio says:

        Regarless religious beliefs, safety is the key word. What would hapened if another player pulled the girl from her headscarft?
        The referee just try to preventherfrom being hurt. But i she was allowed to pay since the begining of the g ame, she should beallowed to participate.
        I agree with you 100%.

  74. Mike Marino says:

    Christianity is the religion that accepts and allows the practice of other religions. This country is based on those beliefs in Christian thinking. Tolerable, forgiving and accepting. That is the only reason why this country has Freedom of Religion, because it was based on a accepting God. So have some respect on WHY America is so welcoming. There are extremes in all faiths. But no faith other than Christianity has a forgiving and accepting God. This was the core belief of the forefathers of this country, and there is a respectable line (already crossed on many levels) that should be recognized. You have this place because of Christianity. Period.
    If a Jewish or Muslim leader took over this land, you would never have Freedom of Religion as I hear so easily used. The influence of these accepting ideals is what has been shaping the goodness in people in other countries. For better or for worse, on the short term..

  75. EconoBil says:

    Besides any religon. Every person on this earth has a right to be free. Of course within limits! Cuz without limits we, humans, might be like animals. Just living in different houses! However, this limit determiand by others freedom also. So as long as my freedom doesnt hurt others or harm the comunity then its ok! The point is who decides it hurts or harm? Well, i think this is the problem between all of you here and that what makes you keep arguing on some worthless issue! I mean its some incedent at some some school in the U.S. Actually, i do blame the media. Why that channel air on the first place? What is the big deal? This way they should keep bothering us with every small detail happens on each DOT of dirt on the U.S.! Guys seriouslly, its just a bylaws issue which the media made it sounds like infiltrating the Amercian culture.
    Anyway, she has a right to play basketball or any other sport she likes they way make her confotrable. That her right and every single person on the U.S. or some where esle. But since the U.S. claims its the place of freedom. So where is the his freedom? Espicaily that, she is not harming or hurting anyone else! Before anyone begin to say she is hurting others somehow, someway. If so she would not keept playing for whole 3 years! Otherwise, if the problem is safety issue then its very easy. There are scarfs are very tied which its stuck on the head and there is no way to be off. So is this GLOW scarf ok to use according to the safety issue? One thing for Mr.D referee. Not wearing the Hijab is a very importnat issue for Muslims cuz its kind of worship. So if you believe in God, can you let anyone prevent you from go to Church, pray or reading Bible? In Islam Hijab is exactly the same thing! She wont take it off! If its the law then its ok everything can be fixed to make everyone feels conforable. After all its not a big deal if the law is fixed for her and others interest. Same way what happen in America in the early of 20th centry, i am not sure of date, when the USA constituation had been changed for the Black people! Before then the law was racist. A human is not concedred a human!!! What worse can be? Actually back then that law was even worse than this one and the law changed! Thats simple! I am not saying this basketball law is racist. NO. I mean things can be changed if its wrong! Who determain if its wrong or not the comunity. If they dont want it then changed. Trust me if the comunity refused to change and she cant play anymore, she will choose to keep her Hijab rather than playing with full satisfaction. If you noticed, at her school, what she did was ok. So no one was upset about Hijab! Untill what happend which it might be normal and can be sloved on the next day with a piece of paper without interfering from the media which always make things worse!
    At the end sorry for this long comment!. I hope the point is clear 🙂

  76. cindy says:

    both of my daughters have been figure skaters wearing hijab and also long pants under their skating dress. I did have to include a letter from the us figure skating association allowing them to do this because of their religion before every competition, but they enjoyed competing and it is great exercise and I am very happy that I live in a country that is willing to allow for differences in religion, etc so that my children can do what they would like to do. It is also great to show others that Muslims are not terrorists, but just normal people like everyone else and hopefully to help get rid of some of the ignorance that is so apparent from the comments on this article. wouldn’t it be great if we could all just get along, appreciate and try to understand each other?

    1. American says:

      Yes, I agree:-)

  77. Steve says:

    Marie, you are a twit…we do not want to assimilate idiots like you.

  78. Steve says:

    Cindy, good job making your kids stand out as a target. You get the rewards. This is America, be American. If you want to practice the old ways, go where they do it. What’s next? Public beheadings as well?

    1. cindy says:

      Actually, i am american, born and raised here. believe it or not, i chose to be Muslim because I believe it is the right religion. It makes alot of sense to me, more than christianity, which is what I was before.

      1. Steve says:

        Sense? Killing yourself? Do us all a favor and move to Iran. Lost parts of my body due to your “right religion”

  79. Sapien says:

    Anyone want to read what “ECONOBIL” above said and summarize it for me in 1 line? Boring old fart!!

  80. Pete says:

    It’s great to see girls preparing to become oppressed by their religion. Soon she will have a splendid life peering out of a head to toe black sheet. How will we know if she is happy? We won’t be able to see her face.
    Dad can tell about all the great stories of the old country and how women were treated.

  81. Miss_wonderful91 says:

    I’m wondering,does head scarf prevent the players to move or grab the ball? or they just cant see the ball clearly because of the headscarf? that’s ridiculous. Even volleyball players wearing cap on their head,that shouldn’t be a problem isn’t it? and why this?? I just don’t understand.

    1. Free for All says:

      Yeah. and why do players have to wear a uniform anyway? Let’s just have all players wear what they want in the manner they want. It’s ridiculous having rules, regulations and uniforms. Let’s have it be a free for all!!!

      Dripping with sarcasm…

      Yes, my kids play sports and abide by the rules. Being in regulation uniform helps identify team members and builds camaradie. Most importantly, it provides for safety for all players.

  82. laura says:

    Are we tired of these people yet?

  83. Stahulla says:

    We’re a country with freedom from religeous persecution . . . unless you’re a Muslim. Since the end of the cold war, there’s been a void. Americans need a common enemy and the Muslims have been filling that void. If we didn’t owe China a trillion bucks, it would be them Shame on us..

    1. Just wondering... says:

      Who is persecuting the Muslims in this country? Do they not live and worship here freely? The girl played in the game. Mosques are present and more are being built. Bringing up enemies and China has nothing to do with this.

  84. Lisa says:

    Just of curiosity, if this would have been a conservative Christian, would anyone’s opinion be different?

    We wear head coverings but are not oppressed by anyone. It’s our choice and it’s part of our religion.

    1. Diane King says:

      Would you be able to wear the regulation uniform for basketball or would you have to wear an additional accessory that would require a special accommodation?? That’s the issue at hand, NOT the particular religion. At least it should be the issue.

      1. American Choice says:

        I agree with you 100%. IMHO, the particular religion should not be the issue. I don’t believe an exception should be made for a Muslim player and not for a player of another religion as well. Some (certainly, not all) posters imply that exceptions should only be made for Muslim players and that those who disagree are intolerant bigots.

        The issue is regarding why there are rules and regulations within any given society. We ALL have choices to make in our daily lives, not just one segment of the U.S. population. The Muslim girl chose to sit out for the first half of the game rather than remove her headscarf. She was certainly entitiled to do that and I commend her for supporting her beliefs.

      2. Lisa says:

        It just seemed like people were saying this because she is Muslim. I’m not trying to argue it just seems like the religion is taking over.

  85. Just wondering... says:

    Just wondering… If a nonMuslim girl wanted to join a Muslim basketball league, would it be allowed? And if so, would she be required to wear a regulation uniform, or would an exception be made for her?

  86. Anne says:

    I think people can be sensitive when it comes to religion. I’m Catholic and a few times I have been approached by total strangers telling me that my crucifix & miraculous medal that I wear around my neck offends them and I should remove it. I think people take this getting offending too seriously and too many expect things to change just because they don’t like it

    The same issue came up a while back, a Muslim woman wanted to wear her head covering whole working at Disney and they said she had to work in the back of the kitchen and she couldn’t have direct interaction with guests. She tried to sue, I don’t remember what happened but Disney was saying it wasn’t part of her uniform.

  87. Oh I'm sorry says:

    Grow some balls people. If a kid on an iron lung(do they still have these things) wanted to play, would they let her. Simply roll the machine onto the court, watch out for those wires. How about someone who has lost use of their kidneys and needs a cathetor and feces bag. Please don’t bump into my bag, it could be messy.

    Take off that rag and play if you like. Parents only are trying to shove their beliefs down our throats. It getting crazy.

  88. Shay12 says:

    you all are missing the big picture here, we are talking about a young 12 year young lady who with her own conviction chose to wear a head scarf. She is a hero to all of us. her passion is quite admirable in my opinion. We interact with each other on a daily basis and come across folks from very different back grounds and it is important that we open our minds to learn from each other. I believe in Canada a gentleman of the Sikh faith was provided approval from the Canadian courts to hear his turban as an active member of the Police department. Again, another example of tolerance, acceptance and most importantly education of one self of another fellow human being. Hey this is NOT France! This is the UNITED States of America. Best of luck to this 12 year old girl, hope her bball game gets even better!

  89. Truth says:

    This is so simple, why do we need to turn this into hatred?
    1. The rule is not being changed, just being more clear that if there needs to be a special uniform allowance, it needs to be in writing…was already a rule.
    2. Her headscarf fit with the team colors…bravo.
    3. Why was the headscarf the issue? seems to me the long pants are more of a stray from uniform rules than the headscarf.

    Please do not cheapen sports with your ignorance and hatred. Sport and competition are an amazing thing that brings young people together and promotes teamwork, discipline, dedication, pride, and unity.

    1. Once Again... says:

      1. The rule is not being changed, just being more clear that if there needs to be a special uniform allowance, it needs to be in writing…was already a rule.

      Yes, that is true. Not following the rules was the issue–not the headscarf–as many have posted.

      2. Her headscarf fit with the team colors…bravo.

      3. Why was the headscarf the issue? seems to me the long pants are more of a stray from uniform rules than the headscarf.

      The headscarf was a safety issue per the regulations as pointed out multiple times. The pants have not put anyone’s safety at risk. But now that you mention it, it does show that an accomodation had already been made for this girl.

      I don’t think a majority of posters here have demonstrated ignorance and hatred. Regulations and team uniforms are an integral part of sports and competition. Support of the rules and regulations does not cheapen sports.

  90. MG says:

    This country was not founded on Christian beliefs. Anyone that has a little knowledge of American history knows this. Just look at the Treaty of Tripoli. Article 11 state, “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen….” This was ratified by the U.S. Senate and signed by John Adams in 1797.

  91. More Info on Treaty of Tripoli says:

    Here is a little more history regarding this subject:

    For three centuries up to the time of the Treaty, the Mediterranean Sea lanes had been preyed on by the north African Muslim states of the Barbary Coast (Tripoli, Algiers, Morocco and Tunis) through privateering (government-sanctioned piracy). Hostages captured by the Barbary pirates were either ransomed or forced into slavery, contributing to the greater Ottoman slave trade (of which the Barbary states were a segment). Life for the captives often was harsh, especially for Christian captives, and many died from their treatment. Some captives “went Turk”, that is, converted to Islam, a choice that made life in captivity easier for them.[4]

    Perhaps this helps explain why the government at that time ratified the treaty…

  92. To MG says:

    Translation and Article 11
    Miller’s Investigation and NotesThe translation of the Treaty of Tripoli by Barlow has been found faulty, and there is doubt whether Article 11 in the English version of the treaty ratified by the U.S. Senate corresponds to anything of the same purport in the Arabic version.[23]

    In 1931 Hunter Miller completed a commission by the United States government to analyze United States’ treaties and to explain how they function and what they mean to the United States’ legal position in relationship with the rest of the world.[24] According to Hunter Miller’s notes, “the Barlow translation is at best a poor attempt at a paraphrase or summary of the sense of the Arabic” and “Article 11… does not exist at all.”[17]

    After comparing the United States’ version by Barlow with the Arabic and the Italian version, Miller continues by claiming that:

    The Arabic text which is between Articles 10 and 12 is in form a letter, crude and flamboyant and withal quite unimportant, from the Dey of Algiers to the Pasha of Tripoli. How that script came to be written and to be regarded, as in the Barlow translation, as Article 11 of the treaty as there written, is a mystery and seemingly must remain so. Nothing in the diplomatic correspondence of the time throws any light whatever on the point.[17]

    From this, Miller concludes: “A further and perhaps equal mystery is the fact that since 1797 the Barlow translation has been trustfully and universally accepted as the just equivalent of the Arabic… yet evidence of the erroneous character of the Barlow translation has been in the archives of the Department of State since perhaps 1800 or thereabouts…”[17] It is important to note, though, that as Miller said:

    It is to be remembered that the Barlow translation is that which was submitted to the Senate (American State Papers, Foreign Relations, II, 18-19) and which is printed in the Statutes at Large and in treaty collections generally; it is that English text which in the United States has always been deemed the text of the treaty.[17]

    However the Arabic and English texts differ, the Barlow translation (Article 11 included) was the text presented to, read aloud in, and ratified unanimously by the U.S. Senate.

    A littlle more knowledge of American history, huh?

  93. Seriously? says:

    I’ve been reading these comments for a bit, and I got sick of reading them because I keep seeing two ideas being thrown around by some of the more vocal people who are against this decision that the girl should be allowed to play.

    Idea 1: The US is a Christian country.
    Idea 2: The US is a secular country.

    So which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Just because the people who immigrated here from various European countries back in the 1600s were mainly (but not entirely) Christian does not make this a Christian country. People have the right to practice whatever religion that they choose in this country, and that is something that I am very proud of. I personally am not religious but I have friends who are Evangelicals, Jews, and Musilms and they get along just fine thank you very much. America is a country of tolerance and religious freedom, it’s not really secular, and it’s not the property of one religion. So pick a side because you can’t have it both ways.

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