UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) — Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo says Prince George’s County is still relying too heavily on SWAT teams.

Calvo says he will speak to the media about the issue after a hearing Monday in his ongoing lawsuit against the county over the shooting death of his two dogs.

The dogs were killed in 2008 when deputies raided his home after a package containing marijuana was sent to the home. Police later cleared Calvo saying the delivery was likely part of a scheme by smugglers sending packages to unsuspecting people.

Calvo says he has since worked to enact a reporting law for the use of SWAT teams and data shows the use of SWAT teams has dropped since the raid, but the county continues to use them more than other law enforcement agencies.

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  1. SWAT is a danger to society says:

    Theres a reason why police are not allowed to participate in a high speed car chases through cities and neighborhoods. The threat to human life is too high to justify the hoped for end result.

    So how is it ok for a fully militarized police unit to break into a family home anytime they feel the urge, half of the the time with kids and elders present, thowing tear gas grenades through windows and carrying weapons capable of going in one wall of a house and coming out of the the wall of another house on the other side of the street, all in the name of taking 2 ounces of marijuana off of the streets while hard core drugs such as alcohol are freely and readily available on every street corner in America. Not only are they freely and readily available but they are freely and openly consumed by these same militant police officers and judges that are shooting little girls dead in there beds and completely destroying 1000s of lives in the process. There not only killing US citizens and destroying families but there turning hard working citizens into non tax paying wards of the state (kind of like of lawmakers according to wikileaks).

    Why should I have to foot the bill for a $60,000 drug raid to take $200.00 worth of a mild therapeutic type drug such as marijuana off of the streets while millions of gallons of hard core drugs such as alcohol are openly consumed by police officers, judges, prosecuters, and most of the worlds population at anytime of there choosing.

    Why should we be expected to sit back and allow the government to drive us all into the ground paying huge money for drug raids while harder drugs are freely sold across the counter. There taking hard working taxpaying citizens off the streets and forcing the citizens of the USA to pay literally billions of dollars feeding 10’s of 1000’s of people that should be home working and taking care of there families. And yes lots of “potheads” and alcolohics” are hard working citizens. Thats how most of them can afford to pay for there own habits.

    I believe the polls in both AZ and CA showed that anywhere from 45-55% of the population agrees that the other half of us should have the same rights as all of the alcoholics and prescription drug abusers in this country.

  2. puddy says:

    The link to the original story would be nice, as always……

  3. aneyeforaneye says:

    People are getting tired of watching there families being murdered in there own homes by government officials. Militant style police units breaking into people houses at 3 in the morning. Shooting grenades through there windows while there sons and daughter sleep. Carrying weapons that fire rounds that are capable of going through one side of a house and into a neighbors house killing whoever happens to be sleeping next door. Turning hard working tax paying citizens into wards of the state that the rest of us have to support. Taking it upon themselves to spend $200,000 to arrest and incarcerate a single individual for possessing $25.00 worth of a harmless therapeutic drug such as marijuana, while judges, police officers and politicians freely wash down hard core prescription drugs with hard core drugs such as alcohol anytime of there choosing.

    People are tired of the double standard. 50% of our population understands this. The other 50% are too ignorant to even matter. The police and our unjust laws are creating more insecurity and instability within our own country than any terrorist group could ever hope to accomplish in ten lifetimes.
    Who else can behave like this? How can you justify throwing grenades in a family home for the sake of taking a $20.00 bag of marijuana off of the streets? I fear for my families life. I fear for my country. If the guy next door happens to smoke a marijuana cigarette will the militant officers come and shoot his mother dead while she sleeps in her bed? And when they do will one of there guns “accidentally discharge”, going through my neighbors wall and into my daughters bedroom?

  4. Alan P Kefauver says:

    SWAT teams are armed thugs who get high on adrenaline. Not needed in 98% of cases.

  5. Rae says:

    I disagree–P.G. County uses them more because there’s more crime and problems going on there than some other MD counties. I thought this was going to be a link to an actual new story, about an incident that was truly unjustified. Instead, just a blurb about a guy who is continuing to waste time and money with his “ongoing lawsuit”…

  6. Enough Already says:

    Totally agree Rae. Amazing an innocent child can be murdered and the story comes and goes…yet we have to keep hearing from this guy about the raid and his dogs. Do what you have to do and move on already! Sad the dogs died; however, many more important things going on TODAY! I wish all the people that cry and continue this story were crying and speaking out when the criminals are out there selling drugs, killing people, and robbing homes. Never hear the community raising up against them.

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