FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — State lawmakers from Frederick County say they will introduce a bill requiring a tally of possible illegal immigrants among the county’s public school students.

The delegation voted 5-3 Friday in favor of introducing the legislation.

It would require the county’s public schools to count the number of students who have not presented documentation showing they are in the country legally.

No such documentation is required by the schools since the Supreme Court has ruled that all children must get an education, regardless of immigration status.

But some parents provide documents such as birth certificates, passports or visas as part of enrollment.

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Comments (9)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Here is your right wing nut segment such as the Tea party, Republicans at work.

    1. charles says:

      this is the type of comment i would expect from a obama liberal ..can we afford to support the world…

  2. edh says:

    Let’s put reason to this bill… What happens after you find out who is not here legally? Create greater poverty through a lack of education? Spend taxpayers money on processing the parents and kicking them out of the country? If parents are paying taxes, through payroll (federal), Consumer (local), or through the IRS program (goes to Social Security) what did Frederick officials accomplish? In a bad economy they just got rid of current and future income resources because they can’t see beyond their ridiculous bias. How do they live with themselves? So much for “all are created equal” and “unalienable rights provided by our creator to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. These officials are a failure to the standards this country needs.

    1. Lorak Kabyr says:

      Yeah, “all are created equal”, to “live and pursuit of happiness.”. I knew some family. They were making over 100K per year and still were supported by some food stamp programs. Obviously their tax papers were showing incomes, which allowed them to get this support. They used TIN to settlement with IRS. No US passports, no visas, no connection with the country. Got the problems, they packed their stuff and came back to native country to pursuit their happiness. Country paid for their kids education., and got noting back for that. In the case of education there in not the point weather kids or parents have passport, or not. The point is how they support society by paying taxes. Many of them they just don’t care running unregistered businesses,paying no taxes, lowering hourly work rates, renting houses with 30 person on 1500 sq ft. If something will be going on wrong the will just pack their stuff and fly away to pursuit their happiness.

    2. My Take On It... says:

      Ummm….How about make them become legal within a certain time frame? Then, the current and future income resources you mention are still here. Also, perhaps they would have real (legitimate-not under the table) jobs and have to pay taxes like the rest of us. At which point they would be contributing to society rather than draining the resources. If they do not become legal within that time frame, perhaps they should be sent back to where they came from. That way, current legals/U.S. citizens could work those jobs, especially with so many people being out of work. And our current educational system would be educating less students–that would save the school systems money. We can’t afford to keep letting more and more people enter illegally.

  3. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    The Right, the tea party & the mostly Republican christian right are stuck on stupid & there is no cure for stupidity. it was the large mostly Republican farmers & businesses looking for cheap labor in this country that started all the illegals coming here. Now under pressure they want to hide. F……them.

    1. Robin says:

      I fully agree with you!

  4. Robin says:

    edh, what I would do once proof is shown that the student and the family were illegal; either make the parents pay all back taxes and get their citizenships or get out of the Country. Take away all anchor baby benefits.

  5. Mike says:

    Lets take over Mexico and make it our 51st state.

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