By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s been days since a snowstorm crippled traffic for thousands of people in our area. Now neighbors say all that heavy snow is uprooting trees and causing even more problems.

Alex DeMetrick reports much of the Hunting Ridge neighborhood in West Baltimore has been sealed off since Wednesday night when snow and trees fell.

The only trees being cleared on Briarclift Road are the ones homeowners are removing.

Residents say they haven’t seen the city, and the street itself is basically roadblocked by trees.

“I haven’t gone anywhere because of the trees,” said Pam Bennett, Hunting Ridge resident. “I had to cancel all of my appointments yesterday and hopefully I’m going to be able to get up the other side of the road today.”

The downed trees have caused some property damage, and it’s made it difficult to get essentials. Those trapped can only get out by going uphill the wrong way.

“If you don’t have really good four-wheel drive, you’re stuck here. We’ve been after the city since 10 p.m. Wednesday to get somebody out here to clear the trees away,” said Glenn Heisey, Hunting Ridge resident.

Fallen trees have also been an ongoing obstacle for BGE crews with repairs likely to stretch to the weekend.

“That sounds like a long time if you’re out of service,” said Rob Gould, BGE spokesman. “But unfortunately, that is what it is, and we’re finding significant damage on the system. ”

Meanwhile heavy snow on limbs continue to bring down more trees.

“A lot of trees are down. I went on Windsor Mill this morning. There’s actually 10 trees down there. I can understand the city is slow in getting to similar areas like this. It’s pretty sad,” said Dave Weir, Hunting Ridge resident.

People in Hunting Ridge are showing a great deal of patience. They seem to understand it’s a big problem with a lot of trees down in many areas. The city says it is doing the best it can to get to the problems.

Comments (6)
  1. Yioco Vera says:

    Its crazy how everyones main concern is clearing the streets from snow and dumping it on the sidewalks. How ignorant. What about the people that have to walk. You know, the people that aren’t fortunate enough to own a vehicle. Get your priorities together people!

  2. barnyard says:

    Implode W. Baltimore, it’s a ghetto & drug ridden.

    1. Marsha Wight Wise says:

      Obviously you LIVE in a barnyard with your broad generalizations. I live in the neighborhood in question in this article. Hunting Ridge is neither a ghetto or drug ridden. It is made up of homeowners and many professional, employed individuals. Since you like broad statements so well, I’ll go out on a limb and guess you are neither a homeowner, professional, or a tax payer,

  3. Melissa says:

    Actually, the Hunting Ridge neighborhood is not a ghetto and we fight what few drugs we see evidence of. We have a very active Citizens on Patrol volunteer group and try to work closely with police officials to keep our little area of Baltimore as “cleaned up” as we’re able. But the people in this story are impacted on both sides by the fallen trees – we live UP the hill so are able to get out but it’s blocked off both exit routes of the end of a one-way street!

  4. Celeste says:

    BARNYARD YOU ARE IGNORANT! Hardworking, church-going, FAMILIES that PAY TAXES live in the area you so BLINDLY TRASHED. What little pocket of the world do you live in that everyone in YOUR neighborhood has a full-time job free of stress, minorities, unemployment/underemployment and drug issues?? No prejudice towards your ignorance… I just see it like it is. You haven’t a clue what belonging to a “community” is about. I have been in the homes in this neighborhood as a long-time guest and know that these neighbors shovel each others walks, chip in when their spouses are DEPLOYED (imagine them fighting for your right to express your blinded views…) and care for dying friends/neighbors. I know many of these families personally. You owe them an apology.

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