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Meet Orioles Players, Coaches & WJZ Personalities At FanFest

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–The weather outside doesn’t show it, but this is a big weekend for baseball. The Orioles FanFest is Saturday. Many players and coaches will make appearances at the Convention Center, including second baseman Brian Roberts.

Mary Bubala spoke with him Friday.

Brian Roberts says he’s excited to be in Baltimore this weekend and really looking forward to FanFest. Roberts, along with his wife Diana, will host 15 families at this year’s FanFest. They met the families and the pediatric patients at The University of Maryland Medical Center, where Roberts and his wife dedicate much of their time and resources. In fact, Roberts is launching a new charity called One For All.

“We’re finally in a place, where we wanted to create something that would be there for a long, long time,” said Brian Roberts. “Where other people in the community, Orioles fans, could contribute and be part of it.”

Roberts and his wife have raised $1 million over five years for The University of Maryland Medical Center. When he was just 5-years-old, Roberts had open-heart surgery, so it is his life’s mission to help young cardiac patients.

As part of WJZ’s Continuing Community Commitment, WJZ is proud to support FanFest. Fans will begin packing the Baltimore Convention Center on Saturday. Current and former Orioles players and coaches will be on hand for autographs. Vic, Don and Marty will be there 10-11 a.m. Gigi, Andrea and Mary will be there 2-3 p.m.  Denise and Bob will be there 3-4 p.m.

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  • barnyard

    Why anybody in their right mind would go out & support these losers with a tightwad owner that raises prices for an inferior product all need counseling. Morons come in all shapes & sizes I guess.

  • rick

    barnyard—you sound like a joyless malcontent. Get the stick out of your a$$and get to Camden Yards for some good American fun. Maybe if you got out more you wouldn’t be so sour.

    • MOLEman

      Do you enjoy getting robbed Rick? You fool & fools like you that have Angelos & the players can all SMD!!

      • rick

        In what sense do I “have Angelos & the players”? You call me a fool and yet don’t seem to be able to write a coherent sentence. Maybe you need a Boog Powell pit beef sandwich. I don’t mind paying a little more to see a team I’ve followed since I was a kid. And it costs nothing to watch at home in my easy chair. Stop complaining and try to have some fun.

  • moleman

    Rick, You’re paying $3 per month to comcast like it or not, watch it or not because Ugly man Angelos made a sweetheart deal with MASN. FOOLS!!

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