Md.’s Highest Court Overturns Murder Conviction

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland’s highest court has overturned a Baltimore County murder conviction over a Miranda rights violation. 

The Maryland Court of Appeals ruled Monday that a Baltimore County detective undermined the Miranda rights of Christian Darrell Lee in 2006. 

After Lee had waived his right to remain silent, he was interrogated by Detective Craig Schrott. During the interrogation, Schrott told Lee: “This is between you and me, bud.” After that, Lee admitted to shooting Eric Fountain to death in Dundalk. 

The court ruled that the comment by the detective “was effectively a promise of confidentiality that directly
contradicted” earlier mention of the suspect’s Miranda rights. 

The decision sends the matter back to Baltimore County for a new trial. 

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  • Andy

    They will fry him at his next trial anyhow…He just went from DOC to county jail for nothing..

  • Guest

    I don’t understand the judicial system. The question should be did he commit the crime, not plea bargaining, or miranda rights. If it can be proved that they are guilty, DNA, confession, or video, why do the Courts look for loopholes? He wasn’t tortured to give up the confession. The terminology may have been wrong, but he did commit the crime. That is why so many crooks are walking around and committing more crimes. I dispair of the Court System. They are supposed to protect us, but the crooks have more rights that a law abiding citizen!

    • Cheryl

      I am in total agreement. Too many criminals get off on pleas. If they did the crime and it can be proved, lock them up. I am in my second year as a Criminal Justice student and I do not understand why those with the athority to change situations, don’t. Stop pleabargaining. It is just a way to make sentences lighter and them the crimes continue. I sure hope I can make some kind of change in the near future.

  • willie joe wanker

    We don’t have county, city or Federal prosecutors anymore, what we have a negotiating plea bargaining specialists. This numb nuts will be in the can for a long time anyway but I could see a scenario where they’re let go & a few weeks or months later commit another murder.

  • familygirl

    Everyone is balking about the deficit and ways to cut it. Sending a man back to court for another trial after he confessed to the crime is wasted taxpayer money. I am sorry, but there are tons of police and law shows on TV for people to know what rights they have and what it means to waive them. This is just about semantics and not about the greater good for the citizens of this state.

  • baltimore resident

    how can he have his rights violated after he waived them??? Where I come from I thought waived meant disregarded, threw out, didn’t want?? So if he did that then the Police could ask him anything they wanted if he was too dumb to keep his mouth shut, then that’s his problem, he should have know if he said he did it the Police would run with it, so whose fault is it really???

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