BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Part one of a two-part major winter storm is on our doorstep.

Kelly McPherson has more on the preparations.

Less than a week ago, the Baltimore area was taken by surprise.  That snow still hasn’t melted, meaning the impending storm could be more damaging.

“They’re already in precarious positions.  Trees, like pine trees especially, it doesn’t take much to knock them down,” said BGE spokesperson Rob Gould.  “Now overlay the freezing rain and ice and that’s a recipe for potential outages.”

An additional 300 utility workers from out-of-state are on their way.

“We just want to be conservative.  Whether we need them—we hope we don’t—but we’d rather have the resources available to us in case we have a restoration effort again underway,” Gould said.

The State Highway Administration is pre-treating roads with salt brine and plows are poised to clear the way and throw down salt Tuesday through Wednesday.

One thing many people will be paying attention to is how driveable 83 will be after last week’s storm shut down the major road all night.

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    I love dah news keep up good wirk

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