WJZ Exclusive With Teen Accused Of Beating Elderly Fisherman

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–It was a vicious crime that grabbed national headlines. A self-proclaimed white supremacist and two teenagers were accused in the severe beating of an elderly black fisherman in Locust Point. For the first time, one of the teenagers speaks exclusively to WJZ.

Derek Valcourt explains that the outcome of his case is quite different from the other defendant.

Emmanuel Miller was just 16 when he and his then 17-year-old friend Zachary Watson were arrested and charged as adults in connection of a brutal beating of James Privott, an elderly black fisherman, in 2009.

Neo-Nazi Calvin Lockner, 28, pled guilty and received a 31-year sentence for his role in the beating.

Valcourt: Did you hit him?

Miller: No, I did not hit that man. Me and my friend Zachary watched. After Calvin beat the man up, he told us get in the car or we was next, and he was gonna beat us. And we just seen what he could do to somebody, so we got in the car.

Valcourt: What do you regret about that night?

Miller: I regret getting in the car, I regret hanging out with a guy like that. Not calling for help. I wish I would have ran for help and just left.  I wish I would have done something to try to help the guy, try to stop the guy from beating the elderly man.

“The juvenile system is completely designed to rehabilitate,” said Steve Silverman, Miller’s attorney. “The adult system is really about punishment.”

Silverman helped get Miller’s case brought into juvenile court.  His rehabilitation has been so impressive that the judge has already released him on probation—a very different story from his best friend Watson.

Though only a few months older, Watson still awaits trial as an adult and could face life in prison.

Valcourt: If you could see the victim Mr. Privott today, what would you say to him?

Miller: I would say I’m sorry for what happened to him, and me and Zachary did not take part in the beating, and we are sincerely sorry. We were scared that night, and we wish we could stop it from happening.

Friends and his probation officer say Miller has been staying out of trouble since his release from prison. He is just a few weeks away from obtaining his GED, and then he says he is considering colleges.

A trial date has not been set for 18-year-old Watson.

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  • bobby -b

    I hope the white Lockner is getting it up the ass

    • keith

      my question is why is this kid sitting @ home talking to the reporter & not enjoying the accomidations @ jessup or hagerstown?

      • AT

        Are you that stupid? Re-read the story.

      • Melissa Love

        he is

      • D. Bos.

        @Keith, he was a ultimate role model in prison so he was released on probation.. The 3 of them should have gotten the same punishment!!

      • Melissa Love

        @D.Bos all 3 of them shouldnt of gotten the same punishment cause Zach and Emmanuel didnt do anything it was wrong place wrong time they hung out with someone that got them into trouble they had no clue that he was going to do that to the old man so why should the 2 teens be sentenced like calvin did when calvin had the blood on him not Zach or Emmanuel so i think it is best for you to think before you type something you dont know them like me and annonomous 101..

  • Christopher R. Gabaya Sr.

    Only a punk would beat on an old man!

  • bud

    This did not happen in Locust Point, as stated in the article. This was at Ft Armistead park, on the AA County line. These 2 locations are 15 minutes apart. If you are going to report things, do it accurately.

  • bernard F Mc Kernan

    The 28 yr old gets 30 years & that’s good how come these two other jitterbugs are walking around scott free? Stupid & Ignorant are too kind of words used to describe these white trailer trash.

    • b.a.

      my god some people can’t read emmanuel was sent to juvinile for his trial in the juvinile system they can onmly hold you until 18-21 jesus and zach was still held in jail untill his trail yesturday damn read and think before you speak

  • josyse

    That’s due part to our so called legal system. What a joke.

    • D. Bos.

      You know snitches get less time..

      • b.a.

        I don’t think any of you followed the story when it happened lockner snitched on his self not those kids

  • Brittany

    Ok so I’m connfused is they were both teens at the time of the incident I feel they should have both been in juvvie. But now Mr. Watson sits in jail for a beating he didn’t do and for being so scared of Mr. Lockner while Mr. Miller is free. Even thou both the younger boys stated they were scared and terrified to be next on Lockners list. Hum something is seriously wrong with the system.

    • Damion Stewart

      Derek Valcourt sits and gives an interview, Zachary Watson awaits trial in adult court,Calvin Lockner gets life. DEREK VALCOURT is a SNITCH who turned on his friends cause he was man enough to beat up defencless old black people but when he gets caught he all of the suddon dont like his racist buddies. i say if your gonna do the crime be prepared to do the time. this kid looks like the kind of coward who will steal froom his mother to look cool for his buddies. we all know what would happen to him in jail. the same thing thats gonna happen to Zachary Watson, and Derek Valcourt is just glad its not his little racist butt

      • AT

        @Damion – Just stop talking.

      • Sean

        LOL, actually DEREK VALCOURT is a REPORTER, not a SNITCH.

      • Judith

        LMAO- what a fool! Derek Valcourt is the reporter… Emmanuel Miller is the kid!

  • 410chick

    he is walking around free and no one is outraged because he isn’t a black teen who was looking suspicious in the wrong neighborhood or isn’t a black teen who allegedly set a dog on fire… it was only a old black man that got beat up….

    • lg

      Get off of the race thing. This was beating was reported nationally. Everynoe, black, WHITE, yellow and red was upset by it. It was racisim that prompted this beating and no you are bringing race back into it. You are dishonoring the elderly man that beaten by doing this and you are equiping the white suo., when you do this. Enough anger already.

    • drt

      Please……stop with the race card. That was a big story when it happened. Grow up.

  • zeph

    You don’t have more important things to cover than this punk?
    Looks like time for a new program director.

  • WOW...WOW...WOW...

    just finished reading posts about how 2 teens should be hog-tied and burned for burning a cat..lmao…no angry posts here…funny to see that white america still values the lives of animals over the lives of black americans..wake up my people..we have to do better and take whats ours because it will never be given…all 3 of these criminals should be doing life sentences for a HATE crime..beating a poor, defenseless, OLD man, bet not one of them would have approached a young, healthy, black man…i hate this racist diseased nation. I wish white folks would let go of the notion that they are a superior race..guess you were to dumb to realize that making babies helps your population…now many of yall are running scared because yall are the minority..ha..yall better hope that all the races and nations you visciously attacked treat you better than you treated others..not that you deserve any form of leniency…


      You have a lot of room to talk. Us white people? Who the heck do you think you are? The only reason we are the minority is because we don’t breed with everyone we meet. We are also the minority because of all the equality B.S. It takes 1 of us to do the job of 4 of you. Most of our problems are from YOUR people. We don’t owe YOU anything. Your people have so many kids they can’t keep track of where they are, especially if you are out having your hair and nails did using welfare money! YOU don’t deserve a damn thing unless you actually WORK for it. YOU make me want to puke with your racist ranting. I glad my black friends are anything like you. They are educated and have morals.

      • D. JOHNSON


    • ER

      The one and only thing that I can agree with you on Wow,..wow…wow is the fact that these idiots that beat an elderly man SHOULD be given life. So now explain to me how America values the life of an animal over that of a black American? Can you show an example? Sure, there is the incident in the news now but that is only because of the shock value of why anyone would set an animal on fire. I personally don’t see it that news worthy but the fact that it is covered doesn’t mean that America values the life of a cat over a black male / female. Unfortunately, you use youir own twisted logic to justify your reverse racist attitude. I find it funny that you say “I hate this racist nation” when you are clearly a racist. When referring to caucasians you even said, “not that you deserve any form of leniency.” How can you expect anyone to take you serious when you contradict yourself. You’re a true hypocrit and racist. Also, yet again you make an incorrest statement. You stated white people should be “running scared because yall are the minority.” Caucasian Americans are not in minoirty. Check your facts….not that it matters. I’m just pointing out your baseless facts. Furthermore, I have heard other reverst racists state in the past that caucasian cannot be the victim of a hate crime because we ARE NOT A MINORITY. I assume based on your racist rhetoric that you would believe the same. So, since you say we are now in the minority i guess we can be victims of a hate crime! In that case, perhaps we should reopen the case of the caucasian female that was beaten on the MTA bus by a group of african americans and charge them with a hate crime. Reverse racism: its just as bad white on black racism. Its solves nothing and fuels the flame of racism between all ethic groups. Congratulations on being part of the problem. Please, I have posted to several of your comments. I welcome a reply.

      • ER

        You’re right…..racism is still a problem; however, it has extended far beyond the white on black racism of previous generations. Yes, there are definitely some ignorant caucasians with their redneck, racist agenda, but no more than there are african americans with the same. I firmly believe the white on black racism of prior generations has greatly diminshed. Again, I’m not saying it is completely gone, but the void that has been left is filled with reverse racism which fuels the flame today and prevents better racial tensions. I’m sure you have been a victim of racism, and for that I am sorry, honestly,. But you don’t think I have been too? Just like you said,,,,,I may not see the racism that has been directed at you, but you definitely don’t see the new face of racism developing in some of the african american community that is and has been directed at people like me. If I could change the past for the african american community, I would but I can’t. With that being said, some of the african american community continues to blame ALL whites for the past when we had absolutely no had in the blatant and brutal racism of the past. At some point, that dark time in America has to be put behind us before we can move into the future. And for the record, you mentioned that racism has become more blatant now that we have a black president. I completely disagree and would say it is an example of how white on black racism has greatly declined since the days of the 1960’s and prior. There is no way a black man could have been elected president back then. The african american community is still a minority, and the fact that a african american president was elected is proof that the majority of the white population don’t see things in black and white racial lines and helped vote him in.

      • WOW...WOW...WOW...

        I need you to be more clear when you say contradicting myself..because I don’t see it..I said what I said and its my opinion and feelings, which I am entitled to. If you feel that I am a racists thats fine with me. I will not deny it. But I will say that my life experiences have warranted me to become the person that I am. And if more people took that into consideration then it wouldn’t be such a mystery as to why the United States is in the turmoil that it is in now. Racism has become more and more blatant since we now have a black President. Its crazy!! But guess what this is something I have been dealing with my whole life. I could give you examples of my experiences all the way back to the time that I can remember. This problem of racism will not be solved until people take an honest look at the problem and stop trying to act like it doesn’t exist or that there is not a problem. If I didn’t say it before I will say it again. this country was built on hatred, violence, racism, and prejudice and with a foundation like that is going to fall. The biggest hypocrite are the people who say there isn’t a problem and we need to get over it. this country is on a path of regression with blatant segregation, racism, and prejudice running rampant. So until I truely have the same opportunities I will be who I am..

      • D. JOHNSON

        Come on you all, let’s not start on each other because of three dumb you know whats. This again is because of some dumb hateful people who needed to take out their fustration on a poor old not black or white, but old man. That shows how much of a coward they are that it was someone who could not defend themself. I am a black female who knows about society hate, but we can’t be like those evil people Black, White,or any other race. We have to be the better ones.

    • CAMRY 1

      Thanks WOW “to the third power”.. You see what they did and still want to do to Michael Vick!! That’s why African Americans need to seriously take advantage of free schooling so we can take the lead in the race of life!! I’m surprised that he got 30 years..

    • my bad

      ummm,while we are sitting here saying things like “My mommy can beat up your mommy” about 200 more illegals just entered the country depriving both my cracker a$$ and your poor black a$$ decent paying jobs we could be using to support our familys,pay bills..You know,things like that. As I was once corrected,”Its no longer black against white,its rich against the poor”.
      It is sad that any old man,black,white green..Should have met his fate at some trash that doesnt deserve to live (be it black,white,green). He just wanted to go fishing…

    • Pam

      Seriously? You make these kind of comments and then wonder why racism is still so prominent in this country? You are an ignorant, racist POS and a big part of the problem with this country. Something like this happens, and you automatically assume that all “white folks” are to blame. I happen to be a white folk, and have never been accused of racism in my life. The only one that needs to wake up is you.

  • cms827

    Wow Wow Wow – White America that is a joke,,,,,, if you dont think white people were upset for that elderly man that has worked his whole life (not on welfare rolls) then you are wrong. It was a sickening crime and all of these men should pay for this. The only people white america does not feel sorry for are who we are supporting every day and will continue to do so because most of black america thinks they are owed something.

    • WOW...WOW...WOW...

      how about white america get a clue and stop being in denial..the truth of the matter is…is that we are owed something..but I’m not going to use that as an excuse not to do what I have to do to get mines…secondly, get the statistics…my tax dollars pay for more white folks to get benefits than it does for my own people…that’s the real reason why the welfare system will always be around…because truthfully, more white americans collect benefits than blacks…and as i stated before..not a lot of outrage here..but you got 150+ comments on a post about animals…so until the disparities are gone I will continue to feel how I feel..

      • ER

        You’re right, in some cities african americans outnumber caucasians. I don’t have the numbers on it, but I bet that is the case in Baltimore City. I’m willing to bet there are more african americans that LIVE in the city than caucasians. that doesn’t mean that we are in the minority. That is like saying that italians are becoming the majority since more Italians live in Little Italy. You have to look at the complete numbers. Again, numbers doesn’t matter. As for the school system, you act like the white majority single handedly dishes out money for the school system and is intentionally shorting the city. I think everyone agrees that the city school system is in trouble. Correct me if I am wrong, but local school systems are supported by the locat tax base. If that is true, which I believe it is, Baltimore City schools are a victim of the lack of tax base in the city. The lack of tax base can be attributed to the fact that Balt City is losing residents. Not to mention, you can’t blame anyone but the Baltimore City leadership for lack of funding to the schools. They control the flow of money in the city school system and Balt City leadership is majority black so you can’t make that a race issue either.

      • WOW...WOW...WOW...

        ER you can play the numbers how you want..But the truth is, is that if the welfare system was obliterated white folk would be hurt by it more. And you may be right that you aren’t a minority yet. But when you go to a news source and see a story posted that says whites are now a minority in a smalll town in KY..makes you wonder why that would be news..apparently, somebody is keeping count…as for this case I don’t know why I’m really upset because it’s to be expected and the guy who did get 30yrs only got it because he didn’t deny the fact that he was a racist..if he had said I was drunk and didn’t know what i was doing he probably would have gotten 10..just saying it happens everyday..

      • WOW...WOW...WOW...

        Judith..I can use my words as I choose to and the fact is Imma get mines..regardless, and I do not have to speak like anyone but me to get it sweetie..I have never dumbed myself down and never will..but the system has..by not giving the same amounts of money to Baltimore City Public Schools that it gives to the students in Montgomery, Baltimore, or Harford County. I know how smart my people are and I know the potential we have thats why the black community is plagued with a bar on every corner and drugs flooded our neighborhoods just when we were starting to build our own communities and stand on our feet..because there is a fear that we will be more successfull…sorry if you do not know it or see it, but I do!!

      • Judith

        You may have some point wowwow…. but until “your people” learn to stop dumbing themselves down (black people are more intelligent than they give themselves credit for) with the “imma get mines” and the rest of that ghetto talk- there will always be racism. Stand up proud and show your intelligence. Speak clearly in plain English and present yourself with class. If you do that, others will follow and it may even lead to a better world for minorities who have severe self esteem issues.

      • ER

        Wow…wow….wow, corresctions to your statement above. The word your looking for is MINE. There is no plural form of MINE unless your referring to the explosive. Second, yes ther ARE more white individuals on gov’t assistance; HOWEVER, you have to take proportions into account. When you compare the amount of caucasions on gov’t assistance and compare it to the entire caucasion population, it is a very small fraction. When you take the amount of african americans on gov’t assistance and compare it to the population, the proportion is MUCH higher. Therefore, there are a hight percentage of african americans on welfare than causions, proportionally speaking. In the end though, it doesn’t matter. Gov’t assistance does not define an ethnic communities worth in society. I just wanted to correct you on your mistake while distancing myself from the racist type that YOU ARE.

      • ER

        While being critical of your mistakes, I have to be critical of my own. Corrections not corresctions. Caucasian not caucasion.

      • Judith

        ER, don’t correct someone else’s post. Here’s more of your own flops:
        It’s “YOU’RE” not “your”, “there” not “ther”, “high” not “hight”, “COMMUNITY’S” not “communities”.

      • ER

        Judith, I see your point and will refrain from corrections

      • Judith

        Wow wow, honey, you need to turn your anger and frustration into a more positive attitude to bring about the changes you desire. The way you are conducting yourself only sets you and “your people back further and further. If you project yourself as low-class along with the rest of “your people”, that’s how you will be treated- and that had nothing to do with school funding. If you are intelligent, start showing it.

  • some guy

    are you folks really that thick? The Miller kid obviously gave the police/da the info they needed to convict the other 2 and got a deal (you can bet the watson kid is wishing he had rolled over first or had a better lawyer) – it’s a horrible crime & this kid took part – but without his evidence maybe all 3 are on the street looking for more victims.

    • Melissa Love

      some guy- he really didnt hit the dude he was forced to stay and watch.. he didnt take part in the crime he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.. he doesnt get into trouble anymore and he isnt stupid enough to hang out with people like that anymore he learns his lessons quick.

  • Das Jamie Erfahrung

    People need to get off the race issue! It’s a society issue! Posting uninformed comments only hurts the problem we here in America are faced with. We end up being biggots when we start suggesting these outrages punishments. If the teens did it or not, should be up to our legal system, that we all vote for by electing our officials. Let them do their job, and let’s stop armchairing these as if we’re lawyers. Closed-minded people are just as bad as the ones they condemn. Maybe some of you should punished just like you’re suggesting for anyone else.

    • WOW...WOW...WOW...

      your statement would carry some weight if the everything and everyone were treated the same, and if racism, prejudice, and hatred didn’t exist..but unfortunately its what this country was built on and will ultimately be the reason it falls..

      • jesse

        WOW..WoW WOW: You would benefit from stepping out of your own community and looking in. Things don’t look too charming in your own communities. There is more hatred between blacks than there is between white and black. YOu guys kill each other every night to the point that it’s no longer news. hen you have a story like this and it’s magnified giving the impression that we all hate blacks. Black people are awesome, but you guys don’t see that. Self-improvement may one day ease these tensions.

      • ER

        Wow…wow…wow, you’re just a reverse racist. You’re no different than the backwards hillbillies wearing white sheets. I wasn’t even around for segregation and Jim Crow laws but according to you I’m still guilty and should pay a price. You’re a hypocrit that makes the black community look bad like that other idiot on here uncle willie makes the white community look bad. You’re both cut from the same racist mold, just on opposite ends of the spectrum.

      • Judith

        Bravo, ER! I concur!

  • Jesse

    Clearly this is all tragic, but I can’t get over the fact that these ‘white supremacists’ identify themselves as Neo-Nazis having zero education, barely able to speak English properly, and resembling homeless men. Not sure what is supreme about that or beating random individuals to a pulp.

  • Judith

    I have had it with this damn site! I read the article and while watching the video the page refreshed and I had to start over. Very annoying.

    Oh- and the kid in the video seems like he is lying to me. He deserves to be in juvie hall at the least.

  • MD DAD

    ER…well said. It will be interesting to read any type of comeback knowing the truth hurts.

  • Melissa Love

    Emmanuel I know you wasn’t involved in the beating i believe you 100%.. I have known you for a long time.. you would never do something this stupid and if any1 goes to fix corrections about this post i will know..

  • Cham101

    This beating occurred at 3AM. Mr. Miller was 16 at the time. I would very much like to hear from his parent(s) why they would let a 16 year old kid hang at Ft. Armistead at that hour with a 28 year old known white supremest who had spent time in prison for raping a 4 year old girl. 16 is old enough to know when trouble is happening. I really wonder whether Mr. Miller is saying what his lawyer is telling him to say, or whether he took an active role in the beating. Perhaps Mr. Lockner and Mr. Watson would tell a different tale if asked.

    • annonomous101

      first and formost let me start by saying it was not known at the time of this that calvin lockner was a white surpremis he kept that very well hidden. as far as a 16 and 17 year old being out at 3am with a 28 year old they were dumb and the parents of both emmanuel and zachary thought that they were staying at each others houses. dont start pointing the fingures at the parents. I know both of these boys personally and they have already payed a hard price for something niether one of them did. yes they were wrong to lie to thier moms, yea they were wrong to hang out with a guy much older than them. but the have learned a very valuable lesson from this. the man responsible has been charged like he should be but it is not fair to keep punishing these boys for what calvin did

    • Cham101

      Perhaps the swastika tattoos all over Mr. Lockner’s body would have been a telltale sign that something was amiss.

    • Melissa Love

      He was not saying what the lawyer told him to he was saying what really happened.. He didnt take an active role in the beating he knows better then that i have known him for 5 years he wouldnt do anything this stupid..

    • Cham101

      And I’m the Easter Bunny.

      • Melissa Love

        he really wasnt saying what the lawyer told him his lawyer wasnt even present at the interveiw… so have a good day and quit talkin about my friend thank you and have a good day dont post anything under this interveiw that u dont know get it got it good

  • jjjjjjjjj


  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    Not surprising. Look at the “outrage” of this crime. I may be the only non-Black who senses the racial tension that is growing in this area regarding Black/White relations. All we need is a spark to light the powder keg and I truly believe we are on pace for a race riot. This wont be one done by a group of Blacks to unassuming Whites, most having walked in the same protests with Blacks against discrimination. This one will be by a group of Whites to unassuming Blacks, who dont know that somehow they became the biggest burden to these White’s well being.

  • jjjjjjj

    The White collective on this site generally dont feel the need to suggest punishments for their own or de-humanize their own espescially in a case like this. It doesn’t suit their agenda.

    • ER

      What?! JJJJJJJ, you’re out of your mind!!! Many above have espressed their outrage over the fact the two juveniles got away with beating a defensless elderly man, you just choose to look past it to justify a factless position. Without a doubt, those two teens should have gotten every bit of 30 years like the adult. They were there and I don’t believe for a second that they didn’t join in. Even if they didn’t, they did nothing after the fact to help the man. You say that the white collective on here doesn’t feel the need to justify punishment. Ok, explain yourself. How so? Like I said, many above have expressed outrage over the lack of punishment. It is a blog, how do you know their race? Exaclty, you don’t. You’re assuming to justify your own delusional beliefs.

      One more thing about the lack of munishment for the juveniles, its par for the course in Balt City.Juvenile system. EVERYDAY juveniles are being releases with no punishment for violent crimes. Where is your outrage there? EVERYDAY black juveniles are released for violent acts against their own people. Where is your outrage there JJJJJJJJ? In the end, color shouldn’t matter when it comes to punishment, ANY violent act should be punished. This is an issue with the juvenile justice system, not a race issue. The fact that these juvniles got away with a horrible crime is something that happens everyday in Balt City yet everyone chooses to look past that. ALL, black or white should be punished,

      As for holding the african american community responsible for their actions……ABSOLUTELY!!!! ALL people regardless of COLOR should hold themselves accountable for their actions. Furthermore, I do expect Al Sharpton and 36 millian african americans to take responsibility. Clearly, they expect me to take responsibility for the white majority when a racist act does occur. For instance, many african americans believe people like myself should be held responsible for the horrible acts of racism of the past like Jim Crom Laws, segregation and slavery yet i wasn’t even born. How can I be held accountable for someting that I had absolutely no hand in. Its a horrible past but I can’t change it and I damn sure shouldn’t be the one to pay the price for it. Like I said above, if I had the power to change it, I would. The african american community should always remember and study their past because they have overcome unimaginable obstacles as a people. At the same time, you can’t blame current gererations for your past and at some point that period in history needs to be left in the past so everyone can take a step forward.

      Now that we have touched on Al Sharpton, lets take it a step further when it comes to taking responsibility. Remember the Duke lacrosse players that were accused of rape by a black female? That was huge news and the NAACP jumped all over it (rightfully so given the initial info). The NAACP labeled them racist rapists before the investgation was completed. Afterward when it was proven that the female fabricated the whole story, the NAACP couldn’t even apologize for labeling those students as racist rapists or at least condeming the actions of the black female in flaming racial tensions. Nothing, not a thing from the NAACP. Here at home…..the noose hung in the city fire house. Again, the NAACP jumped on it and labeled the Balt City Fire Dept a racist organization,. Later it came out that a black firefighter hung the noose. Again, no apology from the NAACP and they didn’t condem the actions fo the black fire fighter for fueling racial tensions.

      I firmly believe that the NAACP is not a bad organization; however, when you make the point that the white majority is unwilling to take responsibility, I can cleary see that the african american community is the same. We are both our worst enemies.

  • jjjjjjjjjjj

    They would rather suggest a case involving an African American individual as an example of this mythical “Black community” seperate from the American people, led by Al Sharpton, who was sworn in hours after MLK’s assassination.

  • jjjiutty

    They then expect Sharpton & the 36 Million Blacks in America to “own up” to the problems of their race and hold themselves accountable for all the people who share their race.

  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

    1. You yourself are paranoid suggesting that all Blacks hold you individually responsible for slavery & Jim Crow. You need to put your biases and delusional beliefs away first before you tell someone what they need to do. It is Whites like yourself who choose to wear that shoe & justify your hatred behind your complex.

    2. Should there be a press conference for this public apology by the Black community? Im guessing the Blacks who actually work will be able to take time off to attend this press conference in cities across the country accepting their responsibility for the actions of individual Blacks. Maybe they should hold this press conference at the KFC or a Lexington Food Market where they shop.

    3. The NAACP is not reflective of African Americans in this country anymore. I have never heard 1 African American suggest such a thing to me in my lifetime.

    Now that we have this out of the way. You clearly are blind to the reality of what is about to happen in this state. There will be a violent race riot that is on pace to happening in this area as I am watching more & more Whites openly express their hatred towards the Blacks in the area. They express their feelings on local websites but now they are expressing their hatred of Blacks in Baltimore and surrounding areas openly in public. This isnt some KKK/skinhead group of people, these are actual professionals who are tired of ineffectiveness in terms of punishing the Blacks & what they feel is Black protectionalism due to the liberal media. They feel that Blacks wont stop people of their race from committing such heinous acts and they must step in. With this backdrop, eventually there will be a case that pushes it into motion as rioting in their community will occur to prove a point. Many Blacks do not care for the actions of other Blacks, which is why the race riot will surprise them. The White collective will not reveal their opinions to a Black person out of fear of being labeled racist. They will only reveal these opinions to other Whites or anonymously on the internet.

    Dont worry ER because you really are not alone. The fears that Whites held before the freedom of slaves is exactly what is now discussed on websites like these across the country. This was predicted over 200 years ago, were they correct?

    • ER

      Silly JJJJJJJJJ, you’re missing my point. Just because i disagree with some of the individuals within the african american community does not mean I’m racist! LOL If that were the case, you would surely be racist against the white population.

      Perhaps I went into too much detail for you to understand. I’ll try and simplify my standpoint on the issue:

      1. The white population has a small percentage of true racist, sure. Just because you don’t like the actions of a small population of african americans does not mean you’re a racist though. It is ok to disagree with what some people do. It is your hate for a people that makes you a racist. I do not like this gangster culture that has come about; HOWEVER, I know it is a small portion of african american society. Not to mention, there are just as many white individuals glorifying this tastless style of life as well. I do not HATE the people at all. That belief does not make me a racist.

      2. Yes, a believe people should take responsibilities for their actions, Everyone whether thay are black or white. These two juveniles should take responsibility for their actions or their lack of action if they didn’t actially take part in the beating. If they were too scared to intervene, then they had the duty to act afterward (I personally believe they are responsible but that is another story all together) Ofcourse I don’t think the entire black community should apologize for the actions of a few of their people. The actions of a few do not represent the people as a whole. On the otherhand, I do believe that the african americans who are always trying to justify black on black crime as a result of the white population continually trying to set them up for failure is just a lame exuse. It is what it is and you can’t blame that on anyone but the people commiting the crime yet some witin the african american community do so. NOT ALL, some….like the NAACP. That was more what I was getting at.

      3 Racism is NOT only present within the white majority. Ofcourse there is a small perentage of white americans that are true racists. On the otherhand however, there is surely a small percentage of the african american population that are true reverse racists. There is guilt on both sides. Agsin, just because you disagree with the actions of some within an ethnic group DOES NOT mean you’re a racist. Racist is a mindset of hate. I just get sick of racism being defined as a whitle only behavior. Or, when there is a white on black act of hate there are some people that jump all over it, yet when there is a black on white act of hate those same people have nothing to say. Either way, it is an act of hate regardless of who is the guilty / victim party and they should be considered equally disgusting.

      Better understanding JJJJJJJJ

      • Joe

        Wouldnt all violent crime be considered a hate crime? Think about it.

        The term originally was made for Whites attacking Blacks solely for them being Black. So dont be surprised if that is still slapped on Whites today.

        You already assume that whenever a Black person attacks a White it is due to their race, but unless these Blacks are open about why they did it, it wont be a hate crime. Recently a nutso Black guy was arrested for beating a Hispanic man to death and when asked why he did it screamed about how he hated Hispanics. But other than an instance like this they equate it as a crime of opportunity. Most Black on White attacks we read about here are robberies. So what is the real motive?

        I wouldnt believe this case as a hate crime if the guy involved wasnt a skinhead. Because it clearly looked to be a crime of opportunity.

        I equally find disgusting the comments above predicting race wars and advocating violence.

  • annonomous 101

    @er first of all no these juviniles arent getting off easy. Melissa Love maybe you can back me up alittle bit here Since you have know Emmanuel for as long as I have know zackary. neither one of these boys took part in the beating. that fact is being supported due to the fact that lockner had all the blood on him and these boys had none. god will be able to forgive these boys for thier sins ( being there and not being able to do anything to stop this due to thier size compared to lockners and thier fear of him) but would you be forgiven for your biost rascism and wanting 2 innocent boys to be punished for something they didnt do?????? but let me ask you this…. why is it fair that 2 white teens were only guilty for being at the wrong place at the wrong time but it is fair for a black woman to murder her own child and only come home with probation? or why is it ok for blacks to attack whites and it only be assult but if it were a joe shmoe white guy that goes after a black person it is a hate crime. i dont see the fairity in that and that outrages me. i was outraged to hear what lockner did to that man but it made me even mader that all of you judging people on here wont even give these boys a fair chance and the benefit of the doubt but god would as he forgives all sins

    • ER

      Ok, so why didn’t they do something to help AFTERWARD if they were in the wrong place at the wrong time?

  • willie man hanging

    this is your usual white trash. Pasadena special pickup come dump them in the landfill.

    • Melissa Love

      I know you are not talking about Emmanuel if so i would stop while you are behind you dont know him me or his family so i suggest you stop soon.. get it got it good.

      • Melissa Love

        i know u did not just call me a ho

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