WASHINGTON (AP) — The first segment of a highway that will connect Montgomery and Prince George’s counties is set to open in two weeks.

Harold Bartlett, deputy secretary for the Maryland Department of Transportation, says the first 7.2-mile portion of the Intercounty Connector will open at 6 a.m. on Feb. 22. It will connect Interstate 270 in Gaithersburg and Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring.

ICC officials had hoped to open the $2.6 billion toll road in December, but rain and cold weather delayed the completion dates.

The middle and eastern sections of the nearly 19-mile highway are expected to open late this year or early next year. The six-lane highway will be known as Route 200.

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Comments (8)
  1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    More traffic fatalities, gridlock, pollution & on top of that, we get to pay for it again & again. The ICC was needed like we need poverty.

  2. mike says:

    Yeah !!! Finally.. the much needed east-west connection to 270
    from Prince Georges. Wow.. it’s about time.

    For years, anyone in Howard / Prince Georges, and parts
    of Montgomery Country were forced to go south to 495 and
    circle back up or travel way out on 70 to take 270 S just
    to get to the 270 corridor. 40 to 60 miles of travel depending
    upon your destination, with horrendous gridlock throughout
    most weekdays and many weekends. The current traffic
    pattern was a nightmare equalled only by the horrendous
    traffic jams heading to bejing in China.

    200 will shorten the travel distance, and will offload the
    daily miles long backups on 29S. It will also relieve
    some of the congestion on 495 by the 29/Georgia Ave/
    Connecticut exits.

    Finally… Route 200 should have been a reality 20 years
    ago !!!

  3. lennny t says:

    I moved into Olney in 1986 just as the signs went up on Georgia Avenue. It only took another 25 years to get to this point. Such a waste of time and resources went into fighting a road that was needed 25 years ago. I hope to be the first one on the new road

  4. Herman Glimsher says:

    Huge waste of money on an unneeded road and the toll fees are going to be outrageously expensive………..if you know grew up here and know the shortcuts it’s not difficult to get from PG to Montgomery/270 in less time than going around 95/495.

  5. howardthe duck says:

    Wait until these yuppie idiots retire & start crying they can’t afford the tolls. A disgrace, Maryland is a great state if making upwards of 100k a year. Shameful, this connector was passed inapt due to Oil lobby money against mass transportation.

  6. Herman Glimsher says:

    Mass transportation isn’t the answer either……….the DC METRO has never generated enough revenue to be self-sustaining………….tax subsidies are the only way to keep it in business………….people in the US want the FREEDOM that cars provide. The OBAMA high-speed rail dream will be another big loser!!!!

  7. howardthe duck says:

    Herman, you contradict yourself. See above comment. What is the answer? Mass transportation run efficiently by professionals & not just a jobs works program for poor illiterate Blacks is not the answer either. Fares would rise but be subsided in part by the gov’t due to not having to build & maintain roads. People will just have to learn to do without there cars or we should make it so expensive they will same as in Europe where mass transit rules.

  8. Herman Herminski says:

    Woohooo – this location for the ICC MAY have been the ideal location back when the land was purchased – but now, this is not hte location. (by the way, I grew up riding on the trails of the land where the ICC iis with mountain bikes before mountain bikes were in retail stores – we built our own… Bicycles and dirtbikes… Those were the days!

    Where should it go? Two steps:

    1. Finish Route 32 to a limited access to Route 70.

    2. Connect the interchange of Route 32 and Route 108 with the VERY short I 370.

    Yep, that way instead of cross county drivers running 60 MPH in peoples front yards, dodging trees and mailboxes, they could then travel on a safe road.

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