Rain and fog have been swept aside as the cold front crossed the state this morning. Now, gusty northwest winds have kicked in behind the front. A wind advisory is in effect for most of the state through 8 p.m. for gusts over 40 mph. Those winds are not only bringing in some flurries today, but much colder air. Our high of 39 degrees was early this morning, with temperatures falling to the low 30s this afternoon. Then you add the high winds to the temperature, and you get a wind chill in the mid 20s.

The winds will start to back off tonight, but the cold air will continue into the Mid-Atlantic. Expect lows in the teens the next few nights, while we struggle to get to the low 30s for highs both tomorrow and Thursday. Meanwhile, this Arctic airmass will be so strong that it will force the next storm down to the south of us. We will get some clouds from it Wednesday into Thursday, and maybe even flurries Thursday, but the center of this storm will pass south through the Carolinas and then out to sea.

Another storm will take a southern track and then head out to sea Friday into Saturday. This one will halt the warmup and probably bring some clouds through, but not have any huge effects on us. Then, it looks like we are going to get a real change in this weather pattern early next week. Highs will not only creep back up to normal (in the mid 40s), but will surge way above normal. Stay tuned for the specifics…


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