BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A jury could not agree on a verdict in a high-profile case of animal abuse.

Andrea Fujii reports the mistrial comes nearly two years after the young pit bull was set on fire in West Baltimore and left to die.

Jurors deliberated for three days, but were not able to agree on whether two boys doused a dog in gasoline and set her on fire. 

The case has become a test for how future animal abuse cases will be handled in the city.

There are polar opposite reactions regarding this case.  The accused are glad they weren’t convicted and animal welfare advocates are disappointed there’s no conclusion.

A mistrial was declared in the infamous case of a dog named Phoenix who was doused with gas and set on fire in 2009 in Baltimore.  She later died.  Twin brothers, Travers and Tremayne Johnson, were accused of the crime.

After three days of deliberations, jurors couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict and the judge declared a mistrial.

“This jury has to be commended.  I think they were simply remarkable for their hard work and dedication in trying to reach a verdict,” said Caroline Griffin, Baltimore Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force.

Juror #5 didn’t want to go on camera, but says that at the time of the declaration, it was 11 to one in favor of convicting Travers and Tremayne Johnson.  The dissenting vote believed there was reasonable doubt and wouldn’t budge.

“I’m satisfied with the result of the mistrial.  Hopefully the state will realize they don’t have the evidence to retry this case again because the evidence isn’t going to change,” said family friend Tomasina Degree.

“We’re disappointed the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict and we are hopeful the State’s Attorney’s Office will retrial this,” said Griffin, who hopes there will be a new trial.

“Citizens of Baltimore will definitely be paying attention to this,” said Ann Gearhart, Snyder Foundation For Animals.

The trial lasted a total of five days.

Travers Johnson remains in police custody in a separate attempted murder case.

It’s unknown whether the case will be retried.  That’s up to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

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  1. Bc Icedog says:

    with 2 members of the jury dozing off last week wouldn’t the prosecutor be better of to have objected

    1. Debbie Cooper says:

      This is ridiculous. We just put a gasoline can in the hands of criminals to go ahead and kill whomever or whatever they like. This is really sad!!!!!
      Next time it will be person, these two just got away with MURDER!!!

      1. babimomma05 says:

        notice at the bottome of the post it plainly says one of the brothers is still in custody for seperate attempted murder charges…murders always start out with animals than move on to real people

    2. Kenn Stanley says:

      This is disgusting!!!!

      1. D. BOS. says:

        This is RACISM!! Is it??

  2. KottaMan says:

    I hardly think that the police just picked these two out of the general population and arrested them. Hopefully, the nodding jury members will wake up. Hopefully, the right verdict will result. Hopefully, such savagery in the City will get the attention it deserves on a go-forward basis.

    1. Bc Icedog says:

      they were also charged with attempted murder in another case

      1. Jen Swanson says:

        Actually only Travers is facing attempted murder charges. But give it time, I guarantee Tremayne will follow suit shortly.

      2. Liz says:

        Lock and Load baby , someone

        should hunt them down and

        serve them for dinner at the pound

  3. Ron Clark says:

    Maybe if parents would discipline their children ,things like this wouldn’t happen as often. Kids nowadays have too much freedom to do as they please. It is quite obvious that those 2 hoodlums did this. Maybe a couple of years in the slammer will straighten them out. I am sick of this violence and everyone getting set free because of some little technicality!!!

    1. Mike says:

      No, it wont.

      These people will never be straightened out, because they’ve been punished so lightly by the Juvenile system that they believed they could get away with animal cruelty and even murder. Setting them free again only means they will then have enough courage or lack thereof in the judicial system that they can get away with anything. Next logical step for them would be organizating terrorist attacks while creating the worlds largest distributor of child pornography.

      Enough is enough. The criminals feel they are above the law, and they will continue to feel they are above the law until they dont get a chance to break another law.

      It is time to introduce mandatory sentences for gun charges. Gang enchancements for gang members arrested for violent crimes. A 3 strike rule for violent juvenile offenders that results in incarceration until age 30. It is time to end the millions of wasted tax dollars spent on prosecuting drug addicts.

      1. Liz says:

        bravo mike I couldn’t agree more

    2. lovedogshatepeople says:

      Crackheads don’t do discipline

  4. masscas says:

    Only 2 words. Either PUBLIC FLOGGING or TIRE COLLAR

  5. Joseph says:

    Its not like that! But wether you accept it or not, it’s always blacks doing most of the violence and they don’t want to
    Work! I’m not raiscist, and you are free to think what you want, there’s plenty of whites and Hispanics as well, but it’s mostly blacks! And just for the record I’m not superior than anyone but I do wake up everyday and earn my living, and try to educate my kids, and show them
    The bad from
    Wrong, so that one day they could be somebody in this life!

    1. bob says:

      Bad from Wrong? You’re kids are going to be messed up!

    2. Mike says:

      Oh Joseph I’ve come to accept that most of the crime in Baltimore is committed by African Americans considering the population base of this area.

      The face of crime in America has become the Black male. Statistics show that isnt the case overall, but the thuggery in the inner city is what catches your attention. It has the same effect on others like yourself, espescially who live in this state. You are concerned & intrigued by the violent crime, but please be aware in most cases the suspects & the victims are the same type of criminal.

      Both need to be put away for the sake of their communities they reign terror over.

      1. Bob_Realist says:

        What about the blacks? There are more blacks than AA’s in Baltimore. My sister used to be an officer in Baltimore but moved on after seeing the same people she arrested back on the streets calling her names because they got off easy.

    3. Belin says:

      I love my dog….This is not a color situation, Maryland is a prejudice state, I am elated that my feelings are being validated, even if the prejudice is hidden behind mask,blogs or hate posse’,ect. There was a injustice done to the poor dog, it did not matter what color the attackers were.

    4. Melissa says:

      These young men have been incarcerated for two years! The dog is gone and the evidence has been deemed inconclusive. Stop acting as if you were there and you saw it happen. What these two young men are still experiencing two years later is inhumane. Unless you were there and you saw it, give these men the respect they deserve; they have no criminal records so stop characterizing them as criminals.

      “a fire protection engineer who characterized earlier testimony that an accelerant was found on two pairs of jeans a backpack and sneakers taken from the Johnson home as inconclusive and incomplete.

      The defense witness said tests on the collar of the dog, named Phoenix, were also inconclusive and didn’t detect any particular ignitable substance.”

      1. masscas says:


        You are sick, really sick Trevor is the only one who has been locked up on a DIFFERENT alleged murder. Tremayne HAS NOT been locked up for 2 years. They are just rotten people who deserve to be punished and not feft to bleeding hearts like yourself. You make “the facts” say what ever you want and your pseudo intellectualism makes me ill. You are definitely part of the problem, not the solution.

      2. Melissa says:

        Is it really that much effort to respond to a disagreement without the name calling? I’m not a child and I’m uncomfortable replying to that tone.

        Alleged? When one is questioned or detained by an authoritative system; regardless of how obscure the reasoning is; the outcome either leads to charges and possible conviction. Since he was not put in jail it stands to reason this young man was found to have done nothing wrong, but put through a great imposition for reasons beyond his control.

        I get the misunderstanding… its difficult to understand something unless you have first hand experience, however the truth is that the black community is always targeted. I encourage those who consider themselves to be even minded, to take this opportunity to get find some truth or falsehood in my allegation of the targeted black community.

        In this case, there is nothing beyond a reasonable doubt to even consider, these young men are the victims now.

        Follow this response however you feel necessary, I’m really at a loss for words. I understand we all are different in culture and beliefs, but most my life I was proud to be American as this was a fair and great country, but the comments made against these young men are despicable.

  6. LadyEsmerelda says:

    “The twins’ father says they’re being made scapegoats.” Oh dear God… wake up Daddy!!! Your two boys are guilty as He#L, and deserve to face the consequences for their actions! It would probably be the first time they have been held accountable in their lives… but wait, this is Baltimore city, never mind, they’ll walk…. How disgusting.

    1. Mariela says:

      Unfortunately, stupid is now a gene that gets passed down from generation to generation…

  7. harsh reality says:

    Not that it matters to anyone in particular, but I swear to god I will never give anything ever again to any charity that helps families from poor inner city areas for as long as I live. I don’t care of the cause, I don’t care of the need, you can all rot in hell as far as I am concerned because you deserve nothing, I will never again lift a finger to help you, I wont hold the door open for you, I wont let you out in traffic, I will do whatever I can to add to your misery. I hate all you inner city low life losers with every fiber of my being.

    I don’t care what color you are, you are all worthless, uneducated, nasty thugs.

    1. JLL says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

  8. AARON says:


    1. Noaharc says:

      amen but one of the kids spit at the tv camera–I’m sure he thought it made him look real cool–jerk imho

    2. OFFENDED says:

      They didn’t burn this defenseless creation of God because they are black…they got out of paying for their crime because they are black. I hate like hell to admit it. The female, black juror who refused to budge has been accused by the rest of the jury of making her decision before all the facts were in and REFUSING to change her mind despite all of the evidence…. then she went on camera and said, “you should just leave these boys alone”…. with the smile of a girlfriend defending her man. It was frightening. I can’t put into words how offended I am by people who seek to destroy the black community by continuing to behave just like the racists in the world expect them to.

  9. Joseph says:

    Stop been lazy Get a job! And educate the children!

    1. GrammarCSI says:

      Really, when one seeks to encourage education, one should express themselves with appropriate and correct grammar.

  10. DENNIS says:

    An Eye for an Eye. … Someone needs to set the boys on fire just enough that they are in terrible pain, but not enough for them to die. Then they need to be left to suffer for a few days before someone comes in the room and clubs them over the head and puts them out of their misery. Only then will justice be served for Phoenix. If the court system doesn’t start making examples of these hate mongers, then they will never change and poor innocent animals and people will continue to get hurt.

    1. disgustedinbalto says:

      AMEN.. you said it so well Dennis

    2. Bob_Realist says:

      Napalm sounds good. Throw a little water on in the middle to spread the joy? If it’s good enough for our enemies…

      I give to charity but not funding. I sacrifice my time to those who appreciate it.

  11. C says:


  12. linda says:

    City judicial system ~ what a joke! That’s the culture of Baltimore city ~ no respect for animal or human life!

  13. Animal Lover says:



    1. urnotfunny says:

      It won’t matter if they re-try the case, the same thing will happen, some low life POS on the jury will say, oh, the video is too blurry. Why waste more of the taxpayers money.

    2. IfornI says:

      Animal lover… Phoenix was black, too.

  14. Kristy Wingate says:

    I pride myself on being brutally honest and I will be no less so here. For those of you making comments about racial issues – what about this trial has anything to do with race? Two young “humans” (they cannot be referred to as men by any stretch of the imagination – they don’t qualify) are being tried for torturing killing a dog by setting it on fire. The prosector in this case is obligated to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are guilty. If they failed to do so, and it resulted in a hung jury, the only logical, ethical and legal response is to declare a mistrial. How did this result become a racial issue? The victim of this crime was neither black nor white….simply a living, breathing animal…WAS being teh operative word. EVERYTHING involving african americans, or hispanics, or middle easterners, or purple-people-eaters is not automatically a racial issue!!!! PERIOD!

    1. Celina says:

      Kristy: I agree with you that this story is about a poor defenseless animal who was savagely burned–not race. The comments in this forum SHOULD be about his senseless torture and death, and how we can prevent this tragedy again.

      Nonetheless, if I see ignorance being spewed about people of ANY color, it needs to be set straight. There should be no tolerance of bigotry in this forum or anywhere else.

    2. Jogar says:

      Beyond a REASONABLE doubt Kristey.Learn the law before quoting it. With jurors sleeping through the trail nothing but going home is reasonalbe to themLogic and ethics mean nothing to citizens who swear an oath and the sleep through their duty. But I agree it’s not racial it’s creulty,and should not be tolerated.

    3. Ed Dobar says:


  15. harsh reality says:

    You idiot – people don’t hate these two because they are black. If they were white there would be just as much outrage….but you won’t want to hear that will you?

    Black people are so much more racist than whites, every time the race card is pulled it is a passive aggressive act of racism against white people. The people here have just had enough.

    Sure some of it is insulting, but that’s anger and frustration.

    1. Celina says:

      It seems to me that you are the hypersensitive one; generalizing all people on the basis of color. Shame on you. Turn your attention to where it belongs: this poor animal.

    2. Belinda says:

      Whatever never seen your Granpa hanging from a tree…

      1. Diane King says:

        what the heck does this ugly piece of history have to do with anything? It’s 2011!

  16. jay says:

    If these two juveniles do this to a defenseless animal, imagine what they will do to a human being.

    1. Mike says:


      One already attempted to murder a human being.

  17. Celina says:

    Mike: Great comment!

    Joseph and Obama Lover: Have you all ever been anywhere but Baltimore city? Your view of Black Americans is incredibly myopic and negative; it’s pretty obvious that you don’t know anything beyond shallow judgments or what you’ve read at stormfrontorg. Reality: As a collective, 84% of Blacks are employed (and raising families just like everybody else). There’s a bigger world than Baltimore City, and you’d be smart to not categorize all or a majority of Blacks. If I were to categorize all Whites by what I saw in Baltimore city, Whites wouldn’t be too exemplary either.

    1. the truth says:

      Hey Celina what thae statistics don’t tell you is the 84 percent employed are just cheating the system they have some BS job that they sleep at that requires no skill and collect a check while their baby producing whale sits home and still collects welfare and live in section8 housing so give me a break its all a lie don’t go there with the they are employed why you think they don’t get married because they don’t wanna lose their government and state handouts sick p.o.s

      1. Mercedes CLS 550 says:

        WOW. You’re so intelligent, so resourceful and so truthful.

  18. Carrie C says:

    How can anyone do such an evil thing to an animal? Yes, I care just as passionately about people who have been mistreated, but my anger and hurt is that animals have no voice. My heart is broken that Pheonix has still yet to find justice. We are all on this planet for a short time so why not enjoy what has been given to us. If you don’t like dogs (or animals in general) then PLEASE don’t get one and make them suffer a lonely life on the end of a chain with only (maybe) a pet once a day, very basic shelter, lack of warmth/cool temps, et. I could go on about how much a dog can enrich your life but I feel most people should understand.

  19. Claudia says:

    It is apparent that most that are posting comments know nothing about animal welfare and how this case shows mans inhumanity, which will ultimately lead to harming a human. Point being one is already awaiting a trial on charges of attempted murder. People that harm animals move on to humans. Phoenix died a horrible death and sadly her death will not bring about any change. You already have a cat that had a similar thing done again by teenagers. I am one of the people that take animals that have been mistreated into my home to help. I have seen this over and over with no change. Sadly, PHoenix is once again a victim of people. I do agree this has nothing to do with race and it is ignorant to claim such.

  20. Angelika Santiago says:

    Statistics have proven younge people that torcher and kill animals continue to move up the food chain looking for the next thrill. Note that one of the boys is already being held on attempted murder charges.
    Let these people walk because “It’s just an animal” and the next time they want a little fun it could be YOU they choose to torch in some back wood area while they disect your child.
    Read up on any serial murderer and you’ll find most all practiced on animals first.

    1. Mike says:


      Great point as well.

      People may look at them as the typical street thug, I am looking at them as psychopaths. Seriously, do we need a cannibal serial killer on the loose before the judges realize this is the exact type of behavior that precedes a serial killer.

  21. Jogar says:

    For Kristy Wingate: It’s pretty dificult for a prosecuter to prove beyound a reasonable{not shadow stupid learn the law before spouting it} doubt when jurors go to sleep in the middle of the trial. For the others,yes I agree that the majority of Baltimores crime is by blacks. Usually black on black. The simple fact is this is Baltimore,”the city that bleeds”. the blame lies on mommy and daddy who failed miserably in raising these two punks.I say put the kids away and charge the parents with neglect. Most serial killers start with animals,the defensless creatures among us. That’s where these two are headed. As for the race issue,I am a White man living in Randallstown. Most of my nieghbors are black,employed,hard working,family oriented people. Those that aren’t are taken to task by those that are. Some are arrogant and disrespectful even to their own,but we find that in all races. Good parenting and education will stop that,but you can’t force anyone to do right if they don’t chose to. Me personally, I pray for thes two,that they open their eyes and change their lives.Still it’s the cowardice of this jury that is to blame for this outcome.I hope they retry them with good citizens on the jury who take that responsibilty with the wieght it carries.

  22. jmo says:

    They are Black….the naacp and king black guy al sharpton got their back.

  23. mike m says:

    Well the city population in Baltimore is over 80% black so yes most crime in the city is committed by blacks just by virtue of population, period. They are the majority race in the city…so naturally one will see more blacks in jail, more blacks sitting around doing nothing etc. If the city was 80% white you would see more whites in jail, more white drug addicts on the corners etc.
    There are whites and blacks all over this country who take advantage of the system that THEY elect, that never really improves their social situation. Unfortunately some people (black and white) would rather rely on something given to them instead of trying. The impoverished in the city always vote for the same leadership for the last century and besides free handouts, hasn’t gotten many of them out of the situation they are in generation after generation. This goes for anyone sucking off the system. But the system is one the people of MD all vote for every damne time. Nothing will change the way things are run now, Democrat or Republican…it doesn’t matter. Each party has their own special interests and agendas and now of them include actually helping people improve their socioeconomic standing. Once the gov starts giving and not holding people accountable, it shrinks the hard working middle class and doesn’t raise up the lower class…and the gov stays on top just how they like it. It’s a vicious, never ending cycle. The way this country is run transcends race! Come on people, they want us all to fight each other. They want people to rely on gov programs etc etc etc.

  24. Gail says:

    PHOENIX …Means arising,coming back…
    I hope She comes back to haunt those two …
    One Day …hopefully very soon.
    GOD Bless PHOENIX…
    May those two…GO TO HELL ASAP

  25. ep says:

    i just wish the law and the media put the same amount of time and concern in finding the young lady missing since 12/28/2010 as they are in convicting these two young men.

    1. Liz says:

      the law and media have been searching and searching
      this is not the only missing person

  26. Tracey Reitterer says:

    What will it take to get violent thugs off the street sof Baltimore?…when they kill someone?…oh wait…one of these 2 already tried that…let’s see if he walks on those charges as well…pathetic!

  27. frank coffee says:

    This trial was a sham. Bernstien should have taken a more pro-active involvement in this case. The sleeping jurists tells you something was wrong. The people of this jury should pray that the next victims of these two urban terrorist,are not them or their families. And anyone in the counties that think they are safe,think again,you are only a bus ride,subway stop,or light rail drop off to these two thugs. To the faithful Balto Police,you know these two,don’t take a chance,they have moved up to carrying guns.

    1. donnamartingraduates says:

      They already both have weapons charges, so, too late.

  28. Tim W says:

    What I find interesting that this has turned into a racial issue by many people on here and many have villified this jury when the vote was 11-1. My wager is the one hold out was actually one of the jurors paying attention. It’s very easy to go along with the rest of the crowd but quite another to look at the evidence. From the evidence I saw presented I’d have a hard time convicting them even though I feel in my heart they are guilty. But a juror is not doing their job unless they look at the evidence and make their ruling. Only one person claimed to be an eyewitness and her testimony is suspect especially since she didn’t hide the fact she was doing it for the reward money. Other than that you have a grainy police camera which it’s impossible to tell for sure who a person is and some graffiti in an abandoned house. Not a lot there to convict.

    1. barb says:

      Hopefully you or any pets you have will never have to suffer the way this beautiful animal did and will never have to rely on the pathetic judicial system and the joke of a court system to convict your offender.

  29. donnamartingraduates says:

    Everybody needs to shut the f up and use your pent up frustration about this to tell Gregg Bernstein that this needs to be retried. I cannot believe they get to walk because ONE ignorant piece of trash couldn’t see the damn light.

    Write letters, email, make phone calls, DO SOMETHING besides sitting around arguing about race. these kids were rotten hoodlums, i know, but that doesn’t matter. what matters is that an innocent creature was tortured for FUN by them, one of them already tried to kill a person….maybe you, or your child will be next.

    Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City
    Gregg Bernstein, State’s Attorney for Baltimore City
    208 Mitchell Courthouse
    110 North Calvert Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202

    1. Liz says:

      the law needs to change and that
      is not going to happen tomorrow
      or the next day or the next day
      and it won’t happen with a phone
      call or email

      his assistant will listen and your
      letter will hit file 13

      It doesn’t even start there
      If you believe that then you
      have to get a grip on
      reality and take a look

      politicians are not willing to put
      themselves out there and go the
      distance, its that simple

      we need new laws and that doesn’t
      happen overnight

      we need to enforce the new laws
      and that doesn’t happen overnight

      yes this is about the poor animal
      who was abused and died but
      it happens every day not only to
      animals but to families, mothers
      fathers and our children

      Our justice system is not effective
      people need to start taking
      matters in their own hands if our
      laws won’t protect our loved ones
      and our beloved pets

      1. donnamartingraduates says:

        Oh shut up you ninny, why don’t you get off YOUR fat ass and DO something to change it then?

  30. donnamartingraduates says:

    Everybody needs to shut the f up and use your pent up frustration about this to tell Gregg Bernstein that this needs to be retried. I cannot believe they get to walk because ONE ignorant piece of trash couldn’t see the damn light. What message does that send to the rest of the bored youth of Baltimore City?

    Write letters, email, make phone calls, DO SOMETHING besides sitting around arguing about race. These kids were rotten ~black~ hoodlums, I know, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that an innocent creature was tortured for FUN by them, and one of them already tried to kill a person….maybe you, or your child will be next.

    Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City
    Gregg Bernstein, State’s Attorney for Baltimore City
    208 Mitchell Courthouse
    110 North Calvert Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202

  31. ANA says:

    I don’t care if they are white ,black or red, this two men should be in jail for ever, they are very dangerous and they don’t deserve to be free. ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS ALSO AND THEY ARE MORE LOYAL, INTELIGENT AND LOVING THAN SOME PEOPLE, ARE YOU WAITING FOR THIS CRASY GUYS TO KILL A PERSON BEFORE JUSTICE IS DONE?. PLEASE RECONSIDER AND PUT THEM AWAY before they go and do more damage. From now on I will also stop all my contributions and help for anybody in Baltimore City.

  32. taking up for the poor dog~ says:

    i do not think that these 2 teenages should go free, they killed a poor helpless dog! they should be set on fire too! can you image what they would do to a human?they did it and that is that.that poor dog went thru hell being on fire!!

  33. Stuff it says:

    Stop this race bs. You porch monkey haters.

  34. Wendy L Shores says:

    Those boys better hope that Phoenix doesnt get a new trial and manages to “rise from the ashes” and have better results then. The two boys are on their way to a life of crime, and their Daddy isnt doing anything to help them. If that was one of my kids spitting at the camera, he wouldnt have seen the light of the next hour never mind the next day, but oooooh did he make his daddy proud! Shame on the whole lot of them and here’s hoping new evidence is found and Phoenix finds justice at last.

  35. Terri Sevison says:

    Only 1 juror was holding out, sounds like a PAYOFF to me.

  36. Babs says:

    The biggest problem with this case is that it received too much publicity in the wrong way. The father of these 2 criminals got his 5 minutes of fame voicing that his sons are innocent and would never harm an animal less another human being. You can see lack of respect for anyone when the one son spit at the camera as he was being taken out of the court last week. How would the father like it if this had been one of his children or animal that had suffered the way that poor dog suffered. I betcha he wouldn’t like it one bit and would be screaming for justice.

    To the new boss at the State’s Attorneys office, please move this case to Baltimore or Anne Arundel County and prosecute the h– out of them and let the people know in Baltimore City that this should not and will not be tolerated.

  37. WestNorthAve says:

    I personally think harming animals is pretty cruel and like some else mentioned does show a level of psychoatic behavior. As for these two Im not sure if they did it or didnt. Like most of if not all of you I was not on the jury and didnt view the evidence against these boys. Which leads to this Juror Falling Asleep during trial comments and what not, if this allegation is true I find it more disturbing that the Judge presiding over this trial didnt take action as you should be. Moving right along to the racist element that has been presented abt “thugery” or what have you, I dont see any of you or even hear a peep when we talk abt those guys and gals right now the road on Capitol Hill who have been Robbing you Blind for the last Century. Where’s the outcry then? If you dont live in the City and the conditions that are present there then really your opinion is irrevelant. When I see guys like Madoff, Ken Lay, Skilling, and the Elite who have been stealing for the better part of a Century from the country I never here such terms as “thugs” “criminals”. Our former President cancelled a trip to Geneva because he was scared of being arrested for tortureing socalled “terrorists” but you never hear him mentioned in such terms. You people are so typical its become a joke thats not even funny anymore. By the time you idiots realize how much you have been used, lied to, and stripped of your rights it will be far to late.

  38. ron says:

    please tell me who cares about a burning dog really, waste of time and money in the court systems. whitey is on here showing there true colors as usual so who really cares what any of them think. i am glad those kids got off for this stupid crime. i bet none of yall with these post would say anything to them in there neighborhood. you all are real tough on these boards but you see these guys face to face you will be scared and trying to talk to them. come on white people you know how you do when blacks are around you try to hold small conversation when you are scared lls

    1. Diane King says:

      Oh my god, you’re as warped as those twins. You’re darn right I’m scared if you and they are indicative of the type of people living in the hood. Very scared. You’re SAVAGES!!

    2. working class white man says:

      you wanna make a bet on that?? your the scared one you know how many of you i have punked IN YOUR HOOD! the only balls you got is in your little water pistol so quit posting from your boost mobile phone i would be glad to show you and them what scared whitey is about! you cant fiht unless you got a gun and or 25 of you cowards your a kurr now please go away

    3. urnotfunny says:

      Go to hell RON! That’s where you and that ghetto trash belong!

    4. NOT SCARED says:

      HEY RON COME TO the western countiesTHEN RUN YOUR FU–MOUTH!!!!!
      I don’t think you would be going back to your little hood

    5. donnamartingraduates says:

      Get out, troll.

  39. WestNorthAve says:

    If any of you cared abt the way your tax dollars were spent you would be up in arms that America sends Billions of Tax dollars to Isreal, Pakistan, India and so forth, but I guess thats ok because some how that benefits your well being LOL.

    1. donnamartingraduates says:

      What does that have to do with this case?

  40. Bonnie James Hulme says:

    light them on fire and laugh while they burn in hell

  41. stacy says:

    this is just sick and wrong

  42. Jimmy says:

    No wonder why Baltimore City has a high murder rate, “They can’t even convict two dirt bags for animal cruelty.”

  43. county bob says:

    The purpose of the criiminal justice system is to protect society. We will see how well it has done its job in this case. Any one want to take bets on how long it takes the twin thats out of jail to end up in jail? I hope the juror that caused the mistrial can sleep at night when he hurts some one else. Baltimre and its black inhabitants are a joke. They prove me right over and over again.

  44. chester67 says:

    They should be in jail where they belong!

  45. weezy says:

    Yo porch monkey. Look @ your grammer. You too cracka. Asians rule dead dogs drool.

  46. msb1107 says:

    The jury was 11 to 1 to convict. Seems to me that the prosecution had proven it’s case. I just wonder what the lone dissenting juror couldn’t or wouldn’t see that the other 11 did.

  47. m. ellswich says:

    I hope you two little bas…..ds BURN IN HELL! I’d take a dog anyday over a son like you, and when I see kids like yourselves, I’m sure glad I never had any! You are a disgrace, and someday, you WILL get paid back for what you KNOW you did to that poor dog!

  48. I don't care says:

    Can’t we just rid ourselves of these ni99as once and for all. I have nothing against African American, but the ni99as have got to go. By the way, ni99as come in all races.

  49. WOW...WOW...WOW... says:

    it’s sooooo hilarious to me that people have given this case so much attention..but none was given to Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Patrick Sherrill, Earl Kenneth Shriner, Brenda Spencer, Albert Desalvo, Kip Kinkel, Luke Woodham, and the list goes on. All of these people killed, abused, and tortured animals so why now should a Law be set. It should have been done. None of the animals these murderers, and serial killers did harm to ever made the news. I don’t agree with the torture of animals, but I also don’t agree with these two boys becoming the poster children of animal rights abuse and laws when the killing and torture of animals has been going on for decades, and centuries. the abuse and torture of animals when committed by anyone other than a young African-American male is a sign of mental illness. So why burn them at the stake and put them in jail instead of getting them the mental help they need to be rehabilitated into functioning adults. I think they should receive the help they need and monitored out of fear that they are prone to committ other crimes. But please stop making this case appear to be the first time any animal has been harmed by a human. Geesh, just go to Perdue’s chicken farm, or a farm that raises cattle and pigs for your consumption and see the abuses that happen there.

  50. Joe says:

    An animal abuser is an animal abuser, whether black, white or green!
    How about the simple shock that anyone could do this and no be punished in one way or another? Perhaps we should be looking at this as the real issue here is what the punishment should be for animal abuse.

    Of course if they really were on video then I think the juror needs to be smacked!

  51. Elizabeth says:

    I really don’t think it’s a black thing, I think it’s a teenage boy thing. The vast majority of this type of animal cruelty (where the offender seeks out the animal victim specifically to inflict pain and death for entertainment purposes) is perpetrated by teen boys of all colors. Just in my area 3 (white) boys broke into a cat shelter in the middle of the night and took baseball bats to the cats. Another pair of (white) teen boys beat a petting zoo donkey with sticks until it choked to death trying to escape…and in both cases they did these things for fun. Maybe we should start teaching kids anti-cruelty values very early in life.

  52. Ellen Moore says:

    I am sorry for the comment I wrote. It just upsets me that this poor iinnocent dog had her life taken by these two young men. One woman who was interviewed by Channel 13, said that the money spent on this case, should have gone to a more important case. This was an still is a very important case. Everyone is going to keep watching to see how this case ends, then Phoenix will get justice for this terrible crime. If police officers were watching them run away from the crime scene on the camera, why didn’t the police respond? Again, I am sorry for upsetting anyone with my comments.

  53. Nicole says:

    I’m so sad and tired of sharing the planet with cruel and poorly disciplined people like this – especially when I took such great care to raise my children to be kind. It’s a nightmare to me that people like this exist.

  54. Quin Rios says:

    hello admin. i opened up my email this morning and kept following the hyperlinks from page to page and somehow landed here on %BLOGINTITLE%.. i’ve been reading your posts since then and i like the way you write. are you on twitter?? mainly because i would genuinely like to follow you and get notified whenever you post on your blog here. i’m trying to read all of your posts and i am enjoying them a whole lot. thanks a lot for putting up a nice informative blog. Thank you.

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