TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — A businessman has been accused of trying to cause alarm with a decorated toilet.  Now he is speaking up about why he did it.

Andrea Fujii explains the suspect’s unusual court appearance.

From the Baltimore City school headquarters to the County Courthouse in Towson, bizarre toilets showed up across town, prompting police to call in the bomb squad Monday.  After the toilets were found harmless, county police arrested Duane Davis, 51, on charges of leaving a phony bomb.

During a bail review, Davis went on a long tirade, surprising everyone in the courtroom.

“It was clear from his answers that Judge Steinberg thought competency might be an issue,” said Assistant State’s Attorney Garrett Glennow.

Davis told a judge he was making a movie and the charges against him are bogus.  He claimed the toilet was just a toilet, a visual aid in his fight against racism.  He also claimed President Barack Obama and Governor Martin O’Malley have sent him letters about his project.

WJZ discovered a YouTube video apparently narrated by Davis.  He claims numerous business leaders and elected officials—including Governor O’Malley—are violating his civil rights.

WJZ also learned Davis was convicted of terrorist activity in a similar incident two years ago in Illinois and given two years’ probation.  In 1986, he was accused of threatening a public official with a false bomb.  This current charge has landed him in jail and he will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Davis also tried suing the governor a few months ago, but the case was immediately thrown out of court.

Comments (37)
  1. Jason Baldwin says:

    can u get any dumber only in baltimore

    1. m_shelton says:

      obviously, also in Illinois

  2. Charley says:

    I bet the liberals will; blame this on Sarah Palin as well.

    1. andy says:

      Dude, you are a moron even to mention that stupid skank!!!

      1. Tax2deathinMD says:

        Shorty in his video says America is a racist nation, against the black man. GIVE ME A BREAK. Shorty is a black man that owns his own home and business, lives in a Country with a black President, a State with a black Lt. Governor and a city with a black Mayor. Shorty and his supporters need to get their heads out of their toilets and look around. Racism? If your a white man try to get a Federal job or just one at Walmart, ain’t happening, wrong color, wrong sex. Shorty needs some time with those beautiful stainless steel toilet/sinks in Maryland prisons while seeing the doctor every day. Hopefully the POLICE are looking hard and long at Shorty as his rhetoric is just a notch or two below Jared Lee Loughner and we saw what happened there.

    2. Tax2deathinMD says:

      Most of those liberals that can’t stand Sarah never had a mother, at least not a female one.

      1. hvillage says:

        1) This has nothing to do with Sarah Palin.

        2) Anyone calling themselves “mother” better be “mothering” instead of running for office. When you’re kids are grown up and your baby with special needs doesn’t require your presence all that much (ha), THEN go run for office and show women that they can really reach such goals… until then, you’re just another woman calling herself “super mom” and leaving her children in someone else’s care.

  3. Richard Crystal says:

    If i could figure out a way to blame Sarah Palin for this, I would.

  4. Herman Glimsher says:

    I don’t get it!!!! Is he trying to make a statement? Is the county gov’t in the toilet? Please explain this to me like I’m a 5 year old!!!
    And, what was he charged with??? Littering?? Disposing of refuse on public property??? If it wasn’t an explosive device what law was broken??

  5. Hootie says:

    Charged with CR.9.504.(b) FALSE STMT-DESTRUCTIVE DEV and CR.9.505 PHONEY DEST DEVICE.

  6. Jerry says:

    This guy is one step from a mass shooting event. Lock him up at spring grove n dope him up for a couple of years. He’s too unstable to live in mainstream society.

  7. Nora Rich says:

    that dude should be the new bacon/ beer can guy

  8. Justin says:

    Wow, what a newsworthy article. This is sure more itneresting than an actual newsworthy event. At least when it scares the poo out of me I have somewhere to put it. Serioulsy, if the guy is this attention starved, why do him the favor of giving him what he wants while at the same time writing a complete news article on something we care nothing about. Great job once again from our local news.

    1. hvillage says:

      I don’t think he was attention starved, I’m fairly certain he is mentally ill. Anyone who looks at this man and asks “what was he thinking?” is wasting their time. honestly.

  9. Kit says:

    Toilet Bomb? Would that be terror alert level brown?

  10. Nichol Todd says:

    Whatever the reason, whatever the situation, THEY ALWAYS PLAY THE “RACE CARD”!!! Toilets as a cure for racism? Pathetic.

  11. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    SHOCK! You mean it isn’t Sarah Palin’s fault?

    1. andy says:

      she is busy palling around with terrorists, or looking at Russia from her back window!!!

      1. Willie man hanging says:

        Sarah Palin can see the moon from her backyard. Really , she said it on Fox.

    2. Tax2deathinMD says:

      No, it Owebama and OweMalleys fault. they did not get Shorty his Obama dollars fast enough.

      1. PalinForPlayboy says:

        Awww, Taxy… everybody bashing your political pin-up girl?

  12. Kristopher Pasi says:

    Actually, I was one of the people who turned him in and yes, he was inspired by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck to issue threats.

    1. Tax2deathinMD says:

      Typical socialist lies. But if you did turn him in I am sure Shorty and his friends would like to know where you live. Bet it is in zip 21133 on a road that starts with M.

      1. PalinForPlayboy says:

        Have you asked her to marry you? I mean, you spend an awful lot of time defending her…maybe YOU’RE the threat…stalker.

    2. Concerned says:

      Never use your name. Never never never give out your personal information. People like stalker-Taxy here are clearly able to find out where you live…and he’s evidently dangerous.

    3. duane g.davis sr says:

      you are a liar.

    4. duane g.davis sr says:

      Pasi is a liar and a thief. He’s got papers in states Attorney bernstiens officie for filling false statements. and always posting lies. he was homeless and i gave him a place to live. Got the link card to prove he’s a thief.

    5. duane g.davis sr says:

      .I have you on video saying so many good things aboiut me. No you lie on me like a dog. I got your link card. and pictures of you eating my Food . got the police report. and Your diary pertaining to you metal illness. Got alot of your papers. And it’s all in your Handwritting. Got witnesses as well. Can wait to see you face to face. Bernstien is gonna get your other false statements from Chicago and Philly. gonna expose you for the cowardly child you are. Pasi

  13. D. Bos. says:

    He didn’t do anything!! Only white people do things like this.. LET THAT MAN GO..

  14. Herman Glimsher says:

    just a display of his artwork and freedom of speech………… did the police determined it was a “FAKE” bomb? Did it have writing on it that stated it was a bomb? Or, did the police just ASSUME it was supposed to be a fake bomb? The guy probably is koo-koo for cocoa puffs, but I don’t see how he can be charged with making a fake bomb……..charge him with disposing of a decorated toilet on public property.

  15. Kerr TL says:

    This guy is a huge danger to society. He resides in the “Hereford Zone” and is a white hater! He has a business selling pit beef, I recommend that no return to his business and maybe he will go away. I agree with the above comment that he is a loose cannon and he will go on a shooting spree just like the one in Arizona. Keep him put away!!!!!!

    1. Duane Davis says:

      Why do you say i hate white people? what do you know about me. People from HEREFORD donated the Toilet. you say i don’t like white people. do you like Blacks. and hispanics. look in the mirror before you judge meplease???

  16. Amanda Plaine says:

    DBOS you’re an idiot enough said

  17. joe says:

    he should of just walked around with it on his head instead of leaving them around town all he did was make an ass out of his self lol

  18. mbw says:

    so outside a courthouse someone leaves a toilet with a cell phone and wires attached. some people think that is okay. try telling that to the people in ny while they watched their friends and co workers die in the twin towers. it may not have been a real bomb this time but the next time it just might be. this gentleman really does need medical help and fast

  19. erik says:

    From the pictures that have been released, it just looks like a toilet with papers attached to it and nothing more, at worst its littering. I’m not sure that the man’s intent was to make it look like a fake bomb, even though apparently a bit mentally incapacitated, I think he may be intelligent enough that if he wanted to he could make a fake bomb look quite a bit more convincing than a cell phone and wires.Honestly, Christmas stamps and an envelope taped to the toilet would have been more concerning than a wire and a cell phone. Going to jail for leaving a toilet on a sidewalk seems a bit much. Although he does not appear to be presenting his beliefs and opinions in the most coherent manner, what the gentleman is trying to say might not be illogical. If you don’t listen to what he has to say, you won’t hear it.If the man’s intention was to make the toilet look like a fake bomb, I do NOT support his actions at all.

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