As a lifelong Baltimore Orioles fan, I have had my share of players that I loved.  From the very end of Brooks Robinson’s career, to Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken, Roberto Alomar, Jim Palmer, Mike Boddicker, etc.. When I first started my internship at Channel 2 and they sent me down to Camden Yards to get sound, I met another hero of Birdland, Ernie Tyler.  I had befriended an Orioles advocate who sat in the press box named Charlie Meagher (sadly Charlie passed a few years ago).  Charlie was friends with Ernie and introduced me to him.  From that point on, Ernie treated me like he knew me forever.  Saying not just hello, but asking how my family, job, etc was doing.  Ernie was just an unassuming really good guy with a good heart.  I didn’t know him incredibly well, but when I heard the news this morning that he passed, I felt like I lost a friend.  Camden Yards will not be the same without you Ernie.  Rest in peace.

  1. Chris Tyler-kregel says:

    thanks for the kind words my dad was an awsome father and grandfather to us.

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