BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Cocaine and heroin are invading Maryland. The illegal drugs are easily finding their way into our state. On Sunday, customs officials addressed the growing problem after another major bust at the Port of Baltimore.

Adam May has more.

At the Seagirt Terminal in Baltimore, the routine X-ray of containers that came in from Panama and China picks up a half a million dollar stowaway with 20 pounds of cocaine, eight bricks stashed inside a backpack.

“A narcotics seizure of this magnitude is relatively rare for the port of Baltimore,” said Chief John Peters, CPS.

Rare in size, but not frequency. In the last few months, agents have made numerous drug discoveries at the port, alarming some citizens.

“Our kids our dying– kids, drugs and schools,” said one local resident.

Several employees on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship were busted in December accused in federal court of trying to smuggle 700 grams of heroin and 300 grams of cocaine in their waistbands and shoes. Weeks later, another search of the ship turned up two more pounds of drugs in a crew locker.

“To a smuggler any mode of transportation that enters the U.S. is an avenue to smuggle in,” said an official.

But lately ships seem to be the smugglers’ choice.

Last year, 2 million pounds of drugs were seized at U.S. ports and borders.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hey Adam Boarders are the new friends of MOM you know, the low life’s that sneak across the BORDER.

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