BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore college professor has been accused of associating with a hate group.  The allegations surfaced during a finance hearing on Capitol Hill.

Adam May examines the claims and the heated rebuttal.

Thomas DiLorenzo is an economics professor at Loyola University in Baltimore.  His credibility was recently questioned during a House subcommittee hearing in Washington by a member of Congress.

“You work for a southern nationalist organization that espouses very radical notions of American history and the federal government,” said Rep. Lacy Clay, (D) Missouri. “Doctor DiLorenzo, you are listed on their website as teaching for their League of the South Institute.”

The League of the South believes southern states should secede from the Union, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate group watchdog.

“DiLorenzo is exactly not the kind of guy who should be testifying in Congress.  We don’t want hate groups up there,” said an official. “He’s spoken at events they’ve had as late as 2009.”

In a blog post, DiLorenzo disputes the allegations, writing, “About 13 years ago, three fellow academics asked me if I would deliver a few lectures.  That is the only connection I have ever had with the League of the South.”

He also wrote about the representative who questioned his credibility, calling him “a liar, a bigot and sleazy.”

Loyola University says they are looking into the allegations, but so far they say they haven’t found any close ties between DiLorenzo and the League of the South.

DiLorenzo did not return email and phone messages asking for comment.

Potential 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul called DiLorenzo as a witness.  His spokeswoman calls the allegations irrelevant.

Comments (10)
  1. derrickman says:

    Any suspicion whatsoever & this professor should be terminated tenured or not. There is no place for this kind of behavior in a Catholic Jesuit institution where parents pay $50k & up to hear their children be subjected to teachers like this.

  2. JamesD says:

    Pardon me, derrickman. A careful and deliberate study of the situation and fact-finding are what should be expected from a Jesuit institution. That is what I learned when I attended Loyola.

  3. chuckbob says:

    I fully agree with JamesD on this. Suspicion and actual guilt are 2 different things entirely.

  4. derrickman says:

    Where ther’s smoke, there’s fire.

  5. Mike says:

    Derrick sounds to me like the smoke may have clouded your thought process.

  6. derrickman says:

    While you clowns debate this issue, some parent is writing a big check that will enable this professor who probably never held a real job the opportunity to collect his six figure salary while putting in less than 20hrs per wk. At the same time I guess I should realize Professors aren’t God’s, Really?. someone tell them that please. Our system enables these Phd’s, (Post Hole Diggers) to scam the American families.

    1. Truth says:

      Loyola, as a liberal arts college, teaches their students to analyze and evaluate as many sides and views of a situation as possible before coming to a conclusion. Congress invited Dr. DiLorenzo to speak about his economic views, which happen to be more aligned with libertarian views as opposed to liberal/socialist. Another group of people had also asked him to speak about his research 13 years prior. A representative from St. Louis, instead of contributing to the discussion, decided to use an adhominem attack to derail and attempt to discredit Dr. DiLorenzo by stating that he gave a speech at an event held by a “hate group.” By speaking about Civil War economics and theories of Abraham Lincoln, did Dr. DiLorenzo do anything hateful? No, he spoke about the historical research and economic theory that he has studied for many, many years. That is why he was asked to speak during a subcommittee hearing. The only person at fault was the representative from St. Louis who attempted to ruin economic discourse by eliminating a valid opinion from public discussion. That’s censorship and that cannot be tolerated by our government.

      Secondly, Loyola University is a private institution and can employ any professor they would like. No one is forcing any parent to write a fat check.

      derrickman, where there is smoke, there is smoke. Go see if there is fire before yelling that the town has burned down.

      Also, are you going to present any evidence or just bicker?

      1. derrickman says:

        TRUTH, Are you going to defend him or write a thesis? Any & I mean any controversy & this prof. should recuse himself or resign until a complete study is completed. Public or private should make little difference & where there is smoke there most definitely is fire unless you’re speaking the Burning bush.

  7. Mikeman says:

    derrickman seems to me like a african american who just wants to spurt off at the mouth, but if this in question was a black man, his words would be totally different as he would support this man no matter what due to his color. Cant write negative stuff on here derrickman without proving your just as racist

  8. Kyle says:

    I remember Prof. DiLorenzo mentioning he did roofing work in his 20’s at one of his lectures for the Mises Institute.

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