ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Same-sex marriage supporters in Maryland are one vote shy of securing approval in the state Senate. We’re just days away from a pivotal vote and those who say yes are gaining support.

Andrea Fujii explains there’s still a lot of strong opposition, though.

Supporters of gay marriage are rallying just days before a potentially historic state vote.

“I think it’s very close.  I think people are seeing that the tide is turning and they want to be on the right side of history,” said Lisa Ward, Unitarian Universalist Church.

A Senate committee is considering a bill that would consider a referendum on legalizing gay marriage.

“I’m here because I want to marry my partner of 10 years.  We have a wedding date and I want it to be legal.  I don’t want to have to leave Maryland to get married,” said Lisa Simmons.

“We decided as a couple to wait until it was legal to actually get married and not to just have a ceremony.  We want our rights and we want to be able to get married here,” said Katie Barth.

And they’re bringing their message directly to the representatives who may still be on the fence.  Hundreds of people are meeting with their delegates and their state senators to ask for their support.

“It’s going to be a real fight over there.  It’s going to be a dog and cat battle over there,” said Emmett Burns Jr.

Twenty-three senators have publicly said they would support the bill. One more is needed for a majority, although Senator Joan Carter Conway has previously said that she would support the bill if 23 other senators supported it.  Then, the House will consider it.

Delegate Emmett Burns is a solid “no” vote.

“I don’t care what people are but when you want to raise it to the level of marriage and call it a civil rights issue, that’s going too far.  I don’t think it’s going to prevail,” he said.

Some Marylanders are more optimistic.

“Ten or 15 years from now, we’re going to look back and say, `That was a quaint debate they had about same-sex couples.  Of course they should be able to get married,'” said Attorney General Doug Gansler.

The next step is Thursday.  If passed, the bill would place the question of gay marriage on the November ballot for voters to decide.

Comments (70)
  1. cire says:

    I’m straight and a real conservative – not a tea bagger or right wingnut theocrat – and and I’ll be at the rally.

    1. Patrick Roanhouse says:

      brother i might be a Socialist Democratic liberal but i’m proud to be working with you this message of equal rights for consenting adults!

    2. amanda says:

      you guys just need to leve them alone its not right to tell some one who they should be with just because you guys dont like it … telling a gay too date a girl is just like telling a straight to date a guy dont you people see its wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. angie says:

    I never approved of the same sex being together. I think it’s disgusting. Men were made for women and women were made for men. I can understand improving technology and science, but the gay marriage thing, it getting out of hand.

    There is a reason why they haven’t approved it yet. They should keep it that way.

    1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

      Angie, that’s your opinion & like a—holes, it stinks. Who are you to judge.

      1. drake by mistake says:

        Sounds like Bernie wants to place his tongue in a stinky male a—-hole. You people need to be on your own island. Pedofile lover.

      2. Mary says:

        Who are you people??? Just because someone agrees with same sex marriages doesnt mean their gay!!! WHY DONT YOU WAKE UP JOIN THE REAL WORLD!!!!!!

    2. Mary says:

      What makes it disgusting????? The world is so messed up today because of people like YOU! There are sooooo many people working on 3rd, 4th, 5th marriages, throwing innocent children into the middle of it, and you dont find that disgusting???? but because two people that are the same sex get married THEN you have a problem with it!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

      1. Crystal Moretti says:

        i agree!

      2. BOSS says:


      3. Jayson says:

        I want history to show that the minds of Marylanders is like a parachute…it works better when it’s open! All of you people who don’t understand true love are the against this bill. Take your sad, pathetic one sided ideology and understand that love is love no matter what sex you are. We are all part of the human race!

    3. Patrick Roanhouse says:

      oh if you think gay sex is disgusting you should see me any my girlfriend … she loves the anal sex. I bet if this was the 50’s you would also be the type that wouldn’t want races mixing … you know to keep the the blood lines pure and all.

    4. Mark Miller says:

      Is this even possible !!! Have they repealed the Sodomy laws in this state? The city of Sodom and three others were destroyed, no obliterated from the face of the Earth for just such things. In the KJ Bible Romans 1:26-27 declares,”For this cause God gave them up unto vlie affections: for even the women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet”. The take home message here is this; on Judgement day when you are before the LORD and giving account for your actions, you cannot say you didn’t know, because……. now you know.

      1. Judith says:

        Sodomy laws? Aren’t you a conservative? Wouldn’t the government policing the bedroom and how you choose to use your body parts the most government-intrusive patrolling possible? Also, I hope you know that sodomy includes anything other than straight v-aginal s-ex that is ONLY for reproduction. I would bet you engage in “sodomy” on a weekly basis.

  3. GCF says:

    I hate this Liberal state more everyday. Search (docking) and you’ll see why two men should not be married.

  4. karol says:

    Leave out the personal opinions and religious aspects of it- think about it this way:
    Hundreds of people probably leave this state to get married in another state- how much money is this state losing because of it?
    The cost of a marriage license in Maryland is $70. Let’s say 10 couples want to get married- that’s $700 right there. 100 couples is $7,000! Plus the revenue made by local businesses holding ceremonies and receptions.
    Personally, I think if it doesn’t affect me, it’s none of my business. Gays getting married does me no harm, and it should be legal. It does not infringe on any of my rights. But even without saying that, this state could really use the money and employment.

    1. baltimorelady617 says:

      Best comment I’ve read on this subject

    1. Patrick Roanhouse says:

      So is your use of all caps and improper use of punctuation. But you don’t see me complaining about your lack of education; oh wait i am!

  5. lenny says:

    you have the right to be gay but don’t try to force your lifestyle on us who feel your lifestyle ie wromg for whatever reason we have the right to disagree with you peacefully you live a abnormal lifestyle so get over it if the poeple here don’t agree with your life choices that’s your problem move on and stop whinning over it

    1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

      Im Heterosexual & nobody is forcing their lifestyle on me. You can choose to ignore it or accept it little person.

    2. Mary says:

      Im sorry, do gay people come up to you on the street and profess their gayness to you??? COME ON NOW????? they arent trying to force their relationship on anyone, they are trying to be happy.. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

    3. Mary Jo Bramble says:

      How is my being legally married to my wife forcing my lifestyle on you? We’re already legally married in DC and you’ve never met me, or know who I am. I’m sorry but doesn’t that seem just a tad bit paranoid to you?

    4. Judith says:

      Forcing their lifestyle- really? Let’s see. How many gay couples have walked up to you on the street and asked you out on a date, hand you a rainbow flag, and grab your crotch? My guess is none. I am gay. How many straight men have asked me on a date, slapped my a-ss, and stared at my t!ts for more than a minute? Over a dozen!

  6. Lauren Kile says:

    I’m bisexual and I’m gonna stand up for what I believe in ! Same sex marriage ! What’s wrong with it really ?

  7. Rev John Elder says:

    I wish people could and would understand this is not a choose life style.We are all made the way God made us. I wish I could set down with people and tell my story the way I was raised the way I was taught and what i have to do ,what is right and what is wrong, I was aised on a farm , at 25 got married have 4 children and all the time knew i was gay but that was not allowed in my family so i had to do what was right by the family . Iyoungest will graduate this yr from high School, got divorced over 15 yrs ago I have been with my partner for 20 yrs as of 12-23-2010. My x would nnot give me a divorce until I told her i would fight to get the kids and then she rushed to a lawyer. I hate it that i hurt her but why must I go through life living a lie and being unhappy just because someone eles thinks I am not right. Well this would be a sad world if all live the way one person would wont us to live . I must live this life that was given to me to live but God himself and make the best of it. Yes other states would love to have and are taken our money so that we can get married and if that is what we must do then lets do it and be what God made us to be . God Bless

  8. ron says:

    a bunch of fudge packers

    1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

      Ron, did you ever graduate 3rd grade?

      1. ron says:

        hey its my opionion man, who am i to judge, they have to live with that decision not me. i dont care if they are gay or not. i just say what i feel buddy

    2. Jayson says:

      Ron! you’re an idiot

    3. Jeff says:

      Okay. You don’t like a,ss, but it’s no worse than vagina! I think vaginas look like roast beef and smell like fish, but I don’t call you a fish-licker for it! Get a life!

  9. weezy says:

    I think it is disgusting, unless two hot babes are tangled together. Oooh La La.

    1. Barb says:

      I guess for men, whatever gets your d,ick hard is fine… unless you happen to be gay – then it’s a sin.

  10. Ronald Lee Norman says:

    I know a senetor that said that business’s might not support same sex marriage. Would not like to put 2 same sex people on the top of a cake. Therfore all bussiness’s that do not support SB#116 needs to put a sign at the entrance of their business stating so. So we DONOT support your business. Thank You and let’s see how fast you take that sign down.

    1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

      Ronald Lee, May I suggest English 101 for you.

      1. ron says:

        bernard its okay if you are gay. only god can judge you

      2. Bernard F Mc Kernan says:

        Ron, I’m not gay. I have a son who is though & believe me if given the choice, you, I nor my son would choose this lifestyle as it is anything but GAY.

    2. CKnick says:


      It doesn’t matter if Gay Marriage is legalized in MD. Currently, businesses service my partner and I everyday. They may or may not know that we are a couple together for 11 yeras. If they choose not to service us, we will take our money elsewhere. I guarantee you that the almighty dollar will prevale, especially in this economy. I think a wedding planner wil forget about their religious convictions when a gay couple come into their shop with a big, fat checkbook!

    3. Judith says:

      Um, old man Bernard, you do know that you forgot commas in front of and behind the phrase “believe me” and after “lifestyle”, don’t you? What happened to English 101?

  11. Big Love says:

    Polygamy next! You better watch what you wish for Mr. Gansler!

    1. Patrick Roanhouse says:

      um we already have that … its called marriage number 3 after divorce number 2. Silly goose don’t you know there is no sanctity in marriage anymore in the heterosexual community!

      1. Judith says:

        LOL – Patrick, you are great! You tell ’em!

  12. Eric says:

    To Ron and DrakebyMistake: I dare you to post your real names! Its pretty easy acting like a bigot when your identity is secret… reminds me of the Klan wearing hoods. Your comments on this board are offensive! I feel sorry for your ignorance!

    1. ron says:

      look bro, just because you are gay dont get mad at me. not a clan i have a right to have an opinion right or wrong. like i said before i have nothing against the fudge packers, if thats what they choose to do thats on them, i am not god so who can i judge

      1. Judith says:

        Ron, an opinion is not a derogatory name in civilized society.

  13. Morg says:

    If gays can get married then i can smoke pot. Why is it ok for one group but not the other ?

    1. Mary Jo Bramble says:

      Hey, I’m totally fine with you smoking Pot. That should be legal, too, anyway. Talk about bringing some revenue in.

  14. tylerjake says:

    Meanwhile the state continues to go broke, nothing else is getting solved and taxes are about to go up again….WOW, I’m glad this is such a priority!

    1. Judith says:

      Um- those of us supporting this have been working for it for years. I am 55 years old and have been working for equality in Maryland for over 30 years. This is a long time coming and just happened to show up this session. Thank God it did! Get a life – you are a bigot in disguise trying to make people think that your concern is the budget and not your disgust towards gays!

  15. Mary Jo Bramble says:

    Great point, Tyler. Laura Busch recently said that she warned George not to make the gay marriage thing an issue. But he ignored her. She’s for gay marriage, by the way, and was very smart about not making an issue out of it. But, alas, here we are. All fighting over something stupid (and I’m gay, legally married in DC), while the country falls apart. Gay marriage could have been achieved in so many better ways.

  16. patricia newland says:


    1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

      Patrica, what Greek written bible are you reading the King James version or the Catholic, or the Greek or any number of people who inked that based on innuendo?

    2. Judith says:

      “Good bless”? Are we supposed to take your word as the authority on GOD when you cannot even spell his THREE-LETTER name?

      1. sheriff willie says:

        Judith, You seem to have an anger management problem. Not enough dic?

      2. Judith says:

        “Sherriff willie” (sounds like a stage name for a performer at a gay bar if I ever did hear one)… I am les-bian, so I have no need for dic-k. Thank you.

  17. Lady T says:

    I personally say to each his own. I personally do not beleive in this lifestyle as I was brought up it was wrong. I have enclosed the bible verse and really how can you take this type of text and twist it around to your advantage.

    Leviticus 18:6 reads: “You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female. It is an abomination.” A similar verse occurs two chapters later, in Leviticus 20:13: “A man who sleeps with another man is an abomination and should be executed.” On the surface, these words could leave you feeling rather uneasy, especially if you are gay. But just below the surface is the deeper truth about God — and it has nothing to do with sex.

    Leviticus is a holiness code written 3,000 years ago. This code includes many of the outdated sexual laws we mentioned earlier, and a lot more. It also includes prohibitions against round haircuts, tattoos, working on the Sabbath, wearing garments of mixed fabrics, eating pork or shellfish, getting your fortune told, and even playing with the skin of a pig. (There goes football!)

    Another two cents that I have come across

    1. Jeff says:

      If you don’t believe that the Bible verses should be taken to prove how it is wrong, how then can you “not believe in this lifestyle”? Is it just the mental image of two d.icks or sets of t.its together that grosses you out, or what? You were “brought up it was wrong” probably because your parents were brainwashed by people preaching the ridiculous Bible verses you just tore apart. I really don’t understand your thinking, sorry.

  18. Hymie Lebowitz says:

    IT SHOULD NOT AND I REPEAT NOT HAVE EVER COME TO THIS! This is the problem with the world we live in today. Everyone thinks everythingis OK! Well it’s NOT! It’s not OK to be GAY! If we were all gay none of us would even be on this earth. It’s un-natural and its WRONG! PERIOD! Why are we wasting so much time and money to debate this!

    1. Patrick Roanhouse says:

      Its ok only between two consenting adults as long as one of them is not trying to gravely harm them … unless its doctor then they can cut there nose or chin or boobs up all they want! and they can do that on minors too!.

      Whats un-natural is your over use of CAPITALIZATION …. seriously what are you 16 year old in high school on a blackberry? OMG

    2. Anber says:

      Hey the world is over-populated anyway, right?

  19. Bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Glad that this site provides an outlet for the sexually frustrated men & women while entertainment for others. Thanks WJZ.

    1. Judith says:

      I agree, except I would stick old man Bernie in with the “sexually frustrated” crowd.

  20. Chris says:

    WOW, ok, you who worship your GOD have the right to do so, without question, and believe everything written in a book by men. We also know (those of us BORN gay) that we are who we are, and it is what it is, just as your faith tells you that there is a God, and you worship him because you KNOW he exists. If you choose to believe a ton of great people and families are going to hell simply because they are gay, then frankly, I dont want to be with your biggoted God anyway! Its true, we cant have kids the old fashioned way, but thats why God made a mix, not just one or the other.

  21. Steve says:

    When I see a man & a man or a woman & woman have a child on their own—not by adoption or any artificial means—but by normal sexual relations, I willl call it a marriage. I think I will have a long time to wait for this to happen.

    1. Judith says:

      So, I assume by your logic that a straight woman who cannot bear children cannot be married, an older straight couple past child-rearing age must divorce, and those straight couples who simply wish to have no kids cannot be married. You probably think it’s okay for divorcees to be married 2, 3, 12 times, though. Hell, you are probably one yourself.

  22. Fran G says:

    The sad part is, that “gay” folks have the same rights that all U.S. Citizens have and yet they feel the need for “special” rights. If you legalize same sex marriage, why stop there..legalize medicinal marijuana…. this should brought to the people of Maryland to vote on. Already there are crazy laws in Montgomery county where if a “Man” feels like a woman he can walk in the women bathroom or if a “Woman” feels like a man she can use the men’s facilities. These actions will only lead to more crazy actions/laws. I will move and take my tax money with me.

    1. Chris4747 says:

      Really? We have all the same rights as a hetro married couple??? Take a closer look you bigot, we don’t get anywhere near the sane rights… Perhaps you should smoke some weed, so that you can chill out and stop being an ass!!! Please do take your tax money and move… Maryland does not want, nor need your kind here in our state.

  23. Anber says:

    I stole this from a post my friend made but it IS ironic….So let me get this straight…………Kelsey Grammer can end a 15 yr marriage by phone, Larry King can be on divorce #9, Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage, Jesse James and Tiger Woods, while married, were having sex with EVERYONE, 53% of Americans get divorced and 30-60% cheat on their spouses. Yet, same-sex marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage? Really?

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