By Mary Bubala

PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — They didn’t take home “Best in Show,” but two local dogs did make a big impression at the Westminster Dog Show.

Mary Bubala reports that’s because it’s rare to have a father-daughter duo compete together. 

Meet Easter and her dad Halo. The Samoyeds are back home in Parkville, excited to be out on such a beautiful day.

It was just days ago that Easter and Halo were competing at the Westminster Dog Show, the nation’s most prestigious dog show.

“It was really exciting for me because I had two who are champions and two who were selected out of 26,” said Lisl Dutterer, dogs’ owner.

Only 26 Samoyeds — fluffy white dogs originally bred as snow dogs in Siberia — were chosen to compete at Westminster.  Easter and Halo didn’t win, but Dutterer says they love to go to the show.

“They can be asleep in their crates, but when we get close to the showground they stand up because they have a strong sense of smell.  They smell the other dogs, pick up the energy and excitement,” said Dutterer.

Many dog owners hire professional handlers to run the dogs in front of the judges, but Dutterer and her boyfriend Chris Moffett take the dogs into the ring themselves.

That’s not easy.  The leash always goes in the left hand with the dog on your left side. 

Many people also hire professional groomers, but Dutterer and Moffett do it themselves.  It takes hours to blowdry Easter and Halo’s hair, adding to the frenzy backstage.

“It’s a zoo, a dog zoo. It’s crazy and noisy and dogs everywhere, shaking water and shaking powder. Dryers are going all over and hairspray.  I saw someone putting mascara on a dog,” said Dutterer.

Halo and Easter hope to go back to the Westminster Dog Show next year.  You can see them up close at a dog show at the Timonium Fairgrounds in April.  

Click here for a look at a photo gallery of the Westminster Dog Show.


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