SALISBURY, Md. (AP) — Salisbury, Md.-based Perdue Farms Inc. says it plans to layoff about 100 employees at the end of next month.

Perdue has hired North Carolina-based subcontractor Unicon to employ chicken catchers at its processing plants in Georgetown, Del., and Accomack County in Virginia.

The company’s vice president of corporate communications, Luis Luna, says the decision was made to costs. He says Perdue is one of the last poultry companies on the Delmarva peninsula with its own catching crews.

Chicken catchers at Perdue’s poultry plant in Milford, Del., have already been laid off and subcontracted. Luna says the same change is being assessed at the company’s site in Salisbury.

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Comments (10)
  1. icare says:

    I know we are a society that thrives on eating animals but have you ever taken a step back and looked at the cruelty you are supporting? I know there are plenty of vegetarians and even vegans but the majority of the world consume meat which contributes to animal cruelty and inhumane care/handling, environmental problems and health problems.

    Just trying to enlighten those who may not be aware. “Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should”

    1. ACP21 says:

      We’re omnivores. We eat meat (for proteins, amino acids, ect ect) and plants (for vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, ect). You’re crying about how we treat the animals we eat? It supports cruelty? Have you even seen how many cats are put to sleep by PETA shelters over the SPCA and state-run facilities? The president of PETA even said she’d put thousands more cats/dogs to sleep than to submit them to the cruelty. Are you willing to take your cruelty argument that far?

    2. BW says:

      And what about the families of the workers that Perdue and all of the other companies employee? Its a paycheck that feeds their children! would you pick a chicken over a child? The point of the story is that 100 men/women are losing their job! get a clue!

  2. mmmm meat says:

    i love meat and i hope that this means that i can still eat all the chicken i can

  3. hermanthegerman says:

    Perdue is a prick.

  4. Mr Monday says:

    chicken finger lickin lip smackin delicious “”what u talking about willious”””

  5. Billiam says:

    What the flip is a chicken catcher?

  6. icare says:

    @ACP21 I am *against* PETA! I clearly have this posted on my site!

    @BW I advocate for the protection of animals, this is my goal and focus in life until I die.

  7. icare says:

    @ACP21 I am *against* PETA! I clearly have this noted on my site!

    @BW I advocate for the protection of animals, this is my goal and focus in life until I die.

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