By Vic Carter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There’s action taken following a WJZ investigation. Now Baltimore City and BGE take steps in response to dangerous stray voltage found across the city.

Vic Carter reports it is electricity that has the potential to kill.

A WJZ investigation uncovers decaying wires emitting dangerous — even deadly — electrical currents all over the city of Baltimore.

The death of 14-year-old Deanna Greene brought the severity of the problem to light. She was electrocuted at Druid Hill Park when she touched a fence in contact with a decaying underground wire.

Her parents were devastated.

“I tell my wife all the time, ‘You brought her into this world and she went out in your arms,'” said Anthony Greene, victim’s father.

WJZ wanted to know how widespread the problem was. Eyewitness News rode all over Baltimore with highly-trained experts. Their sensitive equipment found street lights, manhole covers and metal grates pulsing with electricity on many of the city’s busiest streets.

WJZ took the list of potentially deadly sites to the city and BGE. The result — quick action.

Ironically, on the very day Eyewitness News asked the city about the issue of stray voltage, WJZ was informed the city had expedited the purchase of equipment to detect stray voltage and to fix the problems.

“We have to be aware of stray voltage as a safety risk,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. “We take it very seriously.”

The city tells WJZ it has now checked and repaired the sites that it maintains.

“We’re gonna take every measure we need to take to ensure that everything is safe,” said Adrienne Barnes, Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

Some of the high voltage sites are maintained by the city and some by BGE.

WJZ also took the list to BGE which says it has now repaired the sites that it maintains..

“We’re doing what we have to do to address these issues,” said Rob Gould, BGE.

BGE plans to inspect half the city each year for stray voltage.

The question remains, without constant monitoring can BGE and the city of Baltimore keep people safe from dangerous, deadly currents? Experts say a one time fix is not the answer. Frayed wires that can potentially kill will keep cropping up.

“This is a problem that will keep occurring as the distribution system ages,” said Tom Catanese, power survey company. “You need to do repeated testing to be proactively going out and looking for these problems.”

As for the parents of the little girl who lost her life, they hope by raising awareness they can save a life.

“We pray and hope it doesn’t happen to anybody else and that’s why we’re doing this fight right now to make a difference,” said Greene.

The city wants anyone who knows of stray voltage sites to call 311 to report the dangerous condition.

Comments (13)
  1. Herman Glimsher says:


    1. pigeon says:

      Good, decent and respectible people, including children and elderly, live in those neighborhoods too – they should suffer because of dealers. Are they not already suffering because of them? Be realistic.

  2. Herman says:

    I agree with Herman and herman…

  3. Zeph says:

    Yes to both Hermans!

  4. anthony green says:

    What a Joke, they are putting a a bandage on a bullet hole. They are covering it up, the same way they have cover up what happen that night. We know they lied about what happen to my Deanna, if not why haven’t they open up the case. hold on Baltimore, it’s not over. Deanna,s Father Anthony Bubba Green

  5. anthony green says:

    If anyone wants to know the real truth call me at 443 985 9039 Deanna’s Father
    Anthony Bubba Green

  6. anthony green says:

    How are they going to fine the other problems, Baltimore? You the citizens will be the ones testing, with your life. They are counting on you to test buy reporting shocks? This is not how it is done, but this is how the city solves problem they ask you to help, go to video 32 on WJZ she the mayor SRB is trying to get your help on solving the problems of Baltimore City and if it does not work its your fault. How about this Baltimore, this is what they are saying behind close doors; in City Halls Law Department “Contributory Negligence” that it was my daughter fault she died.
    This what the law has to say, Concurrent causes Where two separate acts of negligence combine to cause an injury to a third party Baltimore City and the other parties involved ,, each actor is liable. For example, a construction worker negligently leaves the cover off a manhole, and a careless driver negligently clips a pedestrian, forcing the pedestrian to fall into the open manhole. Both the construction worker and the careless driver are equally liable for the injury to the pedestrian. This example obeys “the but for test.” The injury could have been avoided by the elimination of either act of negligence, thus each is a but for cause of the injury. The “elimination” was Baltimore City being released from the case and not owning up to being responsible to what happen to our Deanna. Trust me Baltimore they had to respond they got put on point. Now they are hoping that no one will speak up again. For all those in Annapolis, Baltimore City we are not going away. You will be exposed. But for the test, here is the test open the case back up Baltimore and give us the reports to do our investigation and stop hiding behind immunity this what the City is hiding from you Baltimore just like Stray Voltages they claim they can find ha if that was the case why didn’t the do testing before? You lied about what happen Baltimore! You want a fight you got it!!!

  7. Willie man hanging says:

    Anthony Green, Please, stop pulling your pudding man cause it’s affecting your few remaining brain cells left. Why don’t you stand on one of those corners & become the TOAST of the town.

    1. anthony green says:

      Willie maybe you are right, I am willing to sacrifice how about you, then the city will see what we are talking about, I am not mad at you for your remarks, I just understand you are like a big pat of Baltimore if you are from there. You just go along while the city is decaying and the elected officials just keep pulling the wool over your eyes. I invite you to join our team to fight this dangerous problem. Give me a call.

    2. pigeon says:

      You must be related to if not Derrickman – you are both an extremely negative and a bigot of an individual. Truely heartless also. Definitely self-loving based on your “name”.
      The family lost a loving daughter. A young lady who was trying to “get over the hurdle” and make something of herself and her family proud.

  8. liz says:

    Willie, you are wrong! You must not have children. This man and his wife are grieving over a loss that should never have happened. Would you not fight for your daughter if she were killed by fault of someone else? I would be doing the same things this family is doing.

    1. pigeon says:

      Liz, if you follow stories and look at who is making comments you will see this individual’s name too many times. I have yet to see one decent comment from him. He is what he is and his day for reckoning will come.

  9. anthony green says:

    For all of you, who are following our story, please continue and invite more, because more is still to come on how the city has handle this matter, yes it could have been someone from your family. Once you start to follow the story you will not believe it with your own ears and eyes. (Just google Deanna Green Druid Hill Park)
    Liz yes we are grieving and thank you for your comments but with the attention of making a change for all in Baltimore City. To minimize these shocks, Baltimore must know about the failing infrastructure. People need to know the facts and how the city is really handling the problem. I already heard they want me to stop talking, never until the truth comes out. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.

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