Fmr. Baltimore Basketball Star Once Compared To Jordan Finds Happiness

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — He attended school in Baltimore and was once regarded as one of the top basketball talents in the world. Although injuries cut his career short, he’s found happiness.

Ron Matz has more on Tamir Goodman and a life fulfilled off the basketball court.

Tamir Goodman was at the Chimes School in Baltimore, having fun with students at a basketball clinic. His once promising career was cut short by injuries.

“Because of my career and everything I’ve experienced, basically cut short of injuries, I gained a new heightened sensitivity to struggle and know what it’s like to be challenged in different ways,” said Goodman.

Goodman was once called the “Jewish Jordan.” The hype machine took over his life and he never achieved the stardom that others predicted. But basketball helps him break down barriers.

“I decided now that I can’t play professional anymore due to injuries, that I’m going to try to inspire as many people as possible through basketball and through my story. I feel like that’s why I’ve experienced so many things in my career to give back and help other people,” said Goodman.

Despite his on court struggles, Goodman has found happiness. While playing in Israel, he met his wife and he travels the world conducting basketball clinics like the one at the Chimes School.

“I try to do different types of clinics, camps, seminars and speaking engagements to do as much good as possible through basketball, whether it’s raising money for charity or breaking down social, economic or racial barriers. Whatever it is I’m determined to do as much good as possible through basketball and I believe that’s why basketball was given to me in the first place,” said Goodman. “Basketball’s a holy thing. Judaism teaches us that you can do good through every physical thing and I’m always trying to figure out what good I can do through basketball.”

Goodman averaged more than 35 points a game when he attended Baltimore’s Talmudical Academy. He went on to play college basketball briefly at Towson University. He currently lives in Cleveland with his wife and three children.

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  • Publius

    “was once regarded as one of the top basketball talents in the world.”

    That’s just a silly comment. Whoever wrote it doesn’t have a clue about basketball. That Goodman was called the Jewish Jordan was a comment about the lack of good Jewish basketball players, not the level of Goodman’s skill. He was a second tier D1 recruit not good enough to play in the top college programs. Even Gary Williams eventually realized this and backed off. Towson is not a college basketball powerhouse.

  • Kenyatta Cooper

    I was recently wondering whatever happened to this guy!!! Being a fan of Bmore basketball I like to keep up with past players thanks for this update!?!

  • Ed Hartman

    Goodman wasn’t a D1 caliber player. He is cashing in on his religion , not his hoop skills. There have been numerious people who are jewish who have shinened in the NBA and a few are even in the hoops HOF.
    Too many top coaches in college to mention.
    The only good thing one can say, is that uses his Baltimore celerety for great causes like the Chimes.
    Publius~~~you are absolutly correct about William reaction once he saw him play in HS.

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