Former Oriole All-Star and current Yankees broadcaster Ken Singleton joined The Norris & Davis Show to discuss all things AL East and the NFL labor situation and more.

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  1. Jim Piergrossi says:

    I was playing catch with my son and i beaned him in the head with a baseball! By the time I got to him his head had a 1/4″ lump and it kept getting bigger. I went to get his mom and I told her and she said are you joking! YES I’m joking about hitting your son in the head with a ball! Fortunately he’s ok but he often reminds me! 🙂

  2. Aggie says:

    Just a coincidental FYI!.
    Our daughter had nurse maids elbow as a toddler. The painful event happened three times. We were taking a walk. She tripped. We were holding.her hand. We went to break her fall and then it happened. She was screaming We took her to the ER.There we found out about NME.
    The second time it happened on the monkey bars in the park,
    The third time her Pop went to grab her from getting hurt in a family football game. Her elbow popped out. We took her again to the hospital
    This is the similarity, We checked in the ER.As we were waiting to be seen,She was screaming, She pointed to the candy machine. And said ” I want that.” With that movement she popped her elbow back in place. We all got up. Told the ER receptionist we were leaving.
    Then walked out of the hospital with a lot of stares.
    This little girl is married with 3 children. Her elbow if fine!
    Great Show! Daily listeners.
    How are the twins? L&D RN at St. Joes!

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