Kevin Byrne, Ravens VP of Public and Community Relations, joins Bruce and Bob to discuss the direction of the offseason in Baltimore.

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  1. bernard mc kernan says:

    Ravens need to get in the following order: Younger, faster, bigger & stronger. Could Flacco be better? sure, but he’s fine coming from the program he was in at college & don’t forget that he was a division 2 not a Big ten or Pac west ok. Ravens need to evaluate their running back situation along with WR. I personally never thought Stallworth got a fair chance & think he could be kept as a pass receiver , kick or punt returner at a price….Good luck

  2. tiffany mayo says:

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  3. Sheriff willie says:

    Tiffany, Go back to school you dumb ass. All you can think about is sex on a site that is sports……Let me guess, NO…You are Black.

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