ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland Natural Resources officials say commercial striped bass gill netting will be allowed for the final two days of the season, which had been closed after the seizure of illegal nets and tons of poached rockfish.

The department announced Tuesday that an estimated 200,000 pounds of the February quota remains uncaught and watermen will be allowed to fish on Friday and Monday, when the season closes until December. The season was closed Feb. 4 after 10 tons of rockfish were confiscated from illegal nets, prompting concerns the state would exceed its monthly quota.

DNR Secretary John Griffin also warned the department will be stepping up patrols, both on the water and at check stations, and poachers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

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  1. anyomous says:

    Talbot county watermans association with Bunky Chance at the helm voted to hire an attorney who was present and sue the Md DNR over santuaries and leasing of public fisheries bottom sunday at their meeting in Broad creek area .

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