BALTIMORE (WJZ) –The chaos in Libya has sent oil prices skyrocketing. Gas prices are now at a two-year high.

The national average price of regular grade gasoline reached $3.29 Friday, up 13 cents from a week ago.

AAA says prices at the pump could hit $3.75 a gallon by early spring.

To find prices at individual gas stations, click here.

Comments (10)
  1. art says:

    obama needs to make that change now cause we sure are not seeing it in our pockets

  2. Kojo Boateng says:

    ignorant comment, but i would leave you to wallow in your ignorance

  3. chris says:

    why is that an ignorant comment its only true

  4. Bryan says:

    Somebody needs to investigate why Oil Companies are allowed to price on fears and futures to the end customer, instead of on supply, demand, and (most importantly) based on what they already paid for the product.

  5. bernard mc kernan says:

    People will pay $10 a galloon & go without food, entertainment, clothing etc because gas is the lifeblood of their everyday lives. The rest of the economy will suffer as a result & thee country’s recovery will stop. This is a very bad scenario with disastrous consequences. The idiots that blame OBama for this mussy never have attended school or if they did sleep through class. Oil is like any other commodity that is traded on the market & fluctuates daily. Even the oil companies to a large degree have no control over this. What the U.S. should have had & had it back in the first embargo in 1973 during Ford Nixon years & Carter was an energy policy. Because of large lobbying, oil companies, & big business we have been living off of cheap oil for decades. It’s time to get off the oil TIT of the middle east. The Arabs are pricks & the Chinese our latest competitor, are worse.

  6. Cathy says:

    These stations have so many excuses for raising gas prices, we have our own oil,why do we not use it ,I for one am getting tired ofit,I know we need gas but if people would just use it to go where they have to mayme the stations will lose some money,if people keep spending they will keep buying,use public trans when you can,

    1. Bill says:

      There was a station in Harford County the last time gas closed in on $4.00 a gallon. He kept his price at the current level reflecting that he was not raising the price until his supply price went higher. The state government told him to raise his prices or they were filinig an injunction to have him shut down immediately! This sounds socialistic to me and Obama, Miller, Busch and Owe Malley are all in it and really against the residents of Maryland. They have state vehicles, with gas cards that we pay for!! If I was them I would not care either wake up Maryland

  7. Josye says:

    Why should I pay for public transportation when I ‘m paying for a vehicle ? You’re right Cathy, we need to use the reserves right here in this Country, at lest, till the situation is over in Libya. I think this is just another government plot to suck more money from our pockets. I, for one, is really to march on Washington!! The polliticians are too out of hand. I so sick of the taxpayers paying for everyone else to get FREE money, healthcare, education and so on and so on. IT’S TIME WE AMERICANS TOOK BACK OUR COUNTRY AND THE GOVERNMENT,.

  8. sheriff willie says:

    They’re all ballsuckers people & they’re bad for ya.

  9. Mike says:

    People can’t afford everything now with everything going up. Then the THIEVES in Annapolis want to raise the gas tax.

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