BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Johns Hopkins student is fighting for his life.  Over the weekend, he was riding his bicycle when he was hit by an elderly driver.

Adam May has the latest on the young man’s condition.

Family friends say the engineering student is in a coma.  Nathan Krasnopoler, 20, a sophomore at Johns Hopkins and Ellicott City native, was involved in a serious bicycle accident on West University and 39th Street near campus Saturday.

His family says  Krasnopoler stopped breathing and lost his pulse on the ambulance ride.  There is some good news from the MRI but no response from him yet.

Baltimore City police say the 83-year-old driver will not face any criminal charges, calling it an apparent no-fault accident.

On the other side of campus, plans are in the works to narrow lanes to slow down traffic, according to state highway officials. Now an accident this serious has many students on alert.

“You gotta be sure that you look around and not assume the drivers see you,” said one student.

“Sometimes the speed of the cars is too fast,” said another.

Krasnopoler belongs to the Beth Shalom Synagogue in Howard County.  They’re organizing spiritual support for the family.

The family is updating Krasnopoler’s medical condition on Facebook.

Comments (3)
  1. Mi Letz says:

    It is absurd that this is no fault, she obviously cut him off, or he wouldn’t have made contact with the car, nice Baltimore! Hitting a bicyclist and nearly killing them, or actually killing them is condoned…and seemingly encouraged.
    This makes me sick.

  2. Jim Stimpert says:

    I did not see the accident happen; all I know is what I’ve heard and read, but I do know that bicyclists routinely blow through stop signs and red lights in this city. I’m not blaming this victim (maybe he did stop at a red traffic light, as required by law), but it is certainly possible that the accident was not the driver’s fault. Bicyclists are vulnerable, and they would do well to practice “defensive riding,” rather than assuming drivers are aware of their presence and know what their intentions are.

    1. Mitchell says:

      There was no traffic light at the driveway to the driver’s apartment building. Get you facts straight before you post a stupid comment.

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