WOODLAWN, Md. (WJZ) — The Baltimore County executive rolled out his new plan Tuesday to bring more businesses and jobs to the Woodlawn area.

Derek Valcourt explains the county will be rolling out the welcome wagon to entice more businesses to call Woodlawn their home.

The county executive is hoping some targeted tax benefits will help create jobs and bring down some of the high vacancy rates in the Woodlawn area.

Aging office parks—in some cases, nearly empty—are scattered throughout Woodlawn.  That’s something Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz hopes he can change.  To do it, he wants to capitalize on two federal agencies headquartered nearby.  The county’s largest employer, the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, together employ more than 16,000 workers.  Kamenetz says Woodlawn can do more.

“It makes sense to marshal our resources and attract more federal growth in Woodlawn through Social Security and related industries and there’s a lot of private businesses that service these federal agencies that would also relocate here and do jobs,” Kamenetz said.

That’s why, under his direction, the county will apply to the state to designate a new federal center at Woodlawn Enterprise Zone, some 230 industrial and commercial acres near 695 and Dogwood Road, where businesses would qualify for property and income tax credits in order to encourage older office buildings to be remodeled or rebuilt and attract new business to town.  He says he’ll also put permit reviews in the zone on a fast track with the county, another major incentive for businesses.

“We think this will really get the economic engine rolling down Security Boulevard and create some job growth and tax base for Baltimore County,” he said.

The County Council will vote on a resolution to support an enterprise zone when they meet on March 7.

Baltimore County will hold a public hearing on the enterprise zone in two weeks at 7 p.m. at the Woodlawn Library.

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  1. Tony Big Baloney says:

    Won’t happen until the natives learn respect for others & themselves. You know what I’m talking about.

  2. d.bee says:

    yep, “natives” like u! remember, natives come in all shapes, sizes, and “colors.” watch yourself…

  3. peterthe geator says:

    d.bee, Natives come from the jungle, I’m white & civilized not some tree jumping chimpanzee like you porch monkey dirt bags always looking for something for nothing or something to steal.

  4. Scott S says:

    It’s true! When Whites fled Woodlawn, it began to decline. This is always the case.

  5. Scott S says:

    WJZ TV sensors certain “politically incorrect” language. Be advised!

  6. peterthe geator says:

    Scott, WJZ is a Hebrew run station that I have been bounced off this site more times than a basketball but like life, I speak the truth & don’t hide my disdain for the “Darkies” out there who refuse to help themselves without frost helping themselves to others property.

  7. peterthe geator says:

    Hey Kevin K, county exec. Let them jungle bunnies move into your neighborhood first. I’ll bet you that they would be gone faster than a fart in the wind.

  8. Normal person says:

    Who are you bigoted racist wackos??? I can’t believe these ridiculous comments.

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