By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is well-known across the country, but there’s a push to use rides and attractions to make it even more popular.

Jessica Kartalija has details of the plan.

Jay Brody, president of the Baltimore Development Corporation, is looking for fresh ideas, asking developers to submit proposals to add outdoor attractions along the harbor’s west shore, south shore and north shore.

“We are looking for younger people, a younger demographic who hasn’t been back to the harbor recently because they don’t know what’s new,” Brody said.  “It’s sad in the Inner Harbor; you just see box restaurants that shut down at 10 p.m.  Young people want good nightlife.”

Brody says ideas include zip lines and climbing walls, activities taking the place of the ESPN Zone that has been closed for more than eight months.

“If there were more outdoor activities to take the kids to, we definitely would participate in that,” said Jessica Peters.

While many of the ideas seem to target teens or young adults, families who live in the Inner Harbor area say they’d like to see more attractions that target young children.

“I think something that deals with more family-oriented children’s attractions always brings more people in,” said Quintece Hill-Mattauszek.

“The carousel being revitalized; it’s rickety.  I heard a train ride.  Anything geared toward children from zero to five to eight, to 10,” said Judy O’Brien, Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance.

The Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance is an organization that promotes family life in Baltimore City.  O’Brien, its president, says new ideas are exactly what the harbor needs.

“The Inner Harbor is our backyard.  We don’t have backyards.  We use parks and the Inner Harbor and green space and we need to continue to make more attractions,” she said.

About 15 million people visit the Inner Harbor every year.

Comments (20)
  1. Tony says:

    How about the already put on hold idea of a heritage streetcar line like almost every major city and even small to medium sized towns have in place from San Francisco to Kenoshia

  2. "Harm City" says:

    A petting zoo would be nice …oh wait this is Baltimore, the city that tortures and kills animals. My b.

  3. katie says:

    maybe they should worry about cleaning up the harbor water and making the area safe before putting a rollercoaster or other attractions there.

  4. James P Samm says:

    I guess we all can’t be a perfect JERK like Scott S, because we all couldn’t grow up in perfect JERK land. But for the rest of us maybe some summer concerts and bring band the various festivals that were held every year at Rash field.

  5. Scott S says:

    Hey, James P Samm:
    come on over to Jerk Land, you’ll love it here. It is a place where you can comfortably sit on your high horse and judge your fellow man and know for sure because you are superior in that you don’t have a criminal record, graduated high school and college, work at a very hard, but high paying job, have no out of wedlock children, own your home, vote, pay taxes and continue to show respect for law & order. Yes, Jerk Land is a wonderful place and I’ll never leave. So, again, come on over for a nice visit. You’ll never want to leave.

  6. Bite Me says:

    clean up the crime first then think about it in 10 years when the economy is better.

    SPEND SPEND SPEND on a budget with out findings LOL

  7. Barbara Boyer says:

    Put a Texas twist on the harbor. The Texas Road House!! It’s a awsome Steak house. Or A Buffalo Wild Wings. Check it out. Awsome sports Bar & grill. & the best dag gone wings ever. I spent 40 yrsin Locust Point. Saw Beth steele go pepis co go. I was there for the Transsition O the Baltimore Harbor. I have lived in Texas for 10 yrs. now. I need you to send some Real crab cake to me. PLEASEEEEEE ! They sure don’t know how to make one down here. The Chart house had the Best Crab Imperile.

  8. Bite Me says:

    How about we raise taxes and have a amusement park with free rides.
    just saying

  9. Bill Adams says:


  10. Bite Me says:

    How about we add another fountain like the west shore fountain project.

    only $1.5 million was wasted on that project.

    The good of project is for dogs urinating and free showers for the homeless

    I am sure there are chemicals in the water being used and no warning signs for the public
    Just saying

  11. Bite Me says:

    How about we build a Bull fighting rink now that over half of the city is occupied by new Americans
    Just saying

  12. Sharon Lieder Graley says:

    I liked the Power Plant and they took that away. It was a really neat place for kids and adults to go and hang out for the day.

  13. kinghenry says:

    How about we keep the gangs with their loud foul mouths & threatening manners, clean the trash up & anyone caught dropping trash cleans the downtown harbor for three months on their time. Get some decent stores in the harbor & please give us something good to eat beside Tawian crab meat from Phillips & stinking wings from Hooters. How about free concerts on Sunday afternoons & my final request that WJZ stop erasing my blog about this very subject….Remember, you get the government you deserve & we have a bad set of leaders in C.H.

  14. Debbie says:

    With the high crime in and near the Inner Harbor and the excessive parking rates I don;’t know too many people who even think about going there.

  15. whatnow says:

    I work in the Inner Harbor every day. IT STINKS. The trash and especially the urine smell is horrible. They take up all the benches in the shade so the drug addicts wont sleep there but where are you supposed to sit when it is hot and sunny. Even if you do find a bench, the urine smelling drug addict well come and sit on you. I have had it happen to me more then once. Then you have the roaming bands of foul mouth pants falling off teens. And then all the males spit everywhere. I only come down here to work and never for fun. Who wants to be around this kind of element.

  16. whatnow says:

    And besides, who has money for fun today. I’m too busy paying my BGE bill and trying to put a few drops of gas in my car. I can only afford groceries because I ride the light rail (another smelly, scary place).

  17. cc says:

    I live in Baltimore, work in PG county. I ride pass the harbor everyday. I have not been to the harbor in about 15 years. It cost too much to park, the food prices are ridiculous and the crime is out of control. The harbor is for the tourist who don’t know any better.

  18. James P Samm says:

    Scott S, So you do what 90% of everyone else does everyday! WOW! You sure are special! I don’t know where you came from or what rock you live under now. But anybody that judges people just because of the area they come from must be hiding behind other problems or insecurities.I wish you well Scott, you obviously have some issues if all you can do is sit on top of that hill and pass judgment on people you have know nothing about. You must be very alone up there.

  19. James P Samm says:

    How about a dunking booth filled with acid for the Westboro Baptist Church!

  20. gerrygriff says:

    Inner Harbor is a cesspool. Take a look at other port side cities such as N.Y., Chicago, San Francisco, etc. Baltimore is a cesspool. The downtown has no leaders of vision for the visitors. Even the science center with the overpriced I-Max is dirty & the attendants are rude. The visitors center, built on prime property would be better suited for public restrooms & is a horrible design & has no functioability..
    Baltimore reflects is leadership & is as was , always a jerkwater second class city.
    Too many coons, New Americans, Low tax base = DISASTER RESULTS!!

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