Up and down we go. And today is back down.

After topping out at 68 degrees yesterday, we are running about 20 degrees cooler today. The strong cold front that went through brought in this cooler and drier air, allowing sunshine to take over again. It will remain clear tonight and temperatures will drop back down into the 20s. Then, a new cold front passes well off to the north of us tomorrow. We will only see some clouds and feel the winds kick up slightly, but we will notice the warmer air moving our way ahead of the front. Highs are going back up about 20-12 degrees tomorrow, topping out near 60.

We are going back down again on Thursday behind the front as much cooler air moves in. We could see another 20 degree hit around the state with highs only near 40. However, this will be followed by yet another rise – although it will be a slower one. Temperatures climb back up to near 50 degrees on Friday and then they will stay in the mid 50s through the weekend. At the same time, a new storm will move our way. More clouds and the chance of a shower will return Friday but there’s a better chance for showers or rain Saturday night into Sunday.

On another note, welcome to meteorological spring! December, January, and February are statistically the coldest months of the year and so that’s why they are referred to as meteorological winter. When we turn to the page to March, that time is over and so the meteorological spring arrives. However, it’s theoretically still winter until March 21st – when the astronomical/calendar spring starts.


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