ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley says the state is ready to help retrain and retain steelworkers at the Sparrows Point plant near Baltimore.

Private equity firm Renco Group Inc. announced Wednesday that it has agreed to acquire three steel production facilities from the U.S. unit of Russia’s OAO Severstal, including the Sparrows Point plant, in an estimated $1.2 billion deal.

O’Malley says the deal holds the promise that Sparrows Point’s history of providing jobs with family-supporting wages will continue.

Renco says the deal will make its newly formed RG Steel subsidiary the fourth largest flat-rolled steel producer in the
U.S. Flat-rolled steel is used in vehicle bodies.

The deal also involves Severstal operations in Ohio and West Virginia.

(Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Comments (3)
  1. oscar arvelo says:

    Martin, Stop being the tooth fairy, the good daddy to all & how about dropping the 10 cent a gallon proposed gas hike along with numerous other birdbrain ideas of your & better yet, how about helping the taxpayers who actually elected you & keep you in that suv, gas free vehicle & house you live in.

    1. overtaxed says:

      Being the tooth fairy is exactly what got him elected. The liberals in this state were bamboozled by “moving Maryland forward”…they were too foolish to realize moving forward to democratic Annapolis is more taxes and more regulation (like we didn’t have enough of that before). Oh, and don’t forget, “If it comes out of my pocket, its a tax”. The fees referred to in that political ad FOR O’Malley are going up because of, you geussed it, O’Malley..

      But to the subject at hand, I bet the only reason O’Malley cares about Sparrows Point jobs is becuase they wear the Union label. Jobs in my area have been devastated by O’Malley’s mass regulations, but that doesn’t matter to him.

  2. Birdbrain says:

    Taxed to death,

    I did not vote for him and believe me you ain’t seen nothing yet. The gas will continue to go up and you got that right everyone is being devastated by these taxes in this state with unemployment sky high. These taxes will continue having a domino affect so that people will not be able to drive to even go to work soon.

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