FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office has charged a man with assault and harassment after he allegedly yelled racial epithets at a black man and pointed a gun at him.

Steven Heyden, 20, who is white, is charged with racial/religious/ethnic harassment and other offenses. He is being held on $75,000 bail.

Deputies say on Monday, a black man was driving when Heyden allegedly darted in front of his car, forcing him to slam on his brakes.

Officers say Heyden yelled racial slurs at the man, pulled a pistol from his waistband and pointed it at his face, and
threatened to shoot him.

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  1. WhySoSerious says:

    What a well written article! Pulitzer prize material.. (Being Sarcastic)

  2. Scott's County says:

    I have a very perplexing question? Why are non-whites (blacks, hispanics, etc…) never charged with racial hate crimes when they attack white people with assaults while their yelling racist epithets? For instance, the white woman on the Baltimore MTA bus who was savagely beaten while they called her white b–ch. I hate anyone being attacked for their race, but it seems very racist that only whites get charged with hate crimes. Did anyone know that the Beltway Snipers’ goal was to kiil six white people per day during their shooting rampage in 2002? Why were they not charged with hate crimes along with their vicious shooting murders?

  3. Scott's County says:

    Unfortunately, a lot of that is true, but not all. There are many black people who do go to college and work hard on the job. P.G. County has lots of very successful black people who work hard and pay taxes and own their own homes. I know plenty of them. But, no one has answered my question about why the double standard when it comes to hate crimes charges. Also, please stop the racist words. All this does is makes the person who spoke it sound like in-bred white trailer trash. It’s your right to be a racist, but at least try to sound like an intelligent one.

  4. Mike says:

    My question is…..Didn’t the Supreme Court just rule that there is freedom of speech even if it is hurtul?
    Why is this man charged wtih harassment (religous, racial or otherwise)?
    Does this country have a double standard??

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