WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Roscoe Bartlett says he supports having World War I veteran Frank W. Buckles’ body lie in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington.

In a letter Friday to House Speaker John Boehner, the Maryland Republican said the honor is not for an individual, but in recognition of extraordinary service to the country.

Buckles died last week at age 110 at his Charles Town, W.Va., home. He was the last surviving American World War I veteran.

The veteran’s daughter has urged lawmakers to let her father lie in the Rotunda to honor all of the war’s veterans.
Leaders in Washington have been divided over how to best honor Buckles and the 4.7 million other Americans who served during World War I.

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Comments (6)
  1. Bassman says:

    If a non-service connected politician can lie in the Rotunda, the last of the “Great War” veterans has earned his right to lay in the Rotunda and be buried in Arlington National Cemetary if his family so desires. Before we realize it, the NAACP and the ACLU will be controlling who is entitled to these honors.

    1. nancy macri says:

      i agree , this man has to be honored not only for his service and being the last remaining survivor to serve duringWW1 give not only his family but him the honor. why is there such a controversy over it???

  2. baltimore resident says:

    what is the debate about him laying in state there he was the last WW I vet he should be given that honor, but the great Obama won’t exert his power for that but if it was some Islamic deal he would be all over it demanding the due, this country is going to the dogs, I can see Egypt and Libya happening here in the near near future

    1. AT says:

      Oh stop it you drama queen. Obama’s not a Muslim…

  3. pigeon says:

    Just do it! He and every war veteran deserve that honor. They have done or do more for this country then any of our so called dignitaries.

  4. donmallory says:

    No No & No. You start tinkering with the law & the next thing you will have is Rin Tin Tin or a Lassie fascimle lying in state. The lived to be 110, that’s honor enough or punishment depending on how you look at it. His body is minerals to be recycled in the universie, his soul is gone & no Rotunda is good enough for that. He sleeps with the angels.

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