BALTIMORE (AP) — Constellation Energy says requiring utilities to buy offshore wind power will cost customers billions at the expense of more cost-effective clean-energy alternatives.

Gov. Martin O’Malley is supporting a bill to require state utilities to enter into decades-long contracts for offshore wind energy, which he says will create jobs and cut pollution.

Constellation Energy and its utility subsidiary, Baltimore Gas & Electric, say projected costs for pending mid-Atlantic offshore wind projects show customers would pay between $2.7 billion and $7.5 billion more over 20 years. And the company says that would also likely increase borrowing costs and hamper deregulation that has resulted in significant private investment in wind, solar and energy efficiency technologies.

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  1. gerrygriff says:

    Mayo “Schmuck” & his co-horts shoul all be in jail for criminal wrongdoing….& his wife sucks!

  2. alex says:

    Good its about time we got off coal and oil anyway. I will happily pay moreif it means a cleaner, endless supply of power for me and future generations. Why is it that so many do not plan for the future?

  3. ratm33 says:

    well go ahead and let a other company take over. I would love to see bga and constilation go out of bussiness. they deserve it. I would stand at their doors and laugh at them.

    1. Daniel Couch says:

      Well I hope you get fired from your job and can’t feed your family god you people are so dumb have no clue what it is that this is one we can’t just drop oil and coal fired power bc wind can’t keep up two you want your bill to go up even more bc thats what will happen to everyone in the pjm area but you all are so unawear of what is really going that you don’t even know what pjm is so

  4. Michael says:

    Of course Constellation is protesting this bill, Wind Energy is a natural business competitor to their energy provided via BG&E. It’s like saying “Breaking news, Burger King is upset because there’s a bill in the works to put up new McDonald’s”.


  5. Barbara Durkin says:

    I agree that offshore wind energy is cost prohibitive and unreliable, but this appears to be an about face on the part of James Lawrence Connaughton, the face of Constellation.

    “Connaughton served as Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and as Director of the White House Office of Environmental Quality, both positions held under president George W. Bush. As one of Bush’s senior advisers for energy and environmental policy Connaughton wielded enormous but largely unpublicized power. He was tasked with coordinating inter agency implementation of administration policy in the areas of energy development, environmental and natural resource programs.”

    “It has been rumored that Connaughton personally carried messages of support for Cape Wind from the White House to MMS along with demands for full approval of the project. Connaughton is now Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Public and Environmental policy at Constellation Energy.”

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