Md. Students Become YouTube Sensation

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Youtube Kids

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — State testing for Maryland students is underway, including at one school that was part of a 2008 cheating scandal.

But as Weijia Jiang reports, students there are boosting spirits with a song that’s now an Internet sensation.

At George Washington Elementary in Baltimore, Mr. Borndavid McCraw’s fourth-grade class not only prepares for Maryland School Assessment Tests or MSA, but every morning, they deliver a message over the intercom to get all students pumped up to take them.  And the song is going viral! McCraw produced a music video and posted it on YouTube, where it’s gotten nearly 7,000 hits.

“We needed to build their confidence and I know in Baltimore we love rap music, so I chose the most popular song at the time,” McCraw said.

To the tune of rap hit “Black and Yellow,” the eight class members sing about getting a good night’s sleep, eating breakfast on test day, and, most of all, about having confidence.

“Every time I have pressure on the MSA, I start singing the song.  My pressure goes like I’m taking a regular test.  I try to do my best,” said Jawan James.

“When someone says MSA, I just start singing the song,” said Amarnae Smith.

The principal says colleagues from across the state are calling her to get a copy of the song. 

Students have three more days of testing left.

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