Sykesville Considers Requiring Cleared Sidewalks

SYKESVILLE, Md. (AP) — The Sykesville Town Council will consider requiring that residents clear sidewalks on their property of snow. 

Other towns in Carroll County already have such requirements. Sykesville officials began considering the proposed ordinance after getting complaints about children being forced to walk in the streets to get to bus stops. 

Mayor Mike Miller says it’s a safety issue. 

The proposed ordinance would allow residents to be cited if their sidewalks aren’t cleared of snow within 24 hours of the end of the snowstorm. If residents don’t remove the snow in another 24 hours, the town can remove it and charge the residents. 

The council will conduct a public hearing on the proposed ordinance Monday. 

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  • Nightowl

    Slow news day?

  • MD Ex-Pat

    Children aren’t forced to walk in the streets, they choose to do so. Walking through snow may not be fun but it’s not impossible. If they’re going to school (bus stops) then how much snow can there really be? What about areas where there are no sidewalks? Will homeowners be required to shovel the single-track of dirt that borders the street? Will sidewalks now become a requirement everywhere because we’ve determined that you can’t be safe without them? If you are going to fine homeowners who don’t own them for not clearing them then obviously they must be a real necessity so why don’t we install them everywhere and then fine people for not clearing them?

    Sheesh. Where does it end? (Where the sidewalk ends)

    /Shel is laughing at you fools.
    //Still glad I left.

  • Terri Sevison

    To MD Ex-Pat – ARE YOU AN IDIOT????? Every resident of ANY town should clear their sidewalks of snow. They are public walkways and should be passable at all times, for safety. It says nothing about clearing dirt walkways. If there are no sidewalks, then school buses pick the children up @ their own driveways. No small child walks in the Street by choice. It just amazes me how some people in this day & age are still so BRAINLESS. They now have medications to help people with your condition, STUPIDY.

  • Herman Glimsher


  • Jonathan Chiles

    I live near Sykesville and this is typical of the Town to raise revenues. About a year or two they wanted to install speed camera’s around the town to obtain revenue. They wanted to put them up on MD-RT 32, for which the Town of Sykesville has jurisdiction of about a mile of the road. (and trust me, they milk that mile every chance they get)
    They also wanted to declare this private day care center a school, and the road it sits on is maybe few hundred feet long. The city is a Joke. It is a Historic town that try’s to get away with any revenue measure it can.
    As for the snow, that is just a cover to obtain funds. Besides, the only school that I can think of that kids would walk to, would be Sykesville, Middle, and even that is a very limited number of students that would walk.
    Desperate measures by desperate politicians!

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