BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A day-long deluge of rain causes flooding across Maryland. The Jones Falls was moving rapidly and even spilled over the banks in the Clipper Mill area of North Baltimore. That neighborhood was evacuated as the swift-moving water threatened to wash over a bridge.

It was also an absolute mess around City Dock in Annapolis. The water poured onto the roads there, and many businesses threw down sandbags hoping to keep the water out.

Kelly McPherson reports on the conditions in Baltimore.

The Jones Falls was raging all day long. Water is spreading across Baltimore.

“We’re all over the city watching low-lying areas,” said Chief Roman Clark, Baltimore City Fire Department.

Gov. Martin O’Malley has declared a state of emergency. The city evacuated the Mount Washington businesses near the Jones Falls—a spot prone to flooding.

“I wouldn’t want to have a business.  I wouldn’t want to own one of those stores in there,” said Sarah Pitts, Mount Washington.

Runoff spread onto I-83 North, shutting down a lane of traffic for hours. It was spreading from the bottom floor of the Penn Station parking lot.

The city towed dozens of cars before the owners arrived at the station. The water and raw sewage mixture damaged several cars and filled the air with quite an odor.

City crews are working to clear out debris that washed into flood zones, including the heart of the Inner Harbor.

“You’re going to see rivers and creeks begin to rise up over the banks,” said Quentin Banks, Maryland Emergency Management Agency.  “The local jurisdictions and the state of Maryland will keep a sharp eye out for that because it has a potential for causing flooding.”

The danger will continue after the rain.

 “This is a situation that we have to keep our eye on closely,” Clark said. “Sounds like it’s going to be a busy night.”

Serious floods reached far beyond Baltimore.

Kai Jackson continues our First Warning Weather coverage with a look at other counties across the state.            

Maryland was deluged with rain Thursday night. Sky Eye Chopper 13  was over some of the worst of it on Race Road in Essex.

Annapolis was also pummeled by the heavy rains. Precipitation that fell so fast and in such large amounts that it pushed the harbor water over the dock, flooding the streets.

“I think it’s a disaster. I live two doors down and I can’t get into my house,” said one resident.

There were similar problems in Harford County. Flooding forced authorities to close roads, and drivers had to find alternative routes to their destinations.

Bay Drive in Middle River is saturated from the storm and the nearby Chesapeake Bay. The motto “Turn Around, Don’t Drown” is applicable there because the road is too difficult to tell how deep the water is.

The Miami Beach area in Baltimore County, which is prone to flooding, had standing water on several roads.

The Gwynns Falls in Woodlawn was pushing water over its banks at points.

“I think it’s horrible, and if you don’t have to go out, stay home,” said Yvonne Burgess, Rosedale.

Baltimore City Fire Department is asking residents not to call 911 for reports of flooded basements, as it is not a routine practice for the fire department to pump flooding from basements. Unless the situation is dangerous and there is a need to an emergency response or rescue, city residents are asked not to call 911 for basements floods.  Call 311 instead.

Residents can take these steps to stay safe and reduce flooding in their area:

  •  Clean trash from storm drain inlets. Keeping drains clear of trash and debris is crucial in preventing localized flooding.
  • Avoid parking on top of storm drains. Vehicle tires can prohibit runoff.
  • Report blocked storm drains that cannot be cleared to 311 so that DPW crews can address them.
  • Stay Informed. Monitor the storm on local TV and radio stations, and listen for updates from city officials. Citizens who live along streams or in places that are subject to flooding are especially urged to stay alert and to be prepared to move their vehicles or evacuate.
  • Don’t drive on flooded roads.
Comments (9)
  1. Doug says:

    You scream , The Great Flood.
    I see a wonderful ,early spring rain,that is Charging my well water.

    The ten most dangerous words in the English dictionary are,

    We’re from the government and we are here to help.

    1. Mike says:

      Its only a spring rain like every year!!!

      1. lotsoflaughs says:

        If you haven’t checked out this blog yet you should. It’s got a bunch of really funny stories that are all super clean. I’m trying to get more readers to my blog in hopes of being able to publish someday. So if you check it out and like it please tell family and friends about it.

  2. Robin says:

    The only State of Emergency that Owe’Malley should be concerned with right now is the illegal issues. Because of him and his croonies, we all have been wading for a long time now.

    Hope any American citizen experiencing flooding problems right now are safe.

  3. Mandy says:

    We need to stop putting trash, debris & other thing down the storm drain if you see it pick it up & recycling it be for it go down the drain. The more we do to keep it clean the less it will be block & go in to the Chesapeake bay. When the river or anywhere there the tide is low go down in there to get the falling tree branch or anything else out of there so it can not damage bridge structure or anything else. The floods can be less & more room for the water to go to when there is not block in the water flow.

  4. selina says:

    Are schools open or closed since maryland is under state of emergency.

  5. Michael says:

    As I left my house this morning and walked to my car I noticed my grass was a little more rejuvinated, the mulch in the flower beds was a little darker and the sidewalks were clean.

    Sounds to me like the begining of another Spring and not some crazy State of Emergency.

  6. marina pratt says:

    So far, the worst things that happened to me today are: our dog got lost and our friend thought he lost his camera as he got on a plane to leave. The camera was found…the dog was not..She is a tiny brown chihuahua and she is wearing a pink dress…she was there and then she was not there…Her master is unconsolable…the pink dress is to prevent her from chewing on her back—Her name is Mims–I mean very tiny. The last time she got lost, she was wearing her collor with a tag…this time she is not…But..for all of that, we live in Perry Hall and have had a couple of passing storms but nothing serious except for the thunder and lightening that forced me to turn off this computer…I hope everyone will drive carefully, especially if you see a tiny dog in a pink dress –The last time she did this she was found on route 43…and the masters of the universe managed to guide the finder to us. This time, we are completely puzzled…I sure hope it does not rain hard tonight..she is terrified of thunderstorms.

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