BALTIMORE (AP) — Law enforcement officials from around the Baltimore region and the state are gathering for a forum on guns and gang violence.

Gov. Martin O’Malley is expected to lead a discussion on opportunities for collaboration at the forum in Baltimore on Thursday.

O’Malley is also expected to introduce two new tools for law enforcement officials. The facial recognition software and comprehensive warrant database are available through a web-based clearinghouse for criminal histories.

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Comments (2)
  1. Chalkie says:

    Well O’Malley if you did something about the illegal immigrants you could almost get rid of 1 major gang in Baltimore that has spread through out the city and surrounding areas. The gang is the Kings or spanish kings which is made up of mexixcans and central american trash. But you and the rest of the idiots in Annapolis want to give illegals more and more of a foot hold here in Maryland. As you call them new americans. They are breaking the law just being here, and most have criminal records back in thier own countries. But the democrates need every vote possible and continue to do things that doesn’t benifit the majority of marylanders, just the needs for themselves. This state is going more and more into the toilet with our elected officals, starting with the head idiot our governor.

  2. Jackie Aurburn says:

    chalkie, your absolutely right and if the stuck on stupid omalley supporters wouldn’t keep voting the same ole back in office, we could clean up the corruption in md. Estimated $2billion tax $$ a year to illegal aliens in md. O’malleys’ new americans like stealing our $$.. But they vote!! Viva la casa, Ivey, ramirez, leggitt, guittierez and others big supporters of illegals and casa de md. We managed to oust Sen. Munson for his support of illegals. whose next!!

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