WikiLeaks Suspect Gets Sleeping Smock

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — The Marine Corps says it has issued a suicide-proof sleeping garment to the imprisoned Army private suspected of giving classified material to WikiLeaks.

Col. Thomas Johnson said Thursday that Pfc. Bradley Manning was given the smock Monday as a substitute for clothing that is removed each night from Manning’s cell at the brig in Quantico, Va.

Manning says in a memo to base commander Col. Daniel Choike that the clothing-removal order on March 2 was punitive. He says the bulky smock is uncomfortable.

Manning’s memo is a rebuttal of Choike’s decision on March 1 to deny Manning’s request for an easing of the maximum-custody order that keeps him locked up alone 23 hours a day.

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  • Gary

    Why would he kill himself LOL he didn’t do anything wrong.

    • seestraight

      Are you ignorant? Or a traitor too?

    • Gibbs Bentley

      Julian Assange was a member of the Anne Hamilton Byrne cult and this private is a scape goat. No private has access to this info that was already pretty much known. People love to have a hero that is going up against all odds. This is government controlled opposition propaganda. has the Australian 60 minutes episode about the cult and Assange

    • Lew

      Read: “War is a racket” by two-time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley Butler.

    • roblavett

      No sense in kiling himelf, when so many would gladly do it for him.

      • God's Mustache

        Distributing vital information IS a dangerous thing. Good thing he only had a Lady Gaga CD. If he had a box cutter or a plastic knife he could have brought down the whole enchilada.

        That’s why I prefer my employees to keep me in the dark. I got me some NASCAR watch. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        Anyone that thinks a private was able to divulge the massive amount of information he is charged with doing so, must be more medicated than a Lady Gaga groupie locked in a pharmacy overnight.

        The entire Wikileaks scam/operation is government run from top to bottom. If you can’t digest these complexities maybe you should turn on your TV and tune into Dancing with the Morons. —

      • Patrick Henry

        @Harold E Vincent

        And when they’re done with him, they’ll come after slaves like you for being too stupid to recognize how criminal your government has become

      • Michelle

        You idiot slave.

      • hubbabubba

        Maybe Michelle can “smother” him?

      • Harold E Vincent

        Police cadets, military cadets and recruits, and others really do need some live target practice. One knee at a time, or elbow…

    • Capt Awesome

      Except for the whole betrayal of his country and the treason thing, yeah.

      • Raymond A Wood

        Damn where did all the commies come from, go to iran and spout off there and see how long you keep breathing. in most countries this dude would be dead already be thankful where you were born

      • Patrick Henry

        @Capt Awesome
        I think you mean betrayal of the corrupt political establishment and military industrial complex. As for the country, a lot of us are pleased with his actions and consider him to be a true patriot

      • Shelly

        Yeah, the USSA should keep all its lies and crimes hidden and the people should be kept in the dark and fed sht–like mushrooms, because that’s about how smart the citizenry has become anyway.

      • Capt Awesome

        Yes, you certainly are proof of the slipping collective IQ.

      • CommonCents

        I’m not letting him off the hook, his actions show he was a traitor.

        However, there’s a lot more treason occurring in D.C. EVERY DAY.

      • Against Capt Awesome

        Your words themselves are Treason to this country sir. YOU ARE THE TRAITOR!!!!

    • Ben

      Anything wrong? He is a traitor

      • God's Mustache

        You can’t be a traitor against a tyrannical government.

      • Against Capt Awesome



    • Nick

      Yes, except become a traitor to his country and jeopardize the freedom and safety of all his fellow citizens…

      • bob

        You got to fell sorry for Nick. He has pledged so much allegiance that his brain has slipped into neutral. Nick, It was your govt that just killed 120,000 people. 50,000 were NATO or US.

      • Patrick Henry

        And what about the oaths to the Constitution taken by members of the military, intelligence community, AND the political puppets? Why are they not all presently being fitted for “suicide” suits?

        I have no doubt he will suffer for his actions, but you too will suffer for your willful ignorance and self-imposed slavery to establishment hypocracy.

        Uhhh…. huh? Why don’t you scoot off and vote for a war-loving neocon, buy some warbonds, and drink some fluouride – and call it all patriotism

      • Adam Smith

        No, not having this information has jeopardized our freedom!!! The same as the Patriot Act. Who will hold “THEM” accountable???

      • RULE of Law

        Except? Except? Prove it, Nick, Prove it. We have LAWS and PROCEDURES SUPPOSEDLY here, not so sure any more… that protect us from punishment UNTIL we are PROVEN guilty. Nick, read the Constitution. Try to find out what it means to be an American. Hard to do now, but with your audacity, you can do er.

      • Against Capt Awesome


      • ethancase

        uhh… he’s only in jail because he was in the military. the rules of laws apply differently to them. idiots. regardless of whether this info was right for joe schmo to have the fact is he swore an oath and took on a responsibility as a member of the intellligence community and as a soldier (not a civilian therefore doesnt have same rights as we do until he is discharged). he broke one of the most seriously laws we have and will suffer the consequences.

    • Steve

      Releasing classified information is a federal offense and he signed a contract acknowledging that fact.

      • Answers Please

        Steve, …what “contract” does American society respect or hold non-negotiable… like it all hinges on what “IS” means. Marriage license/contracts? Adoption contracts (Torry Hansen airmails a 7 yr old boy she adopted back to Russia alone and gets NO jail time, NO questioning, but the US State Dept Rep tells TV reporter they are going to Russia to try to thaw the freeze Russia put on Americans’ adopting their orphans (because Russia called Torry a Child Abuser that has the stamp of approval of the USA), and when the reporter asks if they (State) talked to Torry, he snapped back NO, and we do not intend to talk to her, there is NO NEED to talk to her.) Too many failed contracts easy to get out of in the USA, so why would a product of this society think a military contract is any diff? Where IS that Muslim who hates Americans and killed a bunch of us on our Military base, the guy that the not so smart but very PC chiefs in the US Military promoted in positions to help the “mental health” of other military? Why aren’t those promoters behind bars for aiding and “comforting” the enemy but are quick to put a 23 y/o in solitary for months nude, in the dark, 23 hrs a day? Where are your brains, Americans?

      • bob

        Steve, the copyrighted material and porn on you PC is more than likely Fed felony material, The bottom line is if the govt wants to imprison someone, they can. Just like that. The average working professional commits 3 felonies each day.

      • Charlie

        Manning violated his oath by providing classified military information to our enemies, an act that he not only admitted to, but even bragged about. He does not deserve the relatively honorable execution by a military firing squad, but a humiliating one in which he empties his bowels and bladder while dangling by his neck at the end of a rope.

      • Angry American

        Hey Charlie, did we see your pix not long ago on top of a pile of Abu Graub prisoners of USA Military Experts?

    • Dennis

      They’re going to murder him and call it suicide. They just need news articles about him on suicide watch before the killers can get away with crying suicide.

      Who’s “they”? The state who doesn’t like having their “state” secrets out. If we can’t even name these people we should REALLY be concerned.

      • Answers Please

        Hey Newbern, does that idea make you proud? Do you like what happens to incarcerated human beings who are being punished for crimes by being held in prison away from “civil” society, do you figure those rapes and beatings by crazies part of what you deem punishment… that takes the full responsibility off YOUR hands… i.e., let Mikie do it? Shame and more Shame on what we have let happen to the very best Constitutional Republic ever in the world. Yes. Shame on US, the USA. Where are those who defend freedom, where are those who the world counted on to help them attain freedom by a simple NO FLY zone. We catch them on TV flashing the V sign, and we hear them say Please, we need help. We do not have the equipment to defend against the TYRANT’s MILITARY goons. All we ask for is a NO FLY ZONE. Hey you soldiers on this site, why aren’t you making the Con Artist represent Freedom… THAT is his job, THAT is his CONSTITUTIONAL and MILITARY OATH. What jokes and braggards. Defend yourselves, make the Con fulfill HIS contract with America. Listen Up. We used to love our military personnel and hold them in very high, special regard, and we KNEW they represented freedom, the protection and achievement of freedom. Now most of us are ashamed of the goofs in our Military Leadership, and the poor kids wanting a better “life” and this society only gives them the option of military. We even bring in FOREIGNERS and give them FREE education, etc. for saluting for a short time… and you can bet they ain’t gonna get shot in the process.

      • Newbern W Johnson

        Dennis, if “they” wanted him dead, “they” would have put him out in the general prison population. He wouldn’t last a week.

      • Patriot Alpha

        And your point, is?

      • RULE of Law

        Yes, Dennis, that’s the plan. Can’t let him live after all the perverts jailing him have spent time with him, naked and in a straight jacket. Geesh, somebuddy might have taken some pix of their “soldiering” actions in that windowless tiny cube. Betcha he is murdered. When he is, there will be more h*ll to pay than what they got away with in Iraq. Don’t like them being called perverts? No PC here useful idiots, read on for your fodder.

      • AJ

        Exactly! There are so many sheeples out there who are brainwashed by our evil govt to believe that the military is a bunch of sweet innocent people when they are really a bunch of killers who will do anything our evil govt asks them to do and not think twice about it. I am ex-military myself and I am ashamed of that because I know what the military and our evil govt is really about. Truth hurts, don’t it sheeples? If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

    • Adam Smith


    • Chad Coulter

      If he would endure his hardships silently like a good soldier instead of acting like a little baby then i might start feeling sorry for him. But I would also bet that the commander might show some compassion for him if he did that as well.

      • Against Chad now

        Get a life Chad, Obviously you haven’t even been in the military because that is NOT how it works.

    • FromA LongLine of Americans

      Paid Goons: You do not qualify as Americans any more than the Con Artist Obama does. The American Military we respect does not isolate a 23 yr old who has not yet been tried or proven guilty (remember those requirements American CITIZENS?) of anything. The Perverts in our Military keep the kid nude and in solitary (wonder who is visiting him, do not trust those “guys and gals” since PROVEN untrustworthy by pix from Iraq jails) and put him in what we know is a STRAIGHT JACKET (maybe to prevent him fighting off the perverts). Americans, where are you… are there any left? Did you hear the Con answer the CBS reporter today who called him on his candidate statements that the USA would come to the defense of those fighting for freedom, against tyrants… the sh**a** repeated the reporter’s statement and covered his a** by adding that we would do so along with other nations… this global freak is no American, and those perverts hurting this 23 y/o are definitely not Americans.

      • Angry American

        Yes, Thomas Jefferson. They are no longer strong minded freedom loving and protective of our country. Some, bless ’em, have that thought, but very few. State of the Military proves it. Our Founders demanded that citizens have the right to bear arms… militia… as free people. Well, to protect ourselves from the swarming tyrants in our country now, seems our Founders meant we have the right to EQUAL arms, not slingshots against nukes, so we need and have the right to some individual upgrading looks like to me. “They” are trying to keep guns away from Americans and are scared poopless that somebody might figure it out that we have the right to ARMS not just shotguns. Semper Fi in the true sense.

      • bob

        Hey TJ, I think “military-worship” is abbreviated as; fascism.

      • FromA LongLine of Americans

        jmac – Unions are like anything else. Started out with good purpose, to level the working field and prevent abuse of workers… and there was plenty of it. Family members did a lot of stuff to get Union in a small town many eons ago… brave, very brave guys with smart strategies – proud of their success and no one hurt. Human beings get lazy and that opens the doors for tyrants and thugs to move in and take command. That’s why we have the warning that Freedom requires constant VIGILANCE. Lazy Americans are what happened to the Unions and that’s what has happened with our government offices. The cheeseheads in WI cheer their great GBPackers Team as do many of us… but clearly they have no idea of what Lombardi taught that organization or they wouldn’t let the Dems skip town, and they would demand negotiation and compromise. Lombardi taught necessity of personal integrity and courage, which is missing in most of our national sports today in exchange for greed that has destroyed any concept of players being role models. Cheeseheads are afraid. I know Union work. I know how the thugs prod and promise the employees (I hate the term Workers, it’s soooo commie.) Can’t let the thugs take over, Americans. Take back the Unions from the “bosses”, take back our government from the “con’s”. Settle the dispute and TELL THE BOSSES how it’s gonna be, don’t trot out for them so that they have more power over you.

      • ThomasJefferson

        I agree. The military-worship in this country is unbelieveable. It’s like the state religion. Few things could be more unamerican. Our Founders believed a large standing army was a persistent threat to liberty — and they were right.

      • Jmac5280

        Unions are very unamerican as well but democrats love them

  • Mrs-Dolly-Madison

    “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country” – written by the author of the book “Profiles In Courage”, telling the story of Americans who stood up for the truth even when it was unpopular. That author was President John F. Kennedy. The enemies of America did not imprison JFK on trumped up charges and submit him to cruel and unusual punishment. They simply blew his brains out. Thank you, Pfc. Bradley Manning for your service to the U.S.A.

    • Dolly-Madison Sucks

      Mrs-Dolly-Madison: You are an un-American, freedom hating, ignorant sycophant, not to mention an absolute dolt. Please leave.

      • bob

        freedom hating???? Wha….what?

      • Rolls eyes

        Seriously, you can see the irony, can’t you?

      • Voice of Sanity

        Your words themselves REEK of TREASON. How can you sleep at night even thinking this is how America works. Don’t you even realize that this country was FOUNDED by people like Pvt. Manning? Those not afraid to speak out of the atrocities their so called rulers were asking them to commit. I SALUTE YOU PVT MANNING!! YOU ARE THE TRUE AMERICAN HERO. And not these whiny, redneck, Fox watching, Rush & Hannity loving losers…

    • W.T.Sane

      I am an American soldier. I am writing this from one of two war zones in which we are currently engaged defending your right to write such drivel. This whining traitor increased the danger I, and my friends are placed in daily, again defending your right to be an ass.

      My choice you say? You are right, as selfish treason and giving aid and comfort to the enemy was the choice of this child. He deserves to be judged by God, and it is the duty of the American Military Court to arrange the meeting.

      For your freedom to wax idiotic, you are welcome

      • Angry American

        Respectfully…. your comment was great. Thanks. This might be pulled, some of my comments have been blocked.

      • Peter McLean

        Well done, W.T., and carry on.

        Thank you, my friend.

      • bob

        W T Sane, I know you mean well. Many weak minded folks get caught up in a “honor” military mindset. Not to burst your bubble, but you are doing absolutely nothing in defending my rights. If you are in Iraq you are in a war with unprovoked people resulting in 120,000 deaths. If you are in Afghanistan you are part of a lost cause of killing people. You are siring up animosity in the entire Muslim World. You are a little tiny expendable piece in a political game. You are endangering yourself. You are causing yourself lifetime mental anguish. When you get back home make sure you stick with in psychiatric help. Stay alive!

      • Patrick Henry


        Kissinger also said “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy .” Unfortunately, this is a sentiment shared by the political theater government, the military industrial complex, and the globalists of Kissinger’s ilk.

      • HJohnson46

        Thanks for your service.

      • david mock

        Well said and thank you sir!

      • JMS

        Thank you for your service, sacrifice and commitment. You’re a great American. I pray for your safety and the success of your mission.

      • BrokenBlade

        Thank you for your service, and for the well written and honest response to Dolly.

        Stay safe. God speed.

        Semper Fi

      • Cody

        I hope you’re a victim of your own evil mr. baby killer.

      • Harold E Vincent

        Attenhut! —Hand Salute!!!! ;D

      • June

        May God bless you and keep you and your buddies safe, American Soldier. You are beloved here at home. Not only do you valiantly protect and defend my liberty each day, but today you also put a big smile on my face with your astute remarks.

      • Patriot Alpha

        From a Former Marine to an American soldier, I salute you with SEMPER FI Brother!

      • chifields

        semper fi, mac

      • Dave

        @Cody– “Baby killer”? Are you calling this man a liberal?

      • Michael_CO

        From one soldier (former), to another: well said !

        Stay safe, brother….

      • Johnathan

        Thank you for your service! Please let the rest of the men and women in your outfit know that we support them 100%

        Now, to the idiot that called these guys baby killers Go drink some more of that tainted kool-aid you idiot! Get a life and grow a pain of balls!

      • Army - 13A


      • Respectfully

        First let me say thank you for your service. I respect you and everyone serving on the ground in our military. You are doing what most wouldn’t and you truly exemplify the best of our country.

        With that said, I can not support the leaders of our military, our politicians (and their aides) who direct our military, and most of the work done by the “intelligence agencies” especially the CIA, and the careless ways they direct men and women like you and sacrifice to meet their ends. Just look to what Henry Kissinger said, ‘you are useless eaters who only deserved to be directed in conflict.’

        A simple non-mythical look at our history, even the last 100 years reveals how insidious these people/groups are. Because of that I can not in clear conscience serve or reccomend anyone to that cause.

        I will end this with some quick items to take note. Did the Pentagon Papers not stay with anyone? Vietnam was a travesty and escalated based on false information (Gulf of Tonkin). It also revealed the government misleading the public as far back as Eisenhower. So if it started then, it is so much worse today. Therefore, wikileaks and others are needed to bring these lies to the forefront.

        Look up Major General Smedley Butler USMC. Arguably the most decorated pre-WW2 serviceman. His conclusion upon retirement, THAT WAR IS A RACKET, and is verified by our Imperial occupation of Iraq and Afganistan, at the cost of soldiers lives and tax money no one has. If we were there to accomplish missions, especially catching Osama Bin Laden (worked with CIA in the 80s fact) or finding WMD ANYWHERE in the Mideast it would have taken a year if fully committed, but we were only committed to the continued racket……. I mean justification of the un-Patriot Acts…..I mean wars.

      • Voice of Sanity

        I don’t buy it. You are a very LARGE republican loser sitting in your mother’s basement typing on a dirty crumb infested keyboard. Go tell your mommy that your computer is acting funny so she will buy you a new one.

        Don’t sit there and lie about your false service

    • thetruthshallsetyoufree

      JFK didn’t write “Profiles in Courage” – his lawyer Ted Sorensen did. Sound familiar? Just like Obama didn’t write Dreams from My Father (see “Deconstructing Obama”)..

      Liberals lie, period. And then whine & complain when they get caught.

      • Voice of Sanity

        No, sorry, what you hear from Liberals is called verifiable truth. The drivel that spills from your self serving lips is the Lie…

    • Michael

      Two things: JFK did not write Profiles In Courage and Manning has threatend suicide. If he managed to commit suicide, you would be the first to protest that the military should have watched him more closely and taken stricter measures to prevent him from committing suicide. You can’t have it both ways.

      • Patrick Henry

        And who says he threatened to commit suicide – the very same people who fitted him for a suicide suit? Does being a sucker ever get tiresome?

    • MillitaryMom

      The real Dolly Madison would lay you out !!!

    • RULE of Law

      Dolly, thank you. Doubtful that the quick on the finger keys have any idea who Mrs. DM was. Yes, thank you Pfc. Bradley Manning for your service to the U.S.A. AND, thank you Assange, for your service to Freedom. No, the enemies of America didn’t use trumped up charges on JFK. Always thought his diddling of Marilyn along with Bobby incited the crosshairs on both of em. Never thought Courage had anything to do with deceit and cruelty foisted by the “elites” on whatever they saw and wanted. Truth is a floodlight on the roaches.

    • Recovering Democrat

      Hello, Dolly. You actually believe JFK wrote that book? Wow.

      If JFK was alive today, he would vomit when he realized what his party has become.

    • Jmac5280

      18 Republican senators from Wisconsin report getting death threats after passing bill to end collective bargaining for most public workers

      This is the Democrats verwion of Democracy.

  • Ted

    Solitary will induce insanity in this one.

  • Lala

    He’s getting exactly what he deserves! And it’s just going to get worse because real Americans don’t like traitors…

    • Lala in the mirror

      Hi I’m Lala and I believe everything my government feeds me because I cannot think critically and am a mind slave.

      • Capt Awesome

        HI, I’m Lala in the mirror and I believe anything Obama and MSNBC feeds me because I cannot think critically and am a mind slave.

      • paperpushermj

        Hi LaLa> So you are a Democrat

    • CapAsshat

      I’m a mind slave and can only see people two ways: left or right, US tax payer or heathen…

    • Jmac5280

      I sure as hell don’t believe a thing Obama, Pelosi, or Reid are telling me. Remember it is the democrat party that is molesting our children at the ariports;

      • Jmac5280

        The partiot act went after terrorist phonecalls. Obamas new security goes after Americans

      • Dave

        The Patriot Act specifically includes Americans. Obama’s a criminal. So was Bush. And most of congress.

      • Dave

        And you think it would be any different under Republicans?! They proved it wouldn’t. Patriot Act – took both parties to participate. Dems condemned it, but they keep voting to extend it.

      • Jmac5280

        Take it to th esupreme court

      • Dave

        What?! Lord knows I hate the Democrats, but DHS and TSA was created under Bush, with its agenda furthered by Bush’s DHS chief – Chertoff. We’ve got the Republicans to blame for creating that agency and the dems to blame for allowing it to continue. They’re all guilty.

      • Jmac5280

        the new body screeners and the enhanced patdowns are ALL obama baby. All verifiable.

  • idiots

    yeah we should keep military secrets secret because no one has the right to know

    • Patriot

      Correct! All you need to know is that your FREE in the USA!

      • Rummy

        Long live the USSA!

      • Dave

        His free in the USA what?

      • Voice of Sanity

        HAHAHAHAHA, Yes, very free until Fox news & Rush tells the mindless slaves that the scary brown people have come to TAKE YOUR JOBS!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! DERP DERP!!

    • Capt Awesome

      No, you don’t. Should they have told everyone about the Normandy landings in 1944 because ‘everyone has a right to know’? The military has secrets for good reason – to keep Americans alive.

      • Michelle

        You mean to keep them willing slaves.

      • Capt Awesome

        No, we have no slaves here, except for people like you.

      • Johnathan

        @ Michelle

        There are millions of slaves in the USA, they are called TAX PAYERS!
        I’m betting you are one of those trolls that drank the “No war for oil” kool-aid too.

        Now that you’re messiah is president look at gas prices… Where is that damn oil in return for the billions we’ve dumped into these dust bowls in the middle east? I want my damn ROI already!

      • Jmac5280

        Which party wants to force auto companies to put breathalyzers in all new cars sold in California. Breathalyzers that will force you to continuously take breath test during your drive to prove that you are not drinkiing regrdless of whether or not you have ever had a dui charge or not. That would be democrats. Who is running the nazi state in this country? Again that would be democrats.

    • paperpushermj

      Just because you want something doesn’t make it a Right

    • CV

      So by that logic, we should print directions for how to make atomic bombs and biological weapons and chemical weapons. Free info for all! Put it on WikiLeaks!

      • bob

        CV, really! get a grip.

  • mdb276

    It’s funny how we all whant the truth till we get it. our government is so full of liers and cheats. So make them pay for what they do. Justice for all.

    • cv

      Liars….didn’t you get the red underline?

  • Nycrandyg

    KILL this sissy already!!!! Put his execution live on pay per view. Use the proceeds to pay down our welfare deficit.

    • idiots

      first of all, pay per view wouldn’t pay the deficit because that is privately owned. Secondly, what did he do wrong to be a sissy? If anything this man has balls of steel. Third, just what?

      • Sissy Hater

        You didn’t know that he is Gay(Sissy)? Yes, it’s true…

    • Sissy Hater

      I’d pay to see it! LOL!!!

    • Proud Redneck

      Amerika is best and if you don’t bleed red white and blue, FU, I’ll kill you!

      • Freedom Lover

        Your a commie or Jihadist in disguise. FU you Freedom Hater….

  • moke1138

    Well all you freedom loving, American patriots must remember that in the US under the Constitution “ALL” are innocent until proven guilty. Since so many of you, including some of our brave soldiers fight overseas, maybe we should just though the whole thing into the can and hand it over to the tyrants.


    Good luck.

    • Capt Awesome

      We’re smart enough to spell the word ‘throw’, at least.

      • Voice of Sanity

        yup, you sure are smart aren’t you Capt Awesome… Can type on a keyboard & EVERYTHING!!!! Why, i’ll even bet that you figured out how to tie your shoes all by yourself. KUDOS!

    • Brokenblade

      He was a soldier in the US Army, he took an oath to enlist, he also had a security clearance which required a number of other consents & agreements on his part regarding the secrets he was privy too. And he’s not covered under the same law as a private citizen is, his crime & punishment are covered under the UCMJ.

      He committed an act of treason during a time of war, that is punishable by death. Just because you wish it to be something doesn’t change that fact.

      • bob

        Brokenblade, you have a oath as well, a pledge. So when your government commits crimes you should support them to the fullest. hummm, Germany come to mind. How are you at burying people?

      • Harold E Vincent

        You said one thing wrong right off the bat. He was a limp-wrist playing pretend because he was told by his special friends that they like “guys” in a uniform.

    • Say what

      Learn the English language you MORON. It appears that someone from WI educated you.

  • Sailordude

    I bet he was totally clueless about what he was doing.

    In a little freaky liberal daze as he downloaded file after file after file.

    Reality bites!

    • ThomasJefferson

      All military members are de facto big government liberals. From an economic standpoint, there is no difference between the government making payments to soldiers and the government making payments to welfare or SS recipients

    • Voice of Sanity

      Dont mistake your own downloading of porn to be only a liberal failing Sailor…

  • richardporter

    Pvt. Bradley Manning should be released immediately.

    • Capt Awesome

      No, he should be held and tried. He committed a crime. Is that too much for you to comprehend?

      • patriot19

        If we make whistle blowing a crime we’ve lost our way and are no longer free.

      • Voice of Sanity

        @ Capt Notsoawesome

        Hey i know!!! All pvt Manning has to do is say that GOD MADE HIM DO IT. And then all of the Redneck Fox loving mindless slaves will nod their heads in agreement and go on with their lives. Yup Yup Derp Derp

    • Justice

      Nope, I’d go for the execution ASAP!

    • CV

      I agree. He should be released in the middle of Afghanistan.

      • Voice of Sanity

        Along with yourself of course… Right Traitor?

  • jerry

    This “soldier” was a hero until stuff about the current administration leaked.

  • reality

    “Government whistleblowers are part of a healthy democracy and must be protected from reprisal” – Barack Obama, 2008

    • Harold E Vincent

      If I corrected all the inaccuracies in your statement and explained them to you in 4th grade English, I would have to write a book too.

      • Harold E Vincent

        This was intended for “Dolly”- sorry!

      • Harold eater

        What a completely pointless and evasive response Harold, face the facts.

      • reality

        You are so lost in your contentious bravado you don’t even know what you are doing on your own keyboard.. CONTROL YOURSELF PROPERLY !!!!!! PAY ATTENTION !!!!

    • Harold E Vincent

      I wonder how long he’ll be saying that after all the information starts coming out after he is kicked out of office?
      I suspect he’ll pull a HillBillary and claim “Well, that’s different”! “This is ME”!

  • General Ripper

    this puke’s crimes pale in comparison to those of the fraud in the casa blanca who is stealing and destroying our nation’s essence.

    • Harold E Vincent

      Because someone else is being an unethical and immoral jerk does NOT make this unethical immoral jerk right.
      That is like saying your neighbor cheated on his taxes so you think you’d be okay to rob a bank.
      It doesn’t compute. Non-sequiter!!!!

      • Jacques Toupe

        harry, you incredible dope, how can you possibly interpret what the general said in that way? and by the way, it’s ‘nonsequitur,’ brainiac.

    • Voice of Sanity

      I do agree with this poster that Pvt Manning’s crime pales in comparison with what is currently in Washington… however, the proper house to point at is the House of Congress and not the WH…

      • Jacques Toupe

        voice of insanity, you’re a typical leftist asshat, spinning and distorting a salient point into some sick liberal assault on conservatism.

  • Friday: Fire and Water Cover Japan Following 8.9 Mag, Bigfoot startled by shotgun [video], more… - Dateline Zero

    […] WIKILEAKS Suspect Gets Suicide-Proof Sleeping Smock… […]

  • Stan_DC

    A “suicide-proof sleeping garment”, what is that, like an adult diaper?

  • reality

    “Government whistleblowers are part of a healthy democracy and must be protected from reprisal” – Barack Obama, 2008

  • Richard Lease

    He is in a Marine Brig not a cushy white collar fairy palace he committed a treasonable act against this nation. He should be judged by the UCMJ and have a General Court execute sentence on his miserable ass. Receiving the proper and ultimate sentence ( I doubt he will get that) May God have mercy on his soul because this old Marine would not.

  • Lee

    This is sad, idiots attack a man that joined in service to defend his country so the poeple in his country can call him a killer and a theif. They attack an individual and yet vote continously to keep the man in a situation they do not want him to be in. They voice their opinions that he is the evil, this man that comits no sin but has taken upon him all of thier country’s sins. You name throwing idiots, and harlets, you have no justification for your judgement, but you still cast judgement. Thank god that we have an all volunteer military, and none of these name calling nuts every have to get their hands dirty.
    Now, this Bradley Manning is being kept safe from the other military prisoners of the which are more than likely still loyal to their country. This man is not a whistleblower, but a lost disallusioned little boy who thought he was in the right when he was in a very wrong place, and could not see the fact he was being used.

  • Jmac5280

    Like most democrats, PFC Manning is a traitor to his own country. Not only is Manning willing put the lives of his fellow soldiers in jeopardy for his own political beliefs, just as the democrats did with our soldiers in Iraq, but he is also willing to endanger the lives of his family and friends that live in this country. Personally if he’s going to commit suicide let him do it, it will save us the price of a bullet. Having served in the Marine Corps myself I have no pity for this man.

  • Justin

    Silly why would he kill himself? Write a book!

  • Jake

    A traitor in our time, a hero in the history books. Too much lack of transparency, too much manipulation and gatekeeping. Iraq was a farce with the WMD claims. Saddam had nothing to do with 911 directly.
    To the soliders who serve our country, thank you and god bless you. Biut I don’t understand the connection to Iraq or Afghanistan deployments protecting our freedom of speech. To me the radicals will never win on our soil.

    The kid certainly deserves to be publicly banished. But death by firing squad? I mean come on. Can we be that hasty with a topic as evolving and sensitive as the internet and wikileaks? It is his life.

    • Jmac5280

      The radicals are already winning on our soil. Ever heard of the TSA and the molestation of americans at our airports as a show of “security.” All of this while they know that a terrorist can walk right through tsa security with explosives undetected. But it’s for our own safety…. Don’t you feel safer knowing everybody and their children are being groped at the airport? Americans asked to report their nieghbors if they think they are doing anything suspicious. Dont you dare mention the word Islam and terrorist because you will encourage more terrorism. The Radicals have already won.

  • Nate

    He understood the duties of his job when he took the oath. His alleged crime has nothing to do with whether or not it was moral or right to supply cables to wikileaks, it has to do with violation of the law he willingly volunteered for and agreed to obey in order to wear that uniform.

    • Answers Please

      Nate, get the Con Artist to obey the Presidental Oath of Office. What will you have done to him when proven he is not qualified by birth to be sitting in the Oval Office. Public Gallows? Solitary Naked in windowless Cube 23 hrs/day? General Population? I believe this guy is a fraud and has been placed in office by Chicago powerful on Wacker Drive… just like they placed their buddy Emanuel in Daley’s chair and shoved him off stage. Now there’s some big boys who “willingly and knowingly” lied to us to get control… the freaks. Wake up and smell the coffee. This kid is a hero, and is being punished by the big ol I Will Close Gitmo Promiser with the title Commander In Chief.

      • Jmac5280

        the kid took an oath which he violated. He commited treason in a time of war. He purposely put the lives of his fellow soldiers at risk. This kid is no different than Timothy McViegh. He hated the govt and didn’t care how many americans got hurt or killed because of his actions; just like McViegh. He is subject to military law, he will betried under the UCMJ. Hopefully he will get the death penalty just like McViegh did.

  • meeester

    I sure don’t want him to die from suicide.
    However, if a trial finds him guilty of treason I would be satisfied if his life was terminated.

    What impact on our deficit might we expect from selling chances to pull the trigger?
    I guess that may be premature to consider, and not very senistive to his feelings. my bad.

  • Ghostsouls

    Manning should press to get to trial as soon as possible before obama and holder gets out of office. His best bet is socialist obama and eric holder who refuse to do anything about terrorism. If he waits too long and election takes place and obama is ousted, he’s done for.

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