BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The head of the Baltimore City homicide unit will not face any charges after he abandoned his department vehicle on I-95.

Major Terrence McLarney was suspended after his police cruiser was found along I-95 near Route 32 in Howard County last Sunday.

Major McLarney says he was traveling onto the off ramp as the vehicle in front of him began swerving back and forth on the rain slick roadway, according to police. McLarney says he then braked hard and his vehicle began to slide and left the roadway.

The Maryland State police have concluded their investigation. They’ve determined McLarney simply lost control and slid off the road, and no traffic charges will be filed in the case.

The investigation revealed no damage to any people or property.

Comments (11)
  1. Adam l says:

    What a joke, typical double standard!

  2. brian says:

    Sound just like some police sh**

  3. sucker says:

    sounds like what I’d do after a single car crash if I was ‘dirty’. Walk away from it and say I’d gone f\to call a tow-truck, then not return till days later or just pick it up in the corrupt, thieving Impound Yard after calling a mouthpiece …

  4. joe schmoe says:

    of there is no crime, (he did not cause personal injury or property damage) there is nothing to charge him with.

  5. Herman Glimsher says:


  6. I got those big 20's says:

    He was smoking crack drop his pipe and ran off the road thats the truth i have inside source

  7. howard says:

    he had to be drunk who in there right mind drive off the road in not report it . what he do walk home.

  8. allamerican says:

    Who is this Toad kidding?…Us, the citizens that will pay his salary & in a short time his pension when he announces his retirement. Investigation? You are crazy, over a couple of beers they decided this was the course of action. This guy has a cell phone, a tax payer vehicle, crashes in a rain storm & walks away in the middle of it when he full well knows procedure?…Believe that & I;ll believe Stevie Wonder will catch the game winning pass for the Ravens in the super bowl.

  9. THE BLUE SHIELD says:

    So he just walked from Rt 32 and I95, come on . Hypothetical situtuation. Police unit pulls up to crash scene . What seems to be the problem ,Sir have you been drinking tonight . Subject reaches into jacket pulls get out of jail free card otherwise known as a BALTIMORE CITY POLICE BADGE. All radio transmission ceases, cell phones come out , subject gets ride home. End of problem except somebody leaked that a abandoned police cruiser was towed.

    If Police cruisers was found off the road with nobody with it there would have been the biggest search and rescue search since Trooper Wolf was killed.


  10. Baltbob says:

    Well lets see he gets out of car leaves it there and walks away gee just like he did on the charges against him did you all truly think or exepct anything to happen to him open your eyes up and see what the law has truly shown on this case so I say the hell with them all get rid of all of them and get some hardworking honest peopke in there to do the job the way it was ment to serve all of us no mater what there title is in the law

  11. disgusted says:

    What a joke. Any normal person,including a cop, would make a phone call…not leave the scene unless you are hiding something!

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