PORT DEPOSIT, Md. (WJZ)—Cleanup efforts are underway across Maryland after heavy rain and flooding shut down roads and bridges. The powerful storm left the Inner Harbor covered in debris. Crews were able to clear it all up on Friday.

At the Conowingo Dam, flood gates are now open there.

Mike Hellgren has more on the conditions.

The water is higher: 15 gates are open now and they estimate 20 by 3 a.m. This will peak with 25 gates open between 3 and 7 p.m. Saturday.

More than a dozen gates are now open at the Conowingo Dam, sending a massive amount of water rushing to the small town of Port Deposit—where flooding fear is real. More gates will open Saturday.

“You’re looking at backyards flooding out, basements flooding out. If they have to open anything over 30, you’re looking at second floor, 10 feet of water in the town of Port Deposit,” said Michael Campbell, Port Deposit.

Roads are already closed. Emergency preparations are underway. But it’s nothing new in Port Deposit.

“This has been here for about 300 years, this little town,” said Judy Clark, Port Deposit resident. “And it’s still here. It’s flooded a lot of years, so I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon.”

You can see the awesome power of the water. The dam’s general manager says at least 25 gates will eventually open.

“We haven’t been to the 25 gates since I believe 2006,” said Diana Hart, general manager. “The projections do change based on what they’re seeing coming down. I know between yesterday and today, just after the actual rainfall event, the projections did change slightly, so we continue to monitor that.”

Many came out just to watch the water.

“Right now it’s tough. It is bad. I’ve seen the water high before, but not like this. This reminds you really of Niagara Falls,” said Jerry Trout, observer.

Rains from the same storm that had the Baltimore area cleaning up led to the gates opening, and communities along the Susquehanna remain on alert.

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency is on 24-hour watch. In addition to the flooding in Port Deposit, they also expect some localized flooding along the Chesapeake Bay in Frederick County and along the Potomac.

There could be some voluntary evacuations in Port Deposit.

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  1. Sandy Teal MacKenzie says:

    The Patapsco River, crossing Baltimore Co. into Howard County in Ellicott City so far, was ok this morning at. 5:15. Thank Goodness….!!!

  2. Viewer says:

    Why no video on your mobile site?

  3. truthteller says:

    is Japan going to send us help with this clean up or,do we only help them?

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