7-Year-Old Girl Viciously Attacked By 2 Dogs

DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ)—A little girl is fighting for her life after she was attacked by two dogs in her Baltimore County neighborhood.

Derek Valcourt spoke with the girl’s family at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

That little girl is recovering from one surgery, but family members say she’ll need many more as a result of a vicious dog attack.

Amanda Mitchell, 7, was playing outside of her home on Villager Circle in the Boston Court neighborhood of Dundalk on Saturday evening when two dogs that live nearby attacked.  They were initially described as pit bulls, but have now been identified as American bull dogs.

Her mother heard her screams for help.

“They both were yanking. One was on the left, one was on this right side of the cheek,” said Orleen Lambert, victim’s aunt.

“My sister is laying on the bed in so much pain,” said Myeshia Mitchell, victim’s sister.

Myeshia says her sister has already undergone extensive surgeries to her face and head after the dog’s strong bite ripped out Amanda’s braids.

“She has stitches from her lip going up to the top of her head. She has staples in her head,” Myeshia Mitchell said.

Family members believe the dogs were somehow able to escape their fenced-in yard. Several neighbors had to rush to help stop the attack.

“One neighbor tried to help with his shovel,” said Iana Lambert. “He gave the dog two hits with his shovel and the dog still wouldn’t let go of my niece, and he hit the dog the third time and that’s when he let go of her.”

This is hard and really shaken for the whole neighborhood because all of the kids come out and play in the area where the attack occurred.

“They should put these dogs to sleep because these dogs are unsafe for the neighborhood period and anywhere else,” Orleen Lambert said.

It’s unclear whether the dog’s owners will face any charges.  The dogs were later euthanized. It’s still unknown why they attacked; the investigation continues.

  • Sarah Sams

    I’m sorry this child was atack by a vicious dog. But I really wish that the media would stop trying to push pit bull negative propaganda on us. Pit bulls are NOT responsible for the majority of dog attcks. Check the stats. People aka owners are the problem. I hope the little girl is going to be ok. And pls punish the owner not the dog. .

    • melanie leiben

      Sarah is exactly right! I adopted a pitbull from baltimore city animal control after he was taken from a home with no food, no water and no shelter living outside. He is the biggest baby and sweetest dog you would want to meet. I used to fear pitbulls before being educated by PitBoss and other shows on tv. Nico is the best thing to happen to me after my dogs death in July, WHICH my doberman shepard mix was WAY more vicious than my pitbull could ever be. Please educate yourselves people….its not fair to the dogs out there that need love and a good home.

    • Pappy Anderson


      • danielle

        That just sounds stupid. Thats just like saying everytime a human is shot its by a human so the whole breed should be destroyed. You should go read a book.

      • Lisa

        People like you should be destroyed. Are you seriously that stupid that you trust the media report things that arent as terrible! There are plenty of dog bite cases but they want to focus on the worst ones for the media sensation.

      • JQP

        it wasn’t air bull stupid

      • bill

        and so should u

      • alfred caswell

        youre a joke i guess we should all be destroyed we as a spieces have killed alot more viciouslly and without cause than any animall.your not going to hear about the other atacks cause noone wants to hear about it

      • Jessica


        That is such an ignorant, uneducated statement. People believe what they want to believe and in truth, the little girl in this story was ACTUALLY attacked by two American Bulldogs, not pit bulls. WBAL ran a correction today http://www.wbal.com/absolutenm/templates/story.aspx?articleid=69237&zoneid=3

        So maybe, “Pappy”, you need to be informed before running off at the mouth.

      • Anthony Edward

        Pappy you mean like this one where it was orginally reported as a pit bull and turned out to be an American Bulldog. The answer is easy the media emphasizes pitbull attacks over other breeds.

      • Brenda

        Because that’s all the media focuses on. Give me a break, no one would really care if it was a friggin Jack Russell. People with your mindset need to be destroyed. SMH. If this offends you in anyway, then my job here is complete!

      • RLG

        first…you need to read it says American Bull Dog…they are not the same dog but i am sure you already knew that and being the type of area the attack happened in the dogs must have been abused i have had both American Bull Dig and American Pit Bull and both are the nicest dogs great with my new born twins and other family member. So maybe they need to kill the owner because I’m sure this will not be the only American Bull Dog attack because the are the NEW thing for Dog fighting. So before you write something read the whole story first…

    • danielle

      They did say charges against the dogs, they said the owners.

    • Tyrone Washington

      I’m sick and tired of brainwashed pit bull owners not coming to grips with how dangerous their “little doggies” are. Why don’t other breads of dogs act this way? All I hear after attacks after attacks after attacks are excuses after excuses after excuses. WAKE THE HELL UP!!! The pitbull breed isn’t misunderstood, people know exactly how dangerous they are.

      • Love My Pitbull

        For YOUR information, our “little doggies” are not as bad as the media likes to make them out to be. I have a half pit/half lab that was abused and she is the nicest dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My mother also owns a full blooded American Pit Bull Terrier and he about as nice and friendly as they come! He lets my seven year old sister climb all over him and play with him! He even sleeps with her in her bed at night! In fact, my cousin who is a vet tech told me that she fears labs more then she fears pit bulls. She said that she has never once had a pit bull patient come in and been fearful of it! Also, when I was young, I was bit in the face by my dad’s beagle mix… so does that mean that all beagles should be destroyed? Educate yourself before you spew such hateful comments about something you CLEARLY know NOTHING about!

      • Sheena

        Tyrone: Pitbulls are dangerous when they have dangerous owners. Just like children, if not taught properly; they end up in jail.

      • Anthony Edward

        Tyrone I’m sick and tired of ignorant narrow minded fools who run their mouth without a cluie. Here’s some advice try actually learning about dogs before spouting off.

      • Brenda


        read my message to Pappy. I could stay on here all day and comment on the stupid things you people write, but I can’t waste anymore time on uneducated people.

    • pitty owner

      i second that i have 3 pittys my self and they are the best well manner dogs around. its not the dog that want to attack someone its how the owner brings them up.i know many people that own them and i would trust a responsable owner that has one would have a well trained and sweet loving dog. ITS NOT THE DOG ITS THE OWNER. tHE madia just want to make this breed out to be killers but there not

    • jimmy

      Really Sarah, the breed in it’s self is vicious. That’s why they were created. So tired of hearng how it’s not the breed but the homeowner.

      Pitbulls should be banned, it’s not a neccassary breed to have around. It’s not man’s best friend. Its a vicious killing machine, it’s a ticking time bomb, waiting to go off.

      And really, don’t punish the dog, “I hope as soon as they test them for rabies, they are put down.”

      • Jennifer Griffith

        The breed itself is NOT vicious. In temperament tests given to thousands of dogs of all different breeds, the pit bull actually scored higher than the golden retriever. It really is dependent on how they’re treated, & whether they’re neutered or not.

        Incidentally, many of these so-called pit bulls who have attacked people are actually mix-breed dogs. The true American Pit Bull Terrier looks nothing like what most people think of as a “pit bull.” They’re slim, not stocky.

      • danielle

        It IS the owners people train them to be vicious just like any other dog can be trained

      • Lisa

        You should be put down.

      • mo

        Testing for Rabies is done by examining the brain AFTER Euthanasia.

      • Tiffany Redman

        It makes me sick that people want to say they are killers. Yes they have that instinct but it is on how you raise them. You would be angry too if you had to sleep outside and not get fed. It is all on how they are treated. I will defend these dogs because I have two of them and they are the sweetest things. I feel very sorry for the family that this happened to but it is the owner’s fault not the dog.

      • SMH

        They Have to put the dog down first before they can test for rabies. They have to test the brain………..

      • lillian h

        FYI: Pitbull is not a specific breed it is a mixed breed, a labrador mixed with an american staffordshire terrier , a australian cattle dog mixed with an american staffordshire terrier , a border collie mixed with the american staffordshire terrier…all these make pitbulls. Any dog mixed with an american staffordshire terrier is considered a pitbull. so to say it was ‘created’ to be vicious really makes no sense, created what, a vicious border collie or an aggressive labrador? so ya really, it’s not the breed it is the owner, becasue a pitbull is a mixed dog, it’s not a breed, because if it was a breed it would be recognized by the AKC as ALL other breeds are.

      • Sheena

        The pitbull is a breed of its own; they are the called American Pit Bull Terriors (APBT). Pitbulls can be mixed thereby everyone confusing mixed bully dogs with an actual full bred pit bull

      • Anthony Edward

        Jimmy read my comment to Bernard. My guess is you only know what you’ve read about the breed in the media and from people who like you know nothing of the breed and dogs in general.

      • Brenda

        you obviously know nothing about Pit Bulls. I have three of them and yes they are man’s best friend. My balck lab is ten times more aggressive than my pits. Banning pit bulls is not the answer, banning irresponsible and ignorant “dog owners” just might be though. My daughter was bitten in the face twice by two differant Husky’s, but does that mean all Husky’s should be banned. Please stop stereotyping, it’s the media who continues to fuel the fire on pits, causing them to be abused and set on fire just for the hell of it! It’s people like you who keep being “Dog Racist” that create a bigger problem instead of trying to fix it the right way. Until you’ve actually been a Pit bull owner and know how the breed really is, don’t make uneducated remarks. My prayers go out to the little girl and also the baby who was bitten by the ” Poodle “.

      • Krystie

        Wow pitbulls are like any other breed…What do you think its something in there brain thats just makes them vicious? I think not! They are one of the most loyal breeds! There weakness is that they happen to be one of the strongest breeds so sick people take advantage of that and fight them! They have a bad rap but it doesn’t make it there fault! I have two pit bulls that play with my 2 year old son, he could do anything he wanted to either one of them and they would NEVER nip at him! Come on guy i cant even agree to disagree with you i mean whats going on in that head of yours? i would put my life on line for a pit bull on the street before i ever would you! P.S. I wish they would have euthanized you after they cut your umbilical cord… See how you sound? I have so much more i could say but you sound pretty hopeless…

      • pbsweetie

        Really Jimmy you are a dumba##. You know nothing at all. In fact I would classify you as the same kind of person that has the audacity to fight a dog, a heartless, soulless human being. I have four beautiful wonderful American pit bull terriers. They are the sweetest dog I have every owned. I despise people that are as stupid as you are. I have worked with a lot of American pit bulls, I rescued them off the street, work at humane societies, and do temperament test on them, and only a couple had to be put down, and that was because their owners has severely neglected them or fought them and it was better for the dog. So I do believe that a lot of how any dog, and I mean any dog acts has to do with the owner. My main question for you is what you classify as a pit bull. An American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffard Terrier, Staffard Bull Terrier, Bull Dog, Boxer, ect..? Because, all of this dogs have been classified as a pit bull, if you knew anything( which I believe you don’t) is that “pit bull” is not a breed.

    • Bernard F Mc Kernan

      Sarah, I think you have had a serious brain disconnect. When was the last time you read about a Collie, Poodle, Daschund attacking a child? This breed has an ingranined disposition to fight & attack similar as Rottweilers & German Shepard’s. Get your head out of your ass & in a book to learn about canines .

      • Mz.B

        Bernard if you pad more attention to Sarah’s comment it says just that.. the media over indulges in “Pit Bull” attacks. Plenty of poodles, Collie’s ect are biting children and causing damages… the media just doesn’t get the attention from “COLLIE ATTACKS” so pit bull attacks are all we read about. As a proud and responsible Pit Bull owner I implore you to get “your” head outa your ass and read the statistics!

      • Samantha Kearns

        Because no one wants to hear about the lab, collie, daschaund (most likely to bite) attack. The news doesnt report it, and usually the vicims dont as well.
        former Vet Tech for Baltimore City Animal Control
        current Vet Tech for VCA

      • JQP

        ha ha!!!! it wasn’t even a pit bull! I have the world’s greatest pitty and no one as a single leg to stand on… not one. Poodles do bite, they just don’t have the musculature that the regal and noble terrier has. you know who bites? all of those witless mouth pieces that repeat what they hear in the media with zero real life experience…. oh wait, let me guess, you all know or have known or have been a victim of a ferocious pit bull that everyone swore was a good dog, but with no provocation whatsoever turned on said innocent victim. hah!

      • Rusty

        Actually the statistics are seriously misleading on dog attacks. WJZ did a news story a few years ago on dog bites and found that out of a dozen or so pit bull attacks it was only actually a pit bull a few of the times. It was funny because the dogs who actually did the biting varied so much that you could no way mistake them for a bit.

        With that said when a Pit Bull does attack it has one of the most viscous attacks a dog could have. I love Pits but would never own one because of the stigma attached. I don’t want to have my neighbors or children’s friends parents concerned about visiting my house.

      • Irish

        Ye sir are the one with the brain defect,when will ye people learn it’s the owners,I have had several pitty’s and not one ever was agressive or attacked anyone,it’s not just that breed,it can be any breed,hell I had poodle attack me yrs ago so get educated and stop making pitty’s out to be the bad guys!

      • Jim Lears

        Bernard – they all bite. You’re the one who needs to get your head out of your ass and do some research.

        PS – it wasn’t even a pit bull, it was an american bulldog

      • Kathy

        My 6 year old daughter was attacked in her face and head by her father’s Border Collie (a rescue dog). She had to be transported to Hopkins for plastic surgery. Any dog is capable of attacking a human and if it does, the law REQUIRES that the dog be put down immediately. The hospital (in my case) contacted Baltimore County and the dog was put down the next morning. I feel sorry for the victims, not the animals . . .

      • alfred caswell

        no they are not. they are the most lovable dogs i have ever owned.you need to check out a book called lost dogs.when all you know is hate that is how you react.ive seen more viciosness out of labs than out of any pittbull

      • walkinarnie

        You, sir, are the true arrogant pompous a*s thinking you know so much and spitting out lies. Every dog has the potential to bite, obviously.. It mostly depends on how that dog is raised that determines how he acts and if he attacks. Since you think you are more knowledgeable than anyone on here I’d like to know exactly what source you are getting your info from. Please provide the source so that we too can become as smart as you are about dogs.. Or are you just one of those people that seems to think he knows a lot about everything ? You, sir, should get your head out of your a*s and read.. Or, perhaps you don’t know how. On another note, my payers go out to this little girl. She is so pretty. She will have a long road ahead of her. .

      • lillian h

        there seems to a serious brain disconnect with you as well Mc Kernan, many children have been to the ER because their family dog bit them, and guess what it was not a pitbull, pomeranians,chihuahas and poodles have been known to bite and hurt many children. pitbull is a mixed breed, so i am not sure how “this” breed has an ingrained disposition to fight and attack, a pitbull is mixed dog, which means it’s two breeds combined into one dog just clarifying for you in case the books you read left that out. it just seems like you are confused, i would have to say that all that reading you did was a waste because you clearly have been misinformed. So please enlighten me and let me know which book you read that gave you all this ‘knowledge’ about the dogs ingrained disposition; because a labrador/staffordshire mix is know as a pitbull, and a collie/staffordshire mix is also a pitbull, so which pitbull are you referring to as having this attacking and fighting disposition? Bottomline, all dogs have the potentional to become aggressive, just an FYI: most dog attacks are done by the family pet, that little miniature pinscher that you all think is sweet, is capable of gnawing off a 5month old infants nose off, I know this because a nurse that i know worked on the infant last week. By the way Petey from the Little Rascals was not a pitbull, he was an American Staffordshire Terrier, and Helen Kellers service dog was also an American Staffordshire Terrier, these dogs are not aggressive, being overbreed with multiple breeds and then those born are pitbull, and used for income and many other things makes dogs aggressive. Last but not least there is one dog that is born naturally aggressive and needs to be trained and properly socialized beginning at six weeks of age, and it’s not the feared pitbull, it’s the Southern Ovcharka, and German Shepards are herding dogs that react on instinct when they feel that their family may be threatened, so i am not sure how you correlate a herding/working dog instincts with a diposition to fight….Rottweilers are used as guard dogs, they have been fought in parts of europe and afghanistan,the dogs are put through rigerous training but i guess you already knew that with all the canine knowledge that you have. Bottomline aggression is not breed specific.

      • Kerrie

        actually Bernard, Poodles can be quite vicious, the only reason you don’t hear about it that much is because people who choose a poodle is more likely to want to show the dog and therefore will work much more on their behavior than a person who chooses a dog like a pit or bulldog and will likely improperly train dog to be a guard dog.

        and Sara, you are correct that owners are the real problem. But when dogs kill or nearly kill a person, they must be euthanized for public safety. So until we do something about all the bad owners, it’s the sad reality.

      • Athena Campbell

        Your right Bernard..
        I mean when I was attacked my a cat it was all over the news after all cats are a dangerous breed…Oh wait…
        People arent trying to banned cats…
        My attack wasn’t on the news…
        COME ON.
        When a mutt attacks people always think its a pit..Why?
        Pits are at the top of the list for most attacks BUT ALSO
        people dont know how to raise..
        come on people…
        Leave the breed alone and worry about the child.

      • Anthony Edward

        Bernard how many pitbulls have you actually been around? I’ve been aroiund plenty from volunteering at animal shelter. You might want to follow your own advice and learn about canines from impartial objective sources. All dogs dogs are predators by nature, instinct is something that never completely disappears. In a domestic situation, canine aggression is normally suppressed. Exceptions are if the dog is trained to attack, feels threatened, or is provoked.
        Dogs that are owned by irresponsible owners who provide insufficient training or, worse, aggressiveness training are the problem. Research and analysis suggests that breed-specific legislation is not completely effective in preventing dog attacks, with each new attack, pressure mounts to enact such legislation, despite indications that dangerous dog legislation would be more effective—that is, focusing on specific individual dogs having exhibited signs of aggression. It’s much easier to use the same narrow minded thinking that sterotypes people of different races or beliefs and do the same with dogs.

      • Nicole Schmit

        You hardly read about a poodle, collie, or daschund attacking the child because that’s not what sells. I know quite a few of reporters that have told me the reason why newspapers(and their own editors) don’t publish a picture of the so called “pit bull” was because it actually wasn’t a pit. But seeing PIT MAULS 11 YEAR OLD CHILD sells. So take your own advice get your head out of you ass and into a book, because if you know anything about any breed you would know that every breed is capable of attacking, and the breeds that attack the most are the small breeds. Welcome to the real world, if you believe everything the media says, it just shows how dumb you really are. Research it, I have.

    • alfred caswell

      i agree with you completly its the owners fault not the dogs who were only doing what they were trained to do.

      • Jamie Healy

        I missed the part saying these dogs were trained by their owners to injure little girls.
        At this point, we can’t speculate. We don’t know how the dogs were kept, how they lived, what the owners were like. What we do know is that they were not pit bulls – so honestly people, it’s time to change the subject.
        It’s sad to see people become pit bull thirsty after a media story misrepresents the truth. We’re not talking about pit bulls here, we’re talking about a tragedy. No matter what animal had done this it would be the same outcome – tragedy. I am sorry for the family and mostly this little girl. I do not know the facts, but one is clear; someone is in the hospital and two dogs were put down as a result. That my friends, is sad, and my heart goes out to all involved.
        I too love pit bulls, but because there wasn’t even a pit bull involved in this story, this is no place for this argument. We should all be considering the child that was injured and the families of everyone involved.

    • lou fields

      sarah is a fool. a seven old litlle girl and her family will stuuggle with life for theiir love fowever and stupid still worries about a dog.

    • lou fields

      i much rather have Amanda the way she was a day before this attack and both dogs dead. I really dont care what type dogs they were. Clear?

      • Anthony Edward

        Yes Lou it’s clear you are a fool. First you assume because people defend a breed of dog that implies they have no concern for the little girl. Had the media actually reported the story correctly in the first place it wouldn’t be an issue. I’d prefer to see the dogs properly trained and secured in their own yard and the little girls’ parents doing a better job keepinh an eye on her. Then not only would she not be enduring what see is now and will in the future, but the animals would be living a decent life as well.

    • brian

      I am agreeing with Sarah on this it is the OWNERS not the breed. I OWN 2 pit bulls who are SEARCH and RESCUE dogs and it is all how they re raised not the breed and no she doesn’t have a serious brain disconnect. As for Bernard YOU need to get your head out your ass and put it in a book. My dogs go through EXTENSIVE training and just to inform you some more Bernard, the Rottweilers and German Shepard’s that are “ingrained” to fight and attack are also the ones who do search and rescue.You Bernard have been very misinformed…..

    • Gdingle

      And how do you punish the owner? Make the owner take away the girls pain and repair her face? Make the owner comfort her parents. Make the owner give them back their little girl the way she was before the attack? Should the owner be punished by having his face ripped to shreds like the little girl? That little girl will never be ok and all you can do is talk about negative propaganda. You show love of dogs but your words seem so dispassionate when you talk about that child victim. Do you understand forever? That kid will forever bear the physical and mental scars of that attack. I challenge you to find an ounce of empathy in your heart for the child and her parents then reconsider what you have written.

      • Anthony Edward

        Why does defending a breed against misinformation mean no one has any empthany for the child? They aren’t mutually exlusive. I challenge you to explain how defending pitbulls against inaccurate and biased reporting is in any way a lack of emphathy for the girl.



    • Melanie

      from http://www.aspca.org

      August 18, 2007—A Labrador mix attacked a 70-year-old man, sending him to the hospital in critical condition. Police officers arrived at the scene and the dog was shot after charging the officers.
      This incident was reported in one article in the local paper.
      August 19, 2007—A 16-month-old child received fatal head and neck injuries after being attacked by a mixed-breed dog.
      This attack was reported on twice by the local paper.
      August 20, 2007—A six-year-old boy was hospitalized after having his ear torn off and receiving a severe bite to the head by a medium-sized, mixed-breed dog.
      This incident was reported in one article in the local paper.
      August 21, 2007—A 59-year-old woman was attacked in her home by two pit bulls and was hospitalized with severe, but not fatal, injuries.
      This attack was reported in over 230 articles in national and international newspapers, as well as major television news networks including CNN, MSNBC and FOX.

      Congratulations, mainstream media – because of your sensationalism, you are responsible for the deaths of thousands of beautiful dogs each year. Were it not for you, people would realize that all dogs bite when they are trained to be dangerous. If you reported the FACTS, people would understand that the real problem is a culture of thugs who think pit bulls make themselves look more dangerous and badass. These are the people training pits to be dangerous.

  • Maxi

    Most pit bull dog owners dont think their dogs are vicious. These dogs owners should be held responsible.I am praying for the little girl.

    • Tyrone Washington

      A Great Dane, Siberian Husky, a French Poodle, a British Bulldog or other breed wouldn’t have done this. Pitbull owners don’t comprehend reality very well obviously. A police officer in Baltimore County was attacked last week by a pitbull during a search. I hope the mother of that little girl SUE THE LIVING HELL out of the owner. This little girl shouldn’t have to be going through what she is going through.

      • http://finessefully.wordpress.com finessefully

        Any of those could be very likely to do such a thing, especially a husky or poodle, if they haven’t been trained properly. It’s possible of any dog, but Pit Bulls have been horribly misused and people don’t take care of them correctly. I agree with you, though, on one thing: The owners should be held responsible for this HORRIBLE happening.

      • Daisy Elizabeth Wilson

        Wow you don’t know a lot about those breeds either do you? I have read attacks from these breeds. You do see these attacks. IT”S NOT JUST PITBULLS PEOPLE !!!!! Do your research !!!!!!!!! They all would have done the same. They are ANIMALS that is what they do when they are under a stressful or unfamiliar situation. So grow up and read. You obviously have the internet so look iy up. JEEZ

      • Loves My Pitbull

        I can’t help but laugh at your ignorance! Pit bulls are NOT the problem and neither are RESPONSIBLE owners! ANY dog that has teeth WILL bite! In fact, little dogs are more prone to biting then any big dog because their owners coddle them and treat them like little babies! I’m more afraid of a chihuahua or a poodle then I am of a pittie! Good lord…

      • alfred caswell

        no you dont. i have been attacked by labs huskys and german shepards but never by a pittbull. and for the police that dog was only protecting his house .if someone you didnt know was in your house how would you react.

      • Anthony Edward

        Tyrone it’s you who don’t comprehend all those breeds you mention could do the same thing and have. By the way the dog wasn’t a pit bull that attacked the girl. They were AMerican Bulldogs.

    • Anna Cero

      I am a pit bull owner and I have a 6 month old. She would never do antihing to hurt him. It’s all how you raise them.

      • smitty

        Are you absolutely positive about that Anna?

      • Heaven help the children

        You my dear are an accident waiting to happen, I hope that you will not be in jail on child endangerment charges when your dog turns on your child.  Every pitbull owner whose dogs have bitten another person whether an adult or a child or another animal says the exact same garbage. (NOT MY DOG). Well why do you people (PITBULL OWNERS) feel justified when it is your dog to try and come up with an excuse that  is like placing water in a paper bag, It just doesn’t make sense. Why do you think people who own normal dogs are so upset, statistics don’t lie but PEOPLE  WHO OWN PITBULL DOGS DO and WILL. Sure your puppy pitbull is a sweetheart right now but wait until It turns two years of age and their hormones change and so do their personalities, don’t listen to me or trust me just make sure that your insurance is up to date. I will pray that it won’t be necessary for any dog maulings but according to statistics you (LOSE)!

      • Kim Helms

        I absolutely agree because we have a 10 month old and he is the nicest and so loving around my grandbabys and my son whos 13 and our family! Kim Helms from Kannapolis NC

      • Dena

        Hey Heaven – My sister has a pit bull that is now 13 years old and hasn’t bitten a single person, so should I then wait until he’s 14 and his hormones change? That dog was around before she had kids and instead of attacking the kids as everyone assumes they do, he became very protective of them, sleeping outside of their door at night. He adjusted to the kids very well and they haven’t had a problem with him attacking anybody! Don’t get me wrong, the two dogs in this story weren’t raised the same way which is what happens when there are irresponsible owners and I do feel the owners in this situation need to face charges and take care of this girls medical bills. I hope that the girl can fully recover and go on to live a fully and healthy life!

    • Smitty

      100 percent agree with you Maxi! Too many stories about how too many Pitbulls easily escape from a fenced-in area and too many people, especially children, having to pay the price.
      Of course, its normally followed up with “They have never done anything like this before” or “My Pitbull would never do any such thing…” until their Pit becomes the story.

      • Anthony Edward

        Smitty you mean like this one. These dogs weren’t even pitbulls. By the way plenty of other breed owners have said the same thing. Maybe we should ban all dogs.

    • http://sarahndipitee.wordpress.com sarahndipitee

      The owners should be held responsible, absolutely. The dogs are doing what comes natural to them. They are dogs. My question is why is a seven year old little girl outside by herself? And furthermore, if they attacked her once before, why were the PARENTS not concerned with letting her outside alone. How many times do you touch a hot stove before realizing it is hot? This doesn’t make sense to me. I pray for her full recovery.

      • NBrown

        Actually, that dog attacked once before, but the dog attacked someone else the first time and then this time it attacked Amanda. I know the little girl who was attacked by the pitbulls.

      • Zimmm

        GDingle none of what you just posted in true. Making up fake “facts” doesn’t do much for your arguments/credibility. Pit bulls are generally measured at about 230-240 pounds of pressure in their bite, German Shepherd, 250-400 pounds of pressure, Rotties are about 330-350. Locking jaws do not exist. No breed has a locking jaw, not even pit bulls. I don’t know if they can crush an adult’s wrist bone, but since they don’t have the bite strength of many other breeds out there, they certainly wouldn’t be the only ones that could. Pit bulls are strong for their size, but they’re a medium sized dog at best. As for pit bulls having killed/injured more people in the U.S. then any other animal, hard figures don’t exist but it seems unlikely as there were a reported 53 shark attacks here in the year 2000, but the report from the CDC published in 2000 that studied dog bite fatalities between 1979 and 1998 attributed 76 of them to the various breeds lumped under the label “pit bull” in that 24 year period.

      • Zimmm

        Seriously? Seven is plenty old enough to be playing outside on her own, blaming the parents is just as bad as blaming the breed, the ones who should be held responsible here are the dog’s owners, not pitt bulls, not parents. Knee-jerk panic attacks don’t help anything.

      • GDingle

        Pit Bulls bite is 2 to 3 times stronger than German Sheppard. They have the unique ability or if not unique the ability to lock their jaws on any prey it attacks. It is the only dog that can crush an adult’s wrist bone. The reason it locks its jaw is so it can attach to the throat of larger animals and crush its wind pipe. Pound for pound the Pit Bull is one of the most powerful deadly dogs. Whether the dog is well trained or well raised or not, its potential for destruction is real. Its potential for destruction is greater than most dogs. Pit bulls have killed and permanently mangled more humans in the US than any other animal period. That includes sharks, and bears for you people that are afraid of the water and the woods. Before anyone trashes the breed however, do your research. Please research before you decide to become an owner especially if you have young kids. I researched not because I wanted a dog. I did the research because one of my neighbors owned two Pit Bulls for a while. I discovered that the dog has a spotty history. I had young kids at the time. My research told me that I should keep my children away from that breed of dog until I had completely researched the owner and the dog’s history. The potential damage that dog could do to a toddler was not worth the risk. That came from a surgeon who had the displeasure of attempting to repair the damage done to kids under her care. I personally think it is not worth the risk to have a dog around kids that could crush an adult wrist bone. But, my neighbor had two. I can’t control my neighbor. I don’t know what kind a person he really is or what his intentions are. I can blame the owner until I am blue in the face after the fact but it doesn’t protect my kid or in the case of the child that was attacked; it doesn’t relieve the pain or remove the physical and mental scars she will now have to live with forever. Do you understand forever? It seems that some people are ok with damage done to this kid and all the other victims of the American Bull terrier or similar breed. There was not a single a solution offered by anyone that would have saved that little girl the life time of scaring. Her parents didn’t own the dog. The girl was not on the property of the dog’s owner. So what do you do to keep this from happening again? If you don’t have a solution then you really don’t care.
        Back to my neighbor and the two Pit Bulls; My neighbor had the dogs euthanized after they growled at and repeatedly threatened him and his wife. It wasn’t until they threaten his kids that he decided to take action. It seems that for some reason he valued his kids more than the dogs. We talked afterwards. He also said he didn’t want to take the chance that his neighbor’s kids could be harmed. I thanked him for his clarity and for valuing our children’s safety over his love of Pit Bulls. He was extremely familiar with the breed and expressed an admitted fondness for the breed. But, he also knew the dangers and the potential for human disfigurement and death. His words, “there are too many young kids in the neighborhood, I don’t want to chance it”. This guy cared and he did what was best for the neighborhood. Now read the following and tell me that this dog could have been replaced with a Golden Retriever with the same results:
        A 55-year-old woman was at Sunrise Hospital Friday evening with potentially life-threatening injuries after the family’s 80-pound pit bull attacked her and two other people, Metro Police said.
        Police said they received reports of an animal attack about 5:45 p.m. in the 2400 block of Grannis Lane, near Sahara Avenue and Lamb Boulevard.
        The dog bit the woman multiple times, causing serious injuries to her arm, hand, lower leg and foot, police said. The woman has lost fingers and will possibly lose a foot from bites that penetrated to the bone, police said.
        At one point, a 23-year-old woman stepped in to try to stop the attack and was also bitten, police said. A man, who also suffered bite wounds, eventually shot the dog four times and killed it, police said.
        All three people were transported to Sunrise Hospital, but only the 55-year-old woman suffered serious injuries, police said. The other woman will need stitches, police said.
        Police said they do not know what triggered the attack.

      • GDingle

        Yes they should have sold their house and moved to a neighborhood safe for kids. They should moved to a neighborhood were an armed guard is not needed to stand watch over them while they are riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk. Better, how stupid could those parents be even thinking they could have a child in a neighborhood with killer dogs. It is definitely the parents fault for having babies that grow into 7 year old kids that want to play outside when the neighbor has deadly dogs. After all deadly kid eating dogs need a place to live also.

    • Izzo

      “on us”?? Sarah you are the 1st pit bull to every type a comment on the internet. Congratz!

      I say punish all owners of all dogs not just pitbulls that bite pedestrians. Dogs are just like kids, products of their idiot owners/parents.

      Some people are not responsible enough to own certain items the same should be with pets.

      • Lee Bowling


    • Jamie Healy

      this was not the result of a pit bull – stop making it into a false story

    • Anthony Edward

      Maxi they weren’t pit bulls. You are right, however, the owners should be held responsible and we should all pray for the little girl.

  • Scott's County

    Pitt Bulls are very vicious towards strangers. My girlfriend rents a rowhouse in the city with her female friend whose boyfriend brought in a Pitt Bull puppy who was raised correctly and not mistreated. However, I went to her house a few weeks ago and the Pitt is now fully grown. I entered the home properly and greated the dog in the proper manner when vising a dog’s home. However, this Pitt nearly took my head off for absolutely no reason! This is the third time in my life that I’ve been attacked by a so-called “bully breed dog”! The other times it also envolved “nice” Pitt Bulls and a Rotweiler. You owners of Pitt Bulls are kidding yourselves, those dogs are genetically prone towards viciousness–especially towards strangers and smaller animals and children. This is why the Brittish government ordered all Pitt Bulls in their country to be confiscated and destroyed because scientific analysis showed them to be “genetically defective” with their tendency to attack without provocation. The moment anyone in my neightborhood gets a Pitt Bull, my handgun stays loaded to kill that dog should it get loose and attack me, my wife, or any kids in this community. This is a bully breed dog mostly popular with low class people with criminal tendencies and criminal records as the Brittish government also discovered in a study of bully breed dogs like Pitt Bulls.

    • Jamie Healy

      Really? I’d love to see where you get your scientific analysis. I wonder if they also mispell the word pit bull? This sounds like a self serving comment to me.

    • mike

      “Bully breed” for “low class” people?.. I’ve had my pit for 2 years with 6 kids and he is nothing but gentle. And I am in federal law enforcement for 20 years so I guarantee I make way more than you. “Low class” my ass. Some people just like to run their mouth…must be nice to be city trash…..

    • Tyrone Washington

      In this case, the girl was not in the house with the pitbulls, She was minding her business playing outside. When poodles and Labrador Receivers start acting in the same fashion, then you will have a valid point.

      • Zimmm

        Funny, In my family we’ve had pittbulls, and we’ve had german shepherds, but the only dog attack we’ve experienced was from someones LABRADOR RETRIEVER who got out and ended up with my mom needing stitches on her face. Should we ban Labs now? Or realize that a bad owner can turn any dog dangerous.

      • Anthony Edward

        Tyrone since the dogs weren’t pitbulls you don’t have a valid point. How many times are you going to keep calling them pitbullls.

    • koko

      you can make any statistic say anything you want it to say if you write it and have motive to do so.

    • Staffordshire Guardian

      Scott’s County….you made such a fool out of yourself with that statement. that is hilarious! you are such a joke! I can’t stop laughing at you! whew!… yeah, that’s good stuff… low class… ha ha… you idiot.

    • Loves My Pitbull

      PITBULLS ARE AGREESIVE TO STRANGERS!?! Are you KIDDING me??! HAHAHA! I’m sorry, but I can’t help but LAUGH at this comment… I guess then that my pitbull who is practically turning herself inside out whenever I take her to petsmart cause she wants to say “hi” to everyone and is licking the hands and faces of those to can’t resist but pet her is being “aggressive”? Or how about when my little sister has her little friends over and my pittie and my mother’s pittie are out there playing with the kids and letting them climb all over them? I guess they are being aggressive too? Geez a lou… The ignorance on this comment board is FASCINATING!

    • Anthony Edward

      Scott I work at a shelter. I’ve been around hundreds and never had an issue. I’ve visited people who own them and never had a problem. There is no research that backs your genetically defective claim. No dog attacks without provocation. It may not look like provocation to a human when being done. You shoot someone else’s dog with a handgun and it;’s a good bet you’ll be the one with legal issues.

      I know several people who likely make more than you and I togther who own the breed. I don’t even remember reading any British Study.

  • Scott's County

    Yes, I did say I have a girlfriend above and I’m married. I’m having marital problems like so many people in this world and I’m now separated, but working to save the marriage. I’m in the 50% of Americans who have failing marriages. I know some of you out there were about to say something about this, so I decided to head you all off before you made comments about me being a cheater. But, the subject is Pitt Bulls and I still believe them to be very dangerous!

    • StopLook&Listen

      Well you didn’t address your obvious ignorance about the class of people who own the breed. I have own several Pitbulls and I beleive they are wonderful dogs and I am not low income and I do not have a criminal record or tendences.And because you said mostly does not excuse how ignorant you sound. I still agree owners should be held responsible if the dog was not secured outdoors but if the child went into the yard or something then the parents need to explain why she was unsupervised. Some issues make the news to support issue and the full story is never told. People need to be held accountable for their dogs,their children and their words.

    • JQP

      I believe people who are dishonest to be dangerous.

    • Anthony Edward

      Scott no one cares about your personal life, Just your ignorance about pit bulls and their owners.

  • Barbra Halburd

    its not the pit bulls fault ,its the dogs stupid owners . its the low class people who train them as puppies to pull weights ti make them fighting dogs . i know alot of my friends who have pit bulls they are the sweetest dogs.its the hood people whe make them mean . theses people should not have dogs at all.

    • Seriously

      It may be the dog’s owners who are at fault but, DO NOT assume that because it is raised by “hood people” that is why they are mean. I’m not from the hood but, the sterotype that surrounds those people need not be encouraged by this incident. Every book can’t be judged by its cover.

    • http://wjz.com kris

      I own two pitbulls.my male is a little over a year n my female is 10 weeks.both by the way are awesome.great with kids great with me.people no nothing about this breed.when I got my male my mother a Baltimore city police officer said that I was crazy yada yada the typical remarks that people make about pits.guess what kind of dog she has now….a pit because she took the time to know my dog.they are the most loyal dog.naturally people pleasers n family protectors.naturally animal aggressive not human aggressive.require a lot of discipline and training as well as excercise.they need constant mind stimulation and physical challenge.to the lady that commented about the weights.pitbulls are natural pullers they can pull well over double there body weight and they like it.why do u think harnesses are not recommended when walking them…..because as so as u put it on they wanna pull.to everyone I am well aware of the power my dogs have please take the time to talk to pit owners when u see them walking there dogs instead of cowering and running to the other side of the sidewalk.I wouldnt take my dog out of he was a danger.also I think because pitbulls are not for amateurs I think people should be licensed to own one.too many people own them and have no clue what they require.





    • mike

      Yay. More ignorant comments from the morons and uneducated

    • Tyrone Washington

      Amen Brother!!!

    • Dave

      You don’t hear about it because it Is not “catching news”. It happens all the time. Plus when the “pitbulls” attack they never show the dogs. Are they really all pitbulls. Pitbulls attacking makes interesting news.

    • Samantha

      Yes, other breeds who the fight owners “believe” can fight get thrown into the pit.
      Rotts, Dobies, Boxers….Unforetunately for all these dogs, they are being fought by people who’s main goal is money, drugs, and could give a damn about life human or animal….I am a Pit owner, weak – ass I am NOT…..Strong educated female, who handles animals every day, and even stronger men than you.

      • melanie

        I as well am a pit owner as Samantha and I am anything but weak. I had a wonderful home to offer a dog and decided to choose a dog that more than likely wouldn’t get another chance besides me. I think until you visit Baltimore County Animal Control one day for yourself and see the damage humans do to innocent dogs….you would never understand that these problems with pitbull attacks are man made. PERIOD. Again…stop basing your uneducated comments off one or two bad experiences.

      • Dawn Corson

        I applaud your efforts in taking up for the breed. I have 2 pits myself and they are very gentle. One is 4 and the other 1. My girls are the best and I wouldn’t want any other breed. You don’t hear of other breeds in the news! My daughter was attacked by a 1 yr old Sybiran Husky when she was 5! 88 stitches and 19 staples in her head and they had to reattach her ear so My family and I know first hand what this family is experiencing. May God be with this child! But don’t blame the WHOLE breed for it. IT’S THE OWNER NOT THE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anthony Edward

      Charley it’s obvious you only know very little about pit bulls or dogs for that matter. All those breeds you mention have biiten and killed people. How many pit bulls have you actually seen Charley? You would do well to stop posting out of ignorance and learn about dogs.

  • Samantha Kearns

    I have been in the animal care field for a good number of years, with alot of that time spent in Baltimore City Animal control. I handled in those years very possible total upto 20,000 dogs, 98% Pitbull, I’ve been bitten by 6 dogs…..Not one a Pitbull

    • Dave

      Exactly…. Pitbulls may be animal aggressive and might have that in there blood like a pointer points. But aggressive towards humans would be the last thing bread into them… They have been part of the working group since day 1 and deal a lot with humans. These dogs were not trained or cared for properly

    • jimm

      @ Samantha K., Well your not the normal person walking down the street, and wait you are in a controled enviroment, you have training and further more Animal Control what a joke, they only come out if they know it’s safe for them and that the dog is secured.

      • Lauren

        @ Jimm I have had two pit bulls now…a 14 year old that was recently put down due to old age…and of all the people and animals he viciously attacked…oh wait there were NONE! I also now have a 4 month old pit bull puppy and she has not ONCE shown her teeth, growled, or had any aggressive tendencies towards people or my older 6 year old retriever-newfoundland mix. MY older dog is the one who growls and shows his teeth more. Until you have owned and raised a pit bull you have no right to judge the breed…the media is the one to blame here for placing fear into people….75% of the cases they report as being a pit bull attack were actually caused by dogs that were NOT a pit bull yet those reports wouldn’t get them ratings so they say it is a pit bull…look up that statistic. Also, a few years ago in Howard County two labs got loose and maimed a group of sheep…yet where was THAT report in the news?? It is unfair all the bad rap this breed gets yet every other dog that bites another animal or human it is glossed over or not even reported…spend a day with a pit bull and you will see how loving of a breed they are

  • Chalkie

    I love th how Rotties and shepards were put into this by the person up top. First of all both breeds are listed as very good family dogs. I have a 150 lb. rottie and he is a the most loveable dog I have ever had. They can be trained to be mean like shepards, but remember cops use labs also for police work. Any dog can be trained to be mean. Pit bulls were breed to be mean, and the breed should be destroyed sorry to say it. I know other countries have already banded these animals for good reasons. I just wish people would research before the comment. I feel bad for this little girl and hopes that she will be ok. She is in my prayers.

    • Bamboochimp

      ok smarty, w/o doing a google search tell me and the rest oif the people here what pitts were bread for?…. then tell me all the other breads that were bread for the same thing ;-) i bet u cant do it because, well your just repeating what u have “heard” isntead of researching and formulating a opinion based on facts.

      I bet ur the type of person who doesnt vote for politicians , but complains how bad they are in office OR u base your vote on the smear campagins on TV or email.

      • ANGIE

        It absolutely breaks my heart that all the comments I’ve read have focused more on challenging each other about whether it’s a pit bull or american bulldog and how these dogs function. Maybe I missed something…? Amanda is 7yrs old, has been severely hurt and traumatized, 7yrs old. This is what is more important what type of dogs they were that tore this child apart, what you know about dogs, and what your dog does. WHAT ABOUT THAT BABY THAT IS SUFFERING? TALK ABOUT THAT, CAN YOU SEND SOME FLOWERS MAYBE SEND A GET WELL CARD, MAYBE PRAY FOR AMANDA AND HER FAMILY,CAN YOU AFFORD TO SEND THE FAMILY A DONATION? MAYBE RUNNING BACK AND FORTH TO THE HOSPITAL IS A CHALLENGE FOR THEM.EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

      • for serious?

        wow….you’re really not even literate, are you? You eat bread. You BREED dogs. Go back to grade school.

      • bamboochimp

        lol@ the troll ok so in one of my many posts made from my phone i made a spelling/typing error, but i’m glad the only productive comment from this entire article is spelling. I also can clearly tell that you are “not even literate” , just like i am, by forgetting about the word “illiterate”. Not only that but how u used the word is clearly a semantic error, if you actually looked up the definition. Failed attempt at trolling

        P.S you do realize that this is the internet not one of the many 30-45 page thesis papers regarding signal transduction, endocrine, and other biological pathways that I have written

  • j

    I don’t think it’s so much pit bulls are more likely to bite, but that their bites are more ferocious. Once they get a hold of you it’s hard to get them off.

  • bernard lee

    Lets get real, Pittbulls are the victems of slective breeding by dogfighters. When they attack people (very often children) they are responding to what is now in their genes. Dog lovers who claim these dogs a not dangerous are ignoring the facts. Selecting breeding amplifies the attack tendencies in a dog and make them unfit for ownershiop as pets and particularly dangerous to children whose small stature tends to illicit the response. If you want to own a pitbull or any dog that has been selectively bred to fight it’s your choice but please, please protect your children.

  • Jodina

    I don’t take walks anymore and especially with my grandchildren because so many people own these pit bulls. If pit bulls were eradicated, it would be a blessing for all involved. Just stop and think of the suffering that this child went through and for what! I hope her parents sue this dog owner and that the dog owner goes to jail.

    • Staffordhshire Guardian

      Holy Moses! Did you just pray for the eradication of one of God’s creatures???? What kind of a person are you? I can’t believe you did that! What gives you the right, miss high & mighty to pray to God to murder his children? Oh what, because your soul is in a human body, you’re more important? What a complete lack of humanity! I am ashamed of you.

  • lisa

    Last week I was bit by a dog at work. The dog left ~ 10 puncture wounds on my left hand. The dog also bit me on my right forearm. He held on to my arm and wouldn’t let go (the louder I screamed the, the tighter he held onto my arm). When he finally let go, a section of my skin was pulled up to the point where my muscle was showing (i’m going to have to undergo plastic surgery to repair my skin). The dog wasn’t a Pit bull or a Pit mix, he was a Labrador Retriever/Shepard mix.

    I pray that the physical and emotional wounds/scars will be minimal for this little girl. In my opinion, the focus needs not to be on the dogs, but on the irresponsible owners in this case.

  • I hate Pitbulls

    A Collie is not going to rip your face off or take your hand off as it runs down the street looking for it’s next victim.

    • Danielle Elyse Ricketts

      My neighbor’s collie actually went after the pit bulls to try to get them away from the girl!

      • Anthony Edward

        Danielle if you’re are referring to the poor little girl in the story that would have been impossible since the dogs weren’t pitbulls. They were American Bulldogs.

    • Anthony Edward

      if not properly trained they sure will. Your probllem is you buy into media hysterics. In this case the dogs weren’t even pit bulls. Of course the media downplayed the fact the orginal story was wrong. makes one wonder how many other times that mistake has been made. Something to think about before your next ditribe.

  • Elsie

    I do not know if its ingrained or not but the nicest dog I ever met was a pitbull rescued by a neighbor. That said no one should be letting any breed of dog run around off the leash or be alone with any child.

  • Herman Glimsher

    TRU DAT!!!!


  • Irene

    OMG am I tired of hearing how pitbulls can only attack when you have a bad owner. All dogs can bite. Let’s get that one out of the way. All dogs do not have the potential to maul NO MATTER HOW BAD THE OWNER IS! That is the diffenence. If you need a perfect human (obviously none exist) to own these dogs, then maybe they shouldn’t be considered pets.

    • Staffordshire Guardian

      I know some people who shouldn’t be considered pet owners. If you can’t train your dog to behave, then you might want to consider skipping the whole parent thing, too. It doesn’t take a perfect person to own a pit bull, just a conscientious one. Seriously, the facts spewed by those people (shamefully) calling for the mass murder of a God’s creatures would be laughable if they weren’t so dangerous… and inaccurate. If you don’t have a put bull, then you can’t know SQUAT from personal experience but for what you heard happened to someone…. oh I know… read the post above where someone said you or someone you know were attacked by a supposedly sweet pit bull who just happened to freak out for no reason and get loose. right.

    • Anthony Edward

      Irene no one said you had to be perfect. All dogs require training and without it any dog is capbable of biting and mauling. By the way the dogs in this story weren’t pit bulls.

  • Michelle Sathe

    So all pit bulls are bad? There are a few million in this country and very few attacks. I believe that line of thinking is called prejudice and bigotry, not to mention ignorant. As for eradicating the breed, I believe that’s called genocide. Why don’t you educate yourself by reading “Pit Bull Placebo” by Karen Delise or my book “Pit Stops: Crossing the Country with Loren the Rescue Bully”? Both contain the facts and statistics on what’s really going on with media representation of pit bulls, as well as why dogs attack. Big hint: It’s the human behind the dog. We should be focusing on the bad dog owners to correct the problem and enforce laws that will prevent any dog from being owned by someone who means to do it harm and create social problems such as dog bites.

  • Michelle Sathe

    Anyone that would dismiss an animal control officer with years of experience and interaction with more than 20,000 dogs is obviously hell-bent on holding on to a misguided opinion, rather than hearing the truth.

    Go to a shelter sometime…it’s hardly a controlled environment. Oh and while you’re there, look into the eyes of the many wonderful, innocent bully breed dogs waiting for a second chance and tell them they should all die because of the horrible actions humans have bestowed upon them.

    Oh, don’t worry, they will most likely be killed anyway…because people like you believe the hype…and don’t judge animals as individuals, as all living creatures should be.

    BTW, I’m a journalist who has done extensive research on this topic. I am part of the media…and I’m ashamed of what many of my brethren has done to these dogs.

  • cHARMcity

    really people… im sad for the girl… but bottom line.. watch your kids… stay outside while they are out.. leaving them on the porch, steps or stoop with the door open is not watching your kids. If this dog was a neighborhood terrorist why wasnt the proper authorities been called to these people house??? why did it have to come to this?? MD needs a law to protect innocent kids from these lazy owners of this dog breed… stop these kids on the street and ask for there pitbull papers or something… i think its the guardians fault just as well… if that was me… the dog wouldve been in the ER in the bed next to my child…. im just saying.

    • Michelle Sathe

      Yes, CharmCity. There was no mention of how the attack came to be. Where were the parents? And what conditions were the dogs kept under? And who identifed them as pit bulls?

      This is an all too common scenario. Look at any dog attack and it’s usually a combination of unsocialized/chained dog, plus an unsupervised child.

      I sincerely pray for the little girl’s full recovery. None of this is her fault.

      • Joe

        How stupid are you? What would this childs parents have done if this dog had charged, stepped in and been a victim themselves? Idiots like you are the reason it’s illegal to carry a firearm for protection but say it’s my fault if um robbed on the street or my child is mauled by another type of animal. Get a grip on reality. Many states allow insurance companies to deny homeowners insurance to anyone that has this type of beast in their home. Why, becaus research shows prove that if they decide to attack, they do so without warning and fear. Don’t blame the parents of the child, blame idiots idiots like the other people on here that think that this breed is anything other than a well designed killing machine.

      • Daisy Elizabeth Wilson

        I agree. I work with animals everyday. I am a groomer and the dogs that I get bit by the most are chihuahuas and smaller terrier type dogs. Yes pits have a bad rep. Most of it boils down to socialization and what the owners are using the dog for. I am from Maryland and due to the violence and robberies, a lot of people get these dogs for protection and guarding their homes. Others get them for fighting. So it does come down to the owners and the way these animals are treated. This child could have been with her parents walking down the street when she was attacked. We don’t know otherwise. With animals getting into a fight we have to use an air horn to break it up because the sound is loud and startles the dog. It is a possibility that it might not work. Anyone who gets in the middle has a chance of being attacked as well. If this dog/ dogs were that vicious others could have been hurt too. You can’t blame the parents because you don’t know if they were there when it happened.
        For Joe….. you have a fear of these animals. That is why you are so upset. You can’t fear every animal you come in contact with. Remember these animals feed off of how you react around them. If you are scared the dog freaks out because it is very unsure of the situation. This is probably why you were attacked. These animals are very timid dogs anyway. The slightest bit of fear or being unsure they freak out. I have researched a lot of breeds and this is one breed that I was very curious about due to the bad rep they have. So really just read up the breed before you condemn all the dogs.

    • cHARMcity

      Joe… everyone knows how to stop a dog from an attack… once you attack the dog the dog will let her go and attack you…. dumb@ss… if that was my child… I THINK I WOULDVE SACRIFICED MY OWN SAFETY TO SAVE MY CHILD… i bet everyone stood around screaming, crying, instead of putting their own life in danger…. also, im not saying a gun… anyone couldve grabbed a knife, shovel, hammer, any house hold item to beat the hell outta this dog…. from your comment I see you wouldve been one of those idiots just standing around or peeking outta your door… some MAN.

      • Daisy Elizabeth Wilson

        Charm City I like that you are protecting the child and that is true if people were just standing around but we don’t know what really happened and a lot of people are speculating. All we know is that she was attacked by a pitbull / pitbulls. I am in the same boat with you. If this was my child I would have risked my life to save hers. There could have been many ways this played out. We are not sure of the whole story.

      • Joe

        Daisy, how do you tell me that it’s my job not to show fear around these animals? More importantly, how do you tell a three year old not to be scared? There you go again, telling eeryone it’s their job to do something. Trust me, if the dog comes near me or mine, we won’t have to ask would it have attacked. Now, take your children to head start so that I can get some use out of my tax dollars.

    • Anthony Edward

      First the dogs in this case were not pit bulls so youe your pit bull papers solution wouldn’t have worked. That’s the problem with sterotyping and bigotry. If you take the concept and revise it to be any dog that haa shown aggressive tendacies it might work better.

  • Michelle Sathe

    Oh, I’m also the proud owner of two bully breed dogs and volunteer at rescues where my favorite dogs are bully breeds. Like the ACO, the only dogs who have ever bit me were not pit bulls…but a little terrier and an older Shepherd mix.

  • smh

    Damn you Micheal Vick… ever since that.. pitbulls have had a bad rep.. smh

    • bill

      dont blame vick for this . they had bad raps before he even came into the pic. so lay off. not saying i agree with what he did. but the bully breed has had a bad rap for many yrs now because of people like him.

  • Bamboochimp

    Pitbulls are the least of everyones worries. I would focus on the education system, then pomeranian attacks. ;-) on a side note statistically 77% of reported dog bites are family/friends of the dog owners. So all the people who hate and fear pitbulls, just stay away from pitbull owners and u should statisically be safe

    Pomeranian Kills 6-Week-Old Girl
    September 21, 2001

    LOS ANGELES (AP) – A small Pomeranian dog killed a 6-week-old baby while the infant’s caretaker briefly left the child unattended to warm a bottle of milk, authorities said.

    The relative, who was caring for the infant girl, found her head buried in the dog’s mouth Saturday night, sheriff’s Deputy Cruz Solis said. The girl died of head trauma at an area hospital, he said.

    The baby’s name was withheld because her parents were out of the country and had not been notified, Solis said.

    The relative has not been charged. Animal control officers took the dog.

    Pomeranians are a breed of miniature canines that have a foxlike face, pointy ears and long, fluffy hair. The deputy said Pomeranian attacks are rare.

    “Obviously it doesn’t take much to kill a 6-week old baby but it’s not something that happens with that breed,” Solis said.

    Copyright 2000 Associated Press.

    • Bamboochimp

      I love the last line “Obviously it doesn’t take much to kill a 6-week old baby but it’s not something that happens with that breed,” Solis said. ” are they down playing the fact that a small dog killed a child by saying how easy it is for a baby to die? I bet if it was a pitbull or german shep. this downplaying would not have happen :-0

  • Bamboochimp

    also if you want to take the time try do look up dog bite headlines via search engine and count how many pitbull attack headlines use the word “viciously & mawled” vs other breeds headlines that use words such as ” accidently” “playfully” etc… the media gets its highest ratings for headlines that allude to “uncontrollable” events, because as humans we have a fear of uncetainity… and if u dont think that is true then why has man craeted Math, science, and even religion…. all used to explain uncontrolable events in order to alleviate the fear of the unknown

    • Bamboochimp

      1) Boy Recovering from Dog Bites ( Breed Lab mix)

      2) Dog Bites 75-Year-Old Man (Breed= Mastif)

      3) Florida Dachshund bites trick-or-treater, age 3

      4) Miniature Dachshund Bites Off Sleeping Woman’s Big Toe
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Pitbull head lines

      1) Baby Mauled and Killed by Pit Bull
      2) 7-Day-Old Fla. Infant Fatally Mauled by Pit Bull
      3)Woman, 85, Mauled By Pit Bull In Moreno Valley « CBS Los Angeles
      4)Pit bull mauls 3-year-old Brooklyn boy, sending him to the hospital

      get the point?

      • Daisy Elizabeth Wilson

        I love that you posted these. I am so glad that someone else sees the affect of the media. It is all dogs and other animals. They all are not just pits. Thank you. these people only see the headlines they want to see. If someone uses the words “Mauled” Or “Vicious” people are more likely to read it. Unfortunately it is on certain breeds that people fear the most. Please people do your research. This is likely to happen with “ANY” Breed.

  • Ramarro L. Smith

    Pitbulls by their very breeding purpose are vicious attack animals and should be outlawed in all communities for the safety of our citizens.

    • lillian h

      smith, what do you mean by their very breeding purposes? pitbulls are a mixed breed so you would have to outlaw all the other breeds that it is mixed with, because it is not a specific breed. dogs are turned vicious by their owners, not born that way, because guess what a bordercollie mixed with a staffordshire terrier is a pitbull, so the border collie and the terrire should be outlawed?? do some research before you speak up on a topic that you clearly don’t seem to understand.

  • Michelle Sathe

    Actually, pit bulls were originally bred to be aggressive towards other animals and dogs. They are known to be highly loyal and non-aggressive to humans. At one time, they were called Nanny Dogs because of how much they could be trusted to take care of children. Ironically, one of the reasons dog fighters love pit bulls is because they can train them to kill other dogs and yet never inflict a bite on them or any of the humans involved while fighting. Do your research, Ramarro, before making such a dangerous and untrue claim.

    • Tyrone Washington

      Those pits were totally no aggressive towards that 7 year old girl weren’t they Michelle?

      • Michelle Sathe

        I pray for that little girl. This was in no way her fault.

        However, once more is revealed about the attack, I will bet that:

        a. These dogs probably were chained, unsocialized or trained to be aggressive
        b. The parents or adults involved did not practice the proper safety precautions that should be followed around any dog and child interaction
        c. These dogs probably aren’t straight pit bulls but a mixed breed.

        Tyrone, you have to look at the big picture…and do your research…this is a tragic isolated incident. Look at this report: “The CDC does not identify specific breeds that are most likely to bite or kill, and thus is not appropriate for policy-making decisions related to the topic. Each year, 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs. These bites result in approximately 16 fatalities; about 0.0002 percent of the total number of people bitten. These relatively few fatalities offer the only available information about breeds involved in dog bites. There is currently no accurate way to identify the number of dogs of a particular breed, and consequently no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill.”

      • JQP

        really? still? you still don’t get that this child WASN’T ATTACKED BY PIT BULLS!!! they were American bull dogs… shut up already!

      • Loves My Pitbull

        If you actually do your research you would find out that in this country 1,100 children die each year at the hands of a parent or caretaker, which equals to THREE children each DAY! Annually, only seven children a year die from dog attacks (Yeah, DOG attacks, not PIT BULL attacks!). So I guess that since children are dying at such an alarming rate in this country due to the negligence of their parents, we shouldn’t allow people to have children anymore? Just saying… the ignorance is bountiful on this page.

    • bamboochimp

      not exactly true michellle,

      Pitbulls were bred for the purpose of herding and gaming, much like all the other breeds of dogs from the European region. It wasnt until the the folks in Ireland started to use various Terrier and Bull dog mixes for dog fighting & trading the breed for bear baiting that the breed got the image they do now.

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