FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A Middletown man faces charges of drunk driving and other offenses after he alleged rammed another vehicle and then backed his pickup truck onto the hood of a police cruiser.

Brian Head, 26, was released on $10,000 bond after the incident early Sunday morning in downtown Frederick.

Witnesses told police that Head followed a Volkswagen Cabriolet after arguing with the driver in a tavern parking lot.

Police say he rammed the VW from behind, pushing it into a utility pole, and then accelerated rapidly in reverse onto the hood of Sgt. Matthew Burns’ unmarked police cruiser. The Ford F-250 pickup came to a stop resting atop the police car.

Police say Head apparently wasn’t aware that Sgt. Burns was stopped behind him.

Head couldn’t be reached for comment.

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Comments (7)
  1. sillyman michaels says:

    you sure can’t fix stupid***********************

  2. fedupitwithall says:

    This is the REAL reason we need DRUNK DRIVER REGISTRIES in this drunken state.. CALL ANNAPOLIS and demand REGISTRY for Drunk Drivers before YOU or YOUR loved ones become a VICTIM of these monsters

    1. WhySoSerious says:

      All you gotta do is get the names of 3/4th’s of the County residents!!!!!!

    2. Fedupwithwhiners says:

      Great, more beauracracies, busybody citizens and overzealous cops, that will fix the problem. Quit with the victim card, whiner, you are more likely to be hit by an uninsured motorist. Do you want to register everyone with anger issues too?

    3. bud says:

      What will a registry accomplish other than be a waste of money?

  3. Mike Hunt says:

    A first name of Richard would be appropriate

  4. Rawr says:

    It is really hard to lose your license to drive in the state of Maryland. As long as you can breathe and have a heartbeat you most likely can legally drive indefinitely. You need 12 points I think it is to lose your license and that is on a rolling 3 years. There are cases where the 3 year mark hits and erases 4 points from 3 years ago, they get a few more points, and so on. Technically under the law as I understand it, they do not lose their license for a day in this example. You could consistently maintain 8-10 points your whole life, at least that is how it was in recent years. DWIs? what a joke as far as legally being allowed to drive. Do you know of anyone that had one or more DWIs and wasn’t driving at the latest, severel months later. The only real incentive to drive safely is to keep your car insurance from increasing. Obviously this is not enough. Another factor in my opinion and I know is that it is not just drunk driving that is dangerous, it is a person drunk driving combined with someone that is baseline a aggressive and poor driver. Driving is a skill just like shooting a basketball into the hoop or being a good speller, I’m a fair speller, but I can’t type well. Some people are just not good drivers and that cannot be changed. How many people can consistently throw a basketball consistently in a hoop. How many people are 50 years old and cannot spell and yet have college degrees. It doesn’t mean you are stupid or unintelligent. It just those are not one of your stengths. Hopefully, your stength is driving, but do not fret if its not. Probably more people in Baltimore/ D.C. coridor can spell and shoot baskets than can drive safely.

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