WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Zoo says its 44-year-old western lowland gorilla has been euthanized.

Officials say the female gorilla, named Haloko, had suffered from congestive heart failure since December. This week, Haloko’s condition deteriorated, and the decision was made to euthanize her on Thursday.

Haloko was the zoo’s oldest gorilla and the only one born in the wild. She arrived at the National Zoo in 1989 from the Philadelphia Zoo, and gave birth to the zoo’s only silverback.

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Comments (3)
  1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    We should give the same rights & dignity to humans in this country to end life as we do animals. No, we watch them suffer while the caregivers & administrators get wealthy & Medicare goes broke. Yet, we put our dogs & cats to sleep when the Vet tells us there’s no more they can do.

  2. Allen Nyhuis says:

    RIP, Haloko! When a gorilla lives to age 44 in a zoo, that’s a testament to the excellent care that zoos provide. Haloko lived a long, happy life — much better than she would have lived out in the dangerous wild.

    Allen Nyhuis, Coauthor: America’s Best Zoos

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