ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)– Subpoenaed. One of the most powerful politicians in Maryland—John Leopold—is under fire again. The Anne Arundel County executive is at the center of an investigation by the state prosecutor’s office into how he has been using his county-paid security detail.

Derek Valcourt explains the controversy.

Police officers routinely provide security for the county executive, including driving him places. But at issue here: did he ask them to run personnel errands or errands on behalf of his campaign?

 Leopold was slapped with a subpoena by the state prosecutor’s office Wednesday night.

Sources tell WJZ the state prosecutor’s office is looking into whether Leopold ordered the county police officers assigned to his security detail to pick up a $4,000 check to his campaign from the firefighters political action committee.

Leopold turned down WJZ’s request for an interview. A spokesman said he’d be in budget meetings all day, but says he is cooperating with the investigation.

 Leopold admitted to WBAL Radio Wednesday he did ask an officer to run the errand last year.

“During my campaign year, I was in excruciating pain from two back operations and could not physically drive an automobile,” he said. “I came to work every day and during the course of my campaign I asked that this check be picked up. As I said, I had over a thousand campaign donations and this one check unfortunately was not picked up by me personally as it should be.”

Attorney Jonathan Singleton says he’s trying to work out an immunity deal allowing the officers to provide information to the state prosecutor’s office without facing punishment.

“The security detail job is to help protect the public official not to help the public official get elected,” said legal expert Andrew Levy.

Levy says the state prosecutor will have to decide whether Leopold’s requests for his security team are worthy of prosecution.

“If all that occurred is what has been reported in the newspaper, it’s very difficult to believe that this would be prosecuted.  If on the other hand this is one of a pattern of conduct, then there is a greater likelihood that there might be a prosecution,” Levy said.

Leopold contends the entire controversy is retaliation from union members who he says have buyers remorse over their decision to support him after he recently pushed through a bill changing the county’s binding arbitration agreement –giving the county council final say in labor disputes with the union.

“If, in fact, the firefighters’ union had a legitimate concern a year ago, they could have brought it up at that point. But they did not,” Leopold said.

The state prosecutor’s office refuses to confirm or even comment on the alleged investigation.

Attorneys for several of the officers assigned to Leopold’s security detail declined to comment for the story.

Comments (7)
  1. frank Washburn says:

    Leopold Needs To GO!

  2. Mike S. says:

    Here we go again. Targeting John Leopold for allegedly misappropriating his private security officers. Why is John Leopold always a public dumping ground for humiliation? During his last term he allegedly performed some less than professional actions in his county car at a mall. This went nowhere. He stands accused of sexually harassing women that used to work for him. All the rhetoric that keeps this guy under the microscope is amazing. It’s really amazing that with all the rhetoric, he continues to do a bang-up good job for A.A. County. Remember Bill Clinton? The only difference is, Bill had more money. The ladies that Mr. Leopold supposedly harassed; Why did they wait to several years later to come forward? The state & Counties are already broke. Furloughing people from their jobs, closing schools here and there, taxing items like cigarettes & bottled sodas (Baltimore City) through the roof and closing firehouses & laying of the Police to save money. Now they are spending god knows how much to chase after a man with health issues over things that, if they occurred, occurred pack in the past. Why didn’t they get him while the issues were fresh? Money’s going to be spent investigating & he is going to prove that he is innocent. For God sakes people, let the man do his job & leave him alone!!!

  3. Loophole says:

    Mike S if thats your real name, or maybe its Erik Robey….or Derek Fink…just a few of Lord Leopold’s puppets…or maybe your really Lord Leopold himself…from your post you sure sound like it…..but if you really are just “Mike S” then you your obviously brainwashed…you ask why he is a target? I think its pretty self explanatory, Mike….no one forced him into the backseat of that county car with that young woman and you state it went nowhere…i wonder why…maybe because the officers investigating the case feared retatliation from Lord Leopold aka the Dictator of AA County, same thing goes for all the women who finally decided to go public…fear of retaliation! “a bang-up good job for AA county”???? Really??? Smoke another doobie mikey, please tell what Johnny Loophole has done the past 4 years that has made AA County such a great place to live and work….this i gotta hear! Hey Mike, you might want to lay off the kool-aid for a while bro, its really starting to impair your judgement…..

  4. Enough is enough! says:

    I agree with Frank and Loophole, Leopold has go to go, he is ruining AA county! Mike S your crazy and need to get your head examined!

  5. hero167 says:

    Leopold is a Puddin puller & his face looks like a dic.

  6. fred says:

    If the firefighters union had a problem they should have said so earlier? Is this man a freshman county executive? If not then he should well know the rules of the game by now. Johnny boy, nice try but we are onto you.

  7. Frank Washburn says:

    Mike S … your just an idiot!

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